History of the Trend
Best Body Parts for the Breast Cancer Tattoo
Male and Female Designs
Famous People Supporting the Trend
30 Best Breast Cancer Tattoo Sketches

Breast cancer awareness tats are meant to commemorate the ones that stayed strong and went cancer. If you have a family member that is a survivor, or you have had cancer yourself, you will love the idea of commemorating this struggle on your skin. Both girls and guys can wear this type of tattoo.

It would be wrong to say that pink ribbon can only be worn by women; I can show you some amazing ideas for both sexes and a variety of styles to please every customer. Talk to your artist about the creative ideas that you have and you will together come up with a concept and a design that you will be proud of.




Pink is a very feminine color. About 100 different companies worldwide have some kind of a campaign to support the cause. Charity events like that are very popular, require little investment and have a great outcall among customers. 

Some claim the trend has been commercialized but whatever the reasoning behind the event it helped raise awareness and collect more money for the breast cancer research.


breast cancer tattoo hands

Traditional shade for the ribbon in the basic 150 pink and it is pretty easy to recreate this shape and color in the tattoo. Wearing this design in the visible place will send out a clear message to people. It means support, strength and sympathy to women.


History of the Trend

As a symbol pink ribbon had first arrived in 1992, when Charlotte Haley, the granddaughter, sister and mother of the women that died of cancer had made some peach colored ribbon loops in her own living room and started giving them out in her supermarket. Later this idea has been picked up by the Estee Lauder Company, and pink ribbons have been distributed in the New York shops.

2 estee-lauder-world-pink

Now it is a very popular design as people feel the need to raise awareness and declare their stand on cancer issues. First, it was mostly worn by the cancer survivors, but later it got popular with supporters as well. These days it has become a unisex symbol that is usually proudly displayed to the public. 

Best Body Parts for the Breast Cancer Tattoo

Girls usually prefer to wear their breast cancer tats on the lower arm or wrist where it will be visible. A small pink ribbon design would always look appropriate, and the intricate soft curve of the loop works well with a soft and gentle female arm. Some women choose to have it on the shoulder or left side. The design is pretty universal and works well with other tattoos. 

Guys can wear their pink ribbon tats on the shoulders. Some choose to wear it on the left side close to the heart as a commemoration for the breast cancer survivor relative. As I said before, the breast cancer tattoo element is easily woven into a bigger design. You can add lettering, a famous quote or other elements. There are some examples of the pink ribbon being woven into a tribal shoulder or back tattoo which is an awesome idea.


If you have thought everything through and want to get a pink ribbon-themed tat think of the following styles:


American traditional,

breast cancer tattoos american traditional

breast cancer tattoo american traditional




Fine lines, 



Male and Female Designs

Women like to have a smaller intricate design. Add ribbon to the heart or flowers sketch, add more details or quotes. It should be all about you, even if you have found a perfect design online try to customize it because I believe that every tat should be a unique work of art. 

Breast cancer awareness tattoo can be teamed up with a religious symbol, for example, a cross. Or you can pair it with a fighting symbol like fighter gloves. Add flowers or butterflies as a symbol of life and femininity. Make sure that your artist can come up with a beautiful female ink design.



breast cancer tattoo with cross

Male pink ribbon tattoos tend to have a bolder design. Another cool idea is to come up with a grayscale sketch with a pink ribbon as a centerpiece. Adding lettering or dates to the picture will personalize the design even more and add personal significance to it. 

Famous People Supporting the Trend

You can see the trend for both male and female breast cancer tats gets more and more widespread among young people that want to support the trend. 

For example:

  • A famous blogger Kim Carpenter teamed her ribbon with a Christian cross to commemorate her mom’s an aunt’s fight with cancer. 
  • Michael Hatfield another famous inspirational blogger has a beautiful cancer awareness tattoo with a quote “I can do all things through Christ who strengthened me”. 
  • Blogger named TL B. made it to the CBS news with his right grayscale side rib breast cancer tattoo.

30 Best Breast Cancer Tattoo Sketches