Advantages and disadvantages of stomach tattoos
How painful are stomach tattoos?
Pictures for stomach tattoos and their meaning
Peculiarities of after-care
Celebrities’ stomach tattoos

In our modern society stomach tattoos aren’t a rare case. In the age of worship of body’s beauty, a lot of people are crazy to keep fit and have strong muscles. So, such people can allow themselves to tattoo their stomach. If earlier every tattoo had some specific sacramental meaning, as for examples in ancient tribes, now people use them to decorate their bodies in order to emphasize their attractiveness and transfer or simply keep some personal meaning. This fact directly concerns stomach tattoos. Here, they are an element of appearance to a greater extant. 


Advantages and disadvantages of stomach tattoos

Stomach tattoos have a lot of pros and cons. Perhaps, in this question they are one of the most discussed. So, let’s analyze them.

Advantages of stomach tattoos

These tattoos are very practical. You demonstrate your stomach only in swimming pools, sauna or water basins, on beaches and may be at home. So, it won’t hamper your job or relationships with tattoo-haters. 

Stomach tattoos can correct some problematic zones. With such a tattoo you can hide scars of appendix or stretch marks. You even can make your waist visually slimmer. Tattoos in the bottom of a stomach elongate the torso, and in contrast framing pictures extend it. 

You are able to create here both large and small image and it will look best here. So, your sketch may embody every your idea.

Disadvantages are as follows

Stomach tattoos aren’t easy task for a tattoo master. There is only a soft tissue here; bones are far from them, that’s why this deprives the skin tension. As a result, the artists will work very slowly and delicate in order not to distort the picture. 

Our body is designed in such way that the region of hips and stomach are made for intensive accumulation of subcutaneous fat. This feature of human physiology makes impractical the use of tattoos on these parts of female body, if she periodically fattens and loses weight.


Nulliparous women are not recommended to tattoo their stomach. After pregnancy and childbirth, on the lower stomach or on the whole body there are stretch marks, which can horribly distort the image of tattoo. If this happens, then the tattoo is guaranteed to be spoiled. In the case of caesarean section a situation is the same.

While we are young, we think that our bodies will remain an attractive and fit forever. But it is not so. The skin will subject to sagging, even if you take care for your body intensively. However, the deformation of skin will disfigure all the tattoos, the stomach will be affected first of all.

How painful are stomach tattoos?

Stomach tattoos are enough painful, as here we have soft tissues. However, you should remember about the pain threshold. If someone says you that it was a horrible pain, it doesn’t mean that you will feel the same.

Keep some general rules to make a tattoo process more comfortable:

  • Eat an hour before the session; 
  • Drink water before and during the session, this helps to avoid dehydration;

Think carefully about the clothes. It should be comfortable; Have a good sleep the night before;  If the pain becomes unbearable, stop the session – you can complete at another time;  Trust your tattoo master.

Pictures for stomach tattoos and their meaning

Traditionally, girls prefer to place a tattoo in the lower part of their stomach. Usually, the patterns do not rise above the navel; you can see this tendency on lots of photos. It emphasizes femininity and sexuality.

Men often put emphasis on a powerful torso, placing the image on the edge of the lower ribs.

This fact influences essentially on the image choice. It is impossible to identify any particular image, which is particularly popular. For the selection of picture for stomach tattoo the decisive factor is the personal preferences of woman, as well as men.

However, here are some variants which are suitable for girls: Intricate intertwining patterns of different sizes.
Separate letters and quotes written in a foreign language (if you want to put in your sketch some hidden ideas).
Birds (if you want to emphasize on your devotion to your family, relatives, beloved people; but try to make the tattoo unique).

Floral themes (very often women decorate their stomach with black-and-white or colorful image of particular flowers, every of which has its own meaning; the most popular flowers are roses, lilies, poppies, cherry blossom).

Small animals (lizards, butterflies, ladybugs).
Fantastic creatures (phoenix, pixies etc).

Men prefer to put a humorous character on their stomach or depict some traditionally male symbols, such as shark, anchor, ship, weapon, tiger, lion, bear, sea monsters etc. Their tattoos often look very cool as boys choose the most impressive designs.

Peculiarities of after-care

To take a good care about tattoos is of the great importance. The wound should be periodically washed and treated with the recommended ointment. Avoid heat and dust, as they are critically unfavorable for tattoos. Wear natural fibers during the first weeks after doing a tattoo.

Celebrities’ stomach tattoos

These famous people have stomach tattoos:

Keyshia Cole has a tattoo on her lower stomach.

Carah Faye Charnow has colorful pirate sword tattoos on both sides of her stomach

Debra Wilson has a lotus flower tattoo her lower stomach.