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Who makes trees tattoos?
Meaning of the tree concept in different cultures
Meaning of trees tattoo
Body parts for trees tattoos

Trees tattoos are the kind of tattoo which has really deep and comprehensive symbolism. Many of you may seem to be impressed by the beauty and variety of trees tattoo. Day after day sketches of trees begin to fascinate and attract people, so they chose an image of tree to decorate their bodies. The trees are different, so the meaning of tree tattoo depends on the kind of a tree and the context in which it is represented on the body. 

Who makes trees tattoos

It is difficult to say that trees tattoos are more appropriate for one or another sex. It is popular both in male and female representatives. Moreover, here you hardly find obvious differences between style of trees tattoos among men and women

This tattoo will be the best decoration and some kind of averter for the people, who are interested in the most important and essential issues of life and living creatures being. Tree tattoo is something more than a beautiful picture. 

Meaning of the tree concept in different cultures

The image of a tree means the natural dynamic growth and development, resumption and cyclical principle of life and link between heaven and earth. Also, a tree is considered a symbol of fertility and immortality. In many epic myths and legends, trees are represented as living beings: they are moving, breathing, talking to each other and have special magical powers. 

The most famous and common example of trees tattoo is the well-known Tree of Life. It has a unique symbolic meaning. The Tree of Life can be found in many cultures and religions. 

In Christianity, the Tree of Life was the main plant in the Garden of Eden. It was growing in the midst of the garden, next to the tree of knowledge of good and evil with forbidden fruits. So the fall of a man had happened nearby the Tree of Life.  That’s why this tree has become a symbol of human development and opportunity to be closer to God, if keep rules and be loyal to the idea. Fruits and leaves of the tree give rescue and health for those nations and humans who are able to be humble. 

The ancient Celts believed in the existing of a single universal center of the world. Therefore, they created the concept of the World Tree. According to Celtic mythology, at the end of each of four sides of Earth grows a sacred tree, and the fifth tree is in the center. 

Similar understanding of the five sacred trees can be found on the other side of the planet – the ancient Aztec tribes in Central America. 

The Celtic Tree of Life is represented as some kind of circle, where roots and branches are connected. Thus, the image of Celtic tree points on the infinity of life and its continuity. 

A similar Tree of Life is also known in the Slavic culture. Its image can be found in embroidery and on spinning wheels. Here it symbolizes the man himself, as a source of life and development. This tree is rooted in the ground and branches up to the sky, thus it connects the descendants and ancestors, who live in different worlds. Tree of Life is the beginning of all beginnings, the birth of life itself. 

In Egypt, the main deities Isis and Osiris emerged from the Tree of Life. 

In China, such a tree is guarded by dragons. Here, it was always considered as a source of immortality. 

Meaning of trees tattoo

To choose tree for a tattoo means that something in your inner world and perception is closely connected with the essence of a tree symbol. Thanks to the great variety of trees, everyone can find something suitable and, in some words, personal.


The tree is a symbol of physical and mental strength and beauty. However, in the reality every specific tree has its own meaning:

  1. Birch has become a symbol of femininity, innocence and purity.
  2. Beech is associated with resistance, honor and fullness of life.
  3. Oak is a symbol of power, strength of mind and body.
  4. Spruce tree is considered to be a symbol of longevity, originality and reliability, as well as health recovery. 
  5. Bamboo is associated with youth and death, ambiguity of these concepts and their presence in human nature. 
  6. Willow is a symbol of sadness, calm and feminine tenderness. 

In general meaning, tree tattoo is a symbol of:

  • beauty;
  • resurrection; 
  • immortality; 
  • unity of beginnings; 
  • eternity. 

Body parts for trees tattoos

People place the trees tattoos on different parts of their body. However, the most common are back, hips, forearms and ribs. Both men and women choose these body parts. Why is it so? It is important not to make such a tattoo in a small size. Small image won’t transfer the majestic nature of the symbol.

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