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Wolf tattoos for men and women
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30 unique sketches tattoo wolf

The image of the wolf is one of the most popular figures in the world of tattoos.

Wolf is a strong, smart and swift beast.

It was always treated with great respect.

Wolf tattoo may have a lot of meanings, but the person who decided to make it should understand that the wolf tattoo isn’t suitable for weak, slow and indecisive men.

Wolf is faithful.

It is devoted to his beliefs, enemies and friends and she-wolf.

Wolf tattoos are common both for women and men, as the qualities of this beast are suitable for both sexes.


However, before choosing such a beautiful and special animal to tattoo, make sure you are enough dignified for this.

Meaning of wolf tattoos

Wolves are natural predators; they were competitors to an ancient man in the process of getting food.


At that time, they symbolized brutality, cunning and even evil,

but at the same time, wolves also symbolized faithfulness, devotion, courage, and victory, because of their ability to integrate into a close-knit pack.


Like all nocturnal animals, wolves have always been surrounded by an aura of mystery.

However, despite paradoxicality, wolf is often directly related to the cult of the sun or light.

Maybe the reason for this is its burning eyes, capable of glowing in the dark.

The basic meaning of the tattoo is courage and endurance, that is, the qualities which belong to the depicted beast.
Along with these, the other common interpretations of the picture are:

  1. loyalty,
  1. strength,
  1. determination,
  1. independence.

Loyalty to the pack, the only partner for all life and willingness to accept any hardship for the well-being of loved ones – these qualities must have the persons, who are going to tattoo a wolf.

There are many options for the image of the wolf tattoo in the world of tattoos.
Their meanings are also different:

  1. The wolf howling at the moon (often full) means loneliness, inner strength and independence of the world and society.
  1. Jumping wolf is a symbol of purposefulness and readiness to overcome any obstacles.
  1. Running wolf symbolizes the love of speed, risk, and changes.
  1. Pictured together with the pack, the wolf symbolizes leadership.
  1. Wolf on fire is a product of the dark forces, of demon.
  1. Wolf with a grin and red eyes is a werewolf; its image is used in fantasy tattoo section very often. It also acts as a guide to the underworld and protector from evil forces.

Meaning of wolf image in different cultures

Different nations belonged to the wolves in different ways and ascribed them various qualities.

However, it wasn’t any nation, which treated them indifferently.

In many mythological ideas of the peoples of Eurasia and North America, the image of the wolf is associated with the cult of the leader, god of war or ancestor of a tribe.

In particular, wolf as the god of war appeared in the Indo-European culture.

The concept of a wolf pack as an organized military unit has left its imprint on the culture of many Asian nations.

The Indians considered the wolf as a symbol of the lower world, the world of the dead.

In the mythology of the ancient Celts, there is a story about the wolf, which devours the sun.
In the opinion of the Celts, it was the reason for nightfall.

Norse mythology depicted the god Odin as a wolf.  According to the legend, he was the father of all the other gods.
In the Greco-Roman system of mythological characters the god Apollo was always accompanied by the wolf.

Wolf tattoos for men and women

Very often, representatives of the female part of mankind make wolf tattoos.

Besides, the meaning of this symbol for girls is somewhat different.

The hard luck of she-wolves isn’t very attractive as they are always devoted to the only wolf and ready to sacrifice all for the sake of it.
So is it worth to predict such a life tattooing this kind of picture?


Along with this, making the sketch of a wolf the girl declares her loyalty to her partner and desire to follow him.

As this tattoo is one of the most popular its variations are represented in all the possible styles.

Beautiful pictures of wolves are placed on backs,







There aren’t some specific differences between designs and locations of the tattoo in boys and girls.

This animal is universal.

All the tattoos are unique as photos of this beast can be combined with many other thematic lines to create a really cool art.

Celebrities’ wolf tattoos

Skylar Grey has a tattoo of a wolf on the inside of her right forearm with the words “The Journey is the Reward.”

30 unique sketches tattoo wolf