Dandi Jonguitud (@yosoyelmundoentero_)

Quote tattoo on the girl’s spine

Tattooed name on the woman’s back

Chi (지영) (@vegan_vamp)

Quotes tattoo on spine and oriental motives tattoo for females

Tattoos and aesthetic Stuff (@deadxink)

Watercolor tattoo quote “We’ll be birds flying free” on the back for women

Tattoo quote “Even miracles take a little time” on the back for girls

saral1191 (@saralagosramirez)

Tattooed crown and quote on a girl’s spine

Camille Chais (@camillechais)

“Live like nothing lasts too long” quote tattoo on the back for girls

Andrea Chaparro (@andreachaparro716)

Tattoo quote and a paper plane on the female’s back

Alejandro (@beastieboy57)

Gangsta style words tattoo on the man’s back

サラリンゴ? (@sara_ringo)

“Embrace your dreams” quote tattoo and a red flowers on the girl’s back

Nathalie (@nathaliebolluijt)

Quote in Arabic tattoo for back on the spine

.. (@yara.t.g)

Watercolor compass and a quote tattoo on girl’s back

“Go everywhere” quote little cute tattoo on the girl’s back

Harry (@summerwrs)

Quote on the back tattoo for men

Quote in Arabic tattoo on guy’s back

Bronna Mendez (@k_bronna)

“Dance” word tattoo on the back

youmswonderland (@designbyyoum)

Colorful tattoo with the word “heal” on the back for boys

Hieroglyphs tattoo on guy’s back

Jiw Nindoung (@jiwly_scum)

Quote and a birds tattoo on the back

Megan Fox back tattoo quote

Quote written on spine and an Indian style flower tattoo for girls

# To infinity & beyond ✨

女紋身師??@darkshadowtattoo (@33.tattoohk)

Quote “To infinity and beyond” and stars magick tattoo

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