The Main Advantages of Bio Tattoos
The Meanings of Mehendi Signs
For Men
Henna Tattoos for Girls and Men
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Often, a temporary tattoo is made as a “rehearsal” before applying the permanent one by applying the same design and in the same place.

Henna tattoo on back of the girl

The cost of temporary tattoos is on average ten times less than the constant.

Henna tattoo on female hands

But more often, “bio-tattoo” are used as a means of expression, emphasizing individuality and sometimes even extravagance.

Indian girl with henna tattoo on the hands

Applying henna patterns on the body – This art was known in ancient Egypt, in India and Central Asia. In our time, it has reached perfection.

Gentle girls with henna tattoo on the hand

There are many local traditions, like using henna for coloring hair, nails, skin and drawing on the body parts or abstract patterns, are formed in the Indian and Arabic cultures.

Secrets of painting are handed down from older to younger women, without departing from the clans.
This explains the fact that this technique is widespread throughout North Africa and Asia, from Morocco to Indonesia, and remains uncharted and almost esoteric.

Henna tattoo on back of the girl

Patterns are attributed to protective, magical and sexual functions.

Often you’ll see decorated hands and feet. Incidentally, in these places where the skin is thinner and drier, henna lasts longest.
The people who are familiar with henna, know it is often used as a disinfectant and in the treatment of dermatological and bone diseases. Specifically, purified henna powder even is recommended for headaches.

Bio Tattoo – This is the traditional method of body art, practiced in many countries for a long time.

Henna tattoo on the girls legs

The Main Advantages of Bio Tattoos

  • Bio tattoos have no age restrictions.

They can be used practically for any type of skin.

Very unusual henna tattoo on the girls back

  • Bio tattoos are completely safe.

Temporary tattoos are executed by applying the persistent pattern of natural dark color dye – Iranian henna. Henna does not cause irritation and is not an allergen.

The same pattern on the legs – Henna tattoo

  • Henna tattoos do not stain clothing.

Wings henna tattoo on the arm

  • Bio tattoos are not applied under the skin, like a real tattoo.

Tattoo round navel girl

  • Temporary henna tattoos have a rich, warm color that looks very

Symmetrical henna tattoo on hands of the girl

The Meanings of Mehendi  Signs

  1. Bracelet – success in love

Bracelet henna tattoo on girls hand

  1. Grapevine – devotion

Grapevine henna tattoo on the leg

  1. Octagon – protection from all points of the compass (north, south, west, east, and mixed areas)

Octagon tattoo

  1. Disc – chaste character

Henna tattoo on the girls back

  1. Star – hope and divinity

Star henna tattoo

  1. The six-pointed star – symbolizes perfect harmony between a man and woman

The six-pointed star henna tattoo on the palm

  1. Swan – success

Swan henna tattoo on the girls back

  1. Luna (half moon) – symbolizes the unearthly beauty

Luna (half moon) tattoo on the back of girl

  1. Grain – happiness and abundance in the home

Grain henna tattoo

  1. Curve line – career success, luck

Henna tattoo like curve line round chest of the girl

  1. Lotus – brings good luck and success

Lotus henna tattoo on the girls back

For men

  • Disc – a sign of courage (the ability to command)

Mens henna tattoo in style like disc

  • Trident – heroism, will, tenacity

Trident henna tattoo on the back of man

  • Triangle which is sent to the top – a symbol of man’s activity, the personification of fire, and ascension into Heaven

Triangle which is sent to the top – henna tattoo on the arm men

  • Flower – gives a psychological charm, motivation to act in an unusual way

Flower henna tattoo on the shoulder of a man

Henna Tattoos for Girls and Men

Mehndi tattoo on the girl and man

Mehndi tattoo on the stomach of girl

Henna tattoos on a girls’ wrist, shoulder, arms, abdomen and neck look graceful and distinctive.
Girls choose Indian motifs, characters, floral arrangements along the feet, the palms and fingers impart the image muliebrity and affectivity.

It is objectionable to tattoo an image onto an area with wrinkles. It is uneasy to draw and the paint falls on the skin which is very bad, and after drying, the fold will no longer stand.

Mehndi tattoo on the belly of pregnant women

Henna tattoo on the girls leg

Beautiful drawings in Polynesian or Indian style look attractive, so many men choose painted bracelets on their arm or shoulders, and they also can have painted designs such as a dragon, triangles, cross, or abstract designs.

Tattoo on the hand of newlyweds

Indian girl with mehndi tattoo on hands

Delicate pink henna tattoo on legs

Many celebrities like to decorate their bodies with tattoos, and henna tattoos are not an exception, Madonna, Rihanna and of course, the most known Indian actress , Aishwarya Rai.

Mimi Elashiry – bio henna tattoo on the hands

Sketches of tattoo