Who gets Dream Catcher tattoos?
History of Dream Catcher symbol
Meaning of Dream Catcher tattoo
Body parts for Dream Catcher application
Style of Dream Catcher tattoos
Celebrities’ Dream Catcher tattoos

Dream Catcher originates from the Native American culture. As a sketch for tattoos, it gained popularity not too long ago. There are a lot of photos of ready-made Dream Catcher tattoos on the Internet, as well as its sketches. Dream Catchers look interesting, beautiful and are really enigmatic. 

Nowadays, it may be said that a Dream Catcher is one of the most popular images for tattoos among females. 

Who gets Dream Catcher tattoos?

A Dream Catcher tattoo is often chosen by the female representatives, because it looks very elegant, attractive and beautiful. However, sometimes the tattoo is applied to the men’s bodies, but in this case it is more brutal and decorated with additional details symbolizing rough force. 

History of Dream Catcher symbol

Dream Catcher combines a unique beauty and identity and incredible meaning, that is, the symbolic sacred significance. By itself, the symbol of a Dream Catcher is a famous and powerful talisman, which consists of a web, placed in a circle and feathers tied to it. 

Sometimes there may be braided wooden beads in the web. The circle was originally made of twig’s and vines. The number of feathers may vary, especially in today’s modernized designs.  Often, feathers are decorated and painted with different colors.

According to the legend, the leader of one of the Indian tribes received this amulet as a gift from the deity in the vision of a spider. The spider wove the trap of willow twigs and cobweb, and decorated it with bird feathers. 

Willow branches woven into a circle symbolizes the cyclical human life and, at the same time, the movement of the sun across the sky. 

Ancient Indians wove this amulet of willow branches and deer veins or conventional threads, and decorated it with feathers of an eagle or owl. They hang a talisman, as a rule, over the head of the bed, or simply in the bedroom. Today, people try to do the same; however, the materials for Dream Catchers are more traditional. 

The purpose of the Dream Cather is to scare away bad dreams. The other sources say that Dream Catchers grasp nice dreams and a sleeper sees them. Thereby, it allows a person to enjoy a restful and sound sleep. If you return to the history, evil spirits, in which the Indians believed, could not get close to the man because of the protective power of the catcher. 

The Dream Catcher tattoo was also done in Siberia. However, this amulet here was mainly used by shamans and priests in order to understand and remember their visions in a dream. 

Meaning of Dream Catcher tattoo

Nowadays, the meaning of a Dream Catcher symbol is something figurative. It helps to expand the knowledge of a person about his or her inner power and energy, as well as acquire spiritual experience. Dream Catcher witnesses about the efforts of its owner to evoke the deepest unconsciousness in order to find his or herself. 

In addition, a Dream Catcher attracts attention by the bright colors, what are peculiar to Indian style. But it is more important that the image of the talisman has a meaningful significance. 

General meanings of the Dream Catcher tattoo:

  • Mystery; 
  • Quietness; 
  • Piece; 
  • Harmony; 
  • Deep inner force; 
  • Protection 

Body parts for Dream Catcher application

To preserve the original meaning of the symbol and empower it, it is better to place Dream Catcher tattoos on the neck or shoulder, in order to make it as close to the head as  possible. Because it is exactly our mind that generates all the dreams and thoughts.

Thereby, it should be mentioned that girls prefer to tattoo their

These tattoos are usually not small in size.

Style of Dream Catcher tattoos

The sketches of Dream Catcher tattoos are of different styles, but as they are more preferable among women their design has female tints. So, Dream Catcher tattoos are colorful, and are decorated with additional elements, such as wooden beads in the web or complex ornamentation of the web, a heart instead of the circle, flowers, traces of paws, letterings, etc.  Dreamcatcher-Tattoo-On-Thigh

Sometimes, there are two or more styles combined in one sketch of a Dream Catcher tattoo. For instance, aquarelle background and realistic Dream Catcher, or realistic Dream Catcher and Polynesian symbol in the circle of the tattoo. 

Very often boys and girls add the picture of an animal’s face into the centre of the Dream Catcher, for example, such wild animals as bears or wolves. Sometimes they place some landscapes into the circle.

Celebrities’ Dream Catcher tattoos

Vanessa Martinez has a Dream Catcher on her body side.

Vanessa White has a colorful tattoo of a Dream Catcher on her right forearm.


The large Dream Catcher tattoo on Miley Cyrus’ side represents protection for her family. Four feathers symbolize each of her siblings.