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What is a Watercolor Tattoo

Watercolor painting technique is a method of making sketches, when colors dissolve in water and form a transparent, suspended matter, creating subtle transitions of colors, as well as the effect of lightness and airiness. Watercolor tattoo style copies almost exactly this painting technique. The founder of the tattoo style is Amanda Wachob.

Amanda Wachob watercolor author

Fascinating watercolor arm tattoo

Now watercolor tattoos are a whole new trend with abstract and illustrative images.

Interesting watercolor tattoo on ribs girl

Nice tattoo watercolor for a musician

Watercolor tattoos are valuable because of their visual attractiveness, beauty and complexity of fulfillment. Symbols in this style aren’t so important. Such tattoos are perceived as true art, designed to bring aesthetic pleasure to its owners and for the people around.

Fabulous watercolor cat shoulder tattoo

These tattoos are one of the most difficult to make. Despite the fact that such technique sometimes seems to be childishly naive and very easy, it demands a lot of skills. Dabs of paint on the body are extremely difficult to imitate.

Remarcable golden fish watercolor tattoo

Striking watercolor jelly-fish leg tattoo

Who makes Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor tattoos are preferred by true romantics and creative individuals who love the unusual and original. Such an image on the body is comparable only to the picture carrying an understandable sense and has a certain concept.

Nontrivial Watercolor Horsefish ribs tattoo

Sweet small watercolor cat hand tattoo

If you look for something unusual, special and unordinary, watercolor tattoos are for you. They are very popular among both males and females. This art form allows you to express your individuality. It is a way to self-realization and embodying of soul impulsion.

Eye-catching watercolor hip tattoo with a fox for women

Extraorfinary whale watercolor face tattoo

If you are a poetic and original person, the watercolor tattoo style is for you. In some ways, it resembles body art, but it remains with you forever, emphasizing your individuality in the most unusual way.

Splendid cornflower watercolor hand tattoo

Shades of Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor tattoos can be depicted in any color. They look great on different parts of the body, being both small and large and representing various plots or symbols. Their colors are diverse, but in any case, they do not spoil the general view of the drawing. Here, you can combine incongruous elements and the picture will still look great.

Whether it’s black, gray and dark tones or on the contrary yellow, blue, orange and red shades, it will look equally nice.

There are a lot of photos on the Internet, where you can see it.

Unusual canary watercolor tattoo for girls

Abstract watercolor hummingbird shoulder tattoo

Watercolor tattoos can be both very small or stretch along the whole body. Its peculiarity is that regardless of the size, the image remains clear, contoured and beautiful. The meaning of tattoo still depends on the applied symbol.

Stunning watercolor dragonfly shoulder tattoo

The Most Popular Watercolor Tattoos

Among the most popular characters for watercolor tattoos, usually chosen by women and girls, are


awesome watercolor butterfly tattoo

Watercolor Hawkmoth watercolor tattoo on the upperback

Gorgeous watercolor butterfly tattoo for girls

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Abstarct watercolor dragonfly shoulder tattoo

Magnificent watercolor dragonfly and dandelion ribs tattoo

Exotic birds

Catchy watercolor bird forearm tattoo

Vivid watercolor bird tattoo

Awesome watercolor bird full sleeve tattoo for girls


Femenine watercolor flower shoulder tattoo

Beautiful watercolor flower leg tattoo

Outstanding watercolor magnolia shoulder tattoo

Gilr watercolor flower back tattoo

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3D watercolor feather forearm tattoo

Original tribal watercolor feather forearm tattoo

Simple Watercolor Feather Tattoo Design For Upper Back

Bright Watercolor Feather Tattoo

Nice watercolor feathe shoulder blade tattoo

Dream catchers

Astonishinf dreamcatcher watercolor tattoo on the back

Dreamcatcher watercolor tattoo foe women

Stylish watercolor dreamcatcher forearm tattoo

Clear watercolor dreamcatcher arm tattoo


Unusual watercolor eyes tattoo on the ribs

Vivid eye watercolor tattoo foe women

Deep eye in a watercolor ribs tattoo

Stupendous watercolor tattoo on the ribs for girls

Girls’ portraits

Miraculous watercolor back tattoo with female portrait

Splendid watercolor portrait arm tattoo

Striking Watercolor Portrait Tattoo for Girls

Famous masterpieces

Creative watercolor arm tattoo

Van Gogh remarcable watercolor tattoo

Unusual watercolor leg tattoo for girls

Very often people want to tattoo their body with pictures that are associated with the artist and the canvas in watercolor style. They can simulate strokes of paint on the body or graceful watercolor lines.

Boys and men may tattoo wild animals, aggressive birds, skulls, cars, technical elements, cosmic and marine plots in the watercolor style.

Fairy owl watercolor chest tattoo

Nice tiger watercolor tattoo

Original watercolor lion chest tattoo

Watercolor chest tattoo with roosters for man

Macho watercolor wolf tattoo

Creative skull watercolor forearm tattoo

Striking skull watercolor arm tattoo

Unusual watercolor shoulder tattoo for man

Extraordinary watercolor chest tattoo with a raven

Eye-catching watercolor wrist tattoo for men

Abstract watercolor chest tattoo for men

Stunning watercolor landscape tattoo

Space theme watercolor tattoo for men

Sweet watercolor turtle tattoo for man

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Wolf watercolor tattoos

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Sketches of Tattoos