Advantages and disadvantages of rib tattoos
How painful are rib tattoos?
Meaning of rib tattoos
Pictures for rib tattoos
Peculiarities of after-care
Famous people with rib tattoos

Rib tattoos are one of the most originally placed tattoos. Here they look very eye-catching, powerful and attractive. This body part is best loved by females, but boys tattoo their ribs also very willingly.

Ribs represent a lot of space for creating a really gorgeous masterpiece. However, even if a tattoo isn’t very large, it still looks appropriately and unique on this part of person’s body.  

Advantages and disadvantages of rib tattoos

Rib tattoos as every other kind of tattoos have a range of pros and cons. Therefore, you should think carefully, which part of body to choose for application of tattoo. Everything depends on your preferences, opportunities and circumstances of work. Here are general advantages of rib tattoos:

Making a tattoo on this side area is very practical. The size of tattoo can be impressive, but you are able to hide it if possible. So, when you are at work or in the other official place, your tattoo is under clothes.

A tattoo on this body part emphasizes girls’ elegance, beautiful figure and originality if the sketch is successfully chosen. 

Rib tattoos may create a great plot when they are combined with tattoos on hip or underbelly. 


The skin on ribs is highly subjected to age changing, that’s why you should be ready that it won’t be so attractive in twilight years. 

The process of ribs tattooing isn’t very pleasant. You must be ready to bear the long-standing painful feelings. 

If you want your tattoo be visible for everyone and always, choose more traditional body part, such as forearm or shoulder.

How painful are rib tattoos?

The process of making rib tattoo is relatively painful. The sensations when applying the tattoo on ribs or under them depends on the individual peculiarities. Some experience pain, the other – a little discomfort, and the third may even feel tickle. Naturally, the larger the sketch, the more painful its application will be. 

However, there are several factors that help you to bear the pain. The most important is your psychological mood. Remember that the result matches up to the pain.

Meaning of rib tattoos

Tattoos designed on ribs may refer to religion. We are talking about Christianity, or rather biblical story of the creation of a man. The first woman was made out of Adam’s rib. Therefore, religious subjects are often placed here, not far from the area of chest. 

Rib tattoos can be connected with the philosophy of the energy centers. Carlos Castaneda wrote about this in his numerous books. He determined that the right side is a region of dreams. Therefore, many boys and girls apply Dream Catchers here. 

Portraits on this part of the body tell that depicted persons are very dear for tattoo owner, as he or she tried to place them closely to the heart.

Very often girls and women choose such sketches that may serve as nice decorative element for their figure. They prefer things which add the note of elegance, attractiveness, enigma and sexuality to the body. 

Sometimes people draw here something like little stories in the form of pictures, photos or letters. They choose exactly this part to keep their sacral sense on the body.

Pictures for rib tattoos

A great variety of ideas are possible for the rib tattoos. They can be relatively small or represent the whole thematic plot. Male and female sketches for this body part significantly vary, as well as their style and design. 

Popular women’s rib tattoos:

Floristic themes 

Birds  and even flocks of birds 





Dream Catchers



Men’s rib tattoos are as follows: 

Biomechanical themes 

Marine plots 



Wild animals

Peculiarities of after-care

  1. Peculiarities of after-care are the same as for tattoos in general. Here are some rules:
  2. Don’t visit sauna, swimming pool, or other water basins during three weeks after tattoo making;
  3. Use ointment, which has recommended the master;
  4. Do not scrub the tattoo;
  5. Wear loose clothes with natural fabrics.

Famous people with rib tattoos

Many famous people decided to choose ribs for their tattoos. They are:

Justin Bieber

Megan Fox

Scarlett Johansson