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Skull is one of those tattoos that evoke in people the whole range of mixed feelings.
In general, the meaning of skull tattoos is connected with danger, death and awareness of the transience of human life.


As a rule, such issues concern not every person, but as we see on photos on the Internet, there is a great variety of skull tattoos and even more greater of skull sketches.


Skull tattoos can be found both on boys’ and girls’ bodies.


This symbol is preferred by many people as it has a great variety of meanings and may be performed in different styles.

Skulls are depicted together with other symbols or separately, they can be of big or small size depending on owners’ desires and goals.


Meaning of skull tattoos

  1. The skull is a sign of dark forces, victory of life over death, the sign of death and threats.


  1. Skull with crossbones is a symbol of pirates, which was associated with horror and fear in every time.

  1. In general, these tattoos were applied by compulsive gamblers or thieves, because their existence is connected with risk. This caused that the tattoo of skull started to be the symbol of despair.

  1. The skull symbolizes not only death but also immortality.

  1. Skull, depicted with a snake that crawls out of the eye is the symbol of wisdom and immortality. The usual meaning of the skull is the end of earthly pleasures, death, and decay.

  1. Bikers tattoo the skull to remind themselves that you need to take off your life everything without exception.

  1. The skull does not always mean something bad or melancholic.

  1. It also represents the beginning of a new life, rebirth, and reincarnation.
  1. The skull in the criminal world is a symbol of the desire for power.


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criminal skull tattoos (2)
criminal skull tattoos (3)

The skull like every other tattoo sketch symbolizes the things and meanings, which you put in it, whether it is joy or fear.

Meaning of skull symbol in different cultures

First, the meaning of skull tattoos varies in different cultures and different nations.

  1. For Latinos, this is indeed a sign of death.

Skull here is a reminder of the end of stay in this world.

  1. Mexicans celebrate Day of the Dead.

These are a celebration of liberation from all earthly things and praise the transition to a better world.

  1. Sketch of tattoo with a skull can transmit, however, absolutely opposite information.

Thus, the Indians believe the image of the skull is some kind of protection from death.

  1. Also, such a tattoo can be a symbol of forgiveness and sacrifice.

This meaning came to us from the depths of Christianity.

The meaning has its ground in the tragic death of Jesus, who redeemed the original sin of Adam and Eve.


  1. Some Buddhist sects use human skulls as an amulet, constantly reminding them that life is sacred.
  1. Ancient Celts, wandering about all the Europe, felt that the skull keeps the immortal soul of a man.

Therefore, they preserved the skulls of their glorious ancestors and brave soldiers and treated them with the utmost care to hair their power and dignity.

Skull tattoos for men and women

Different pictures of skulls decorate bodies of men as well as a woman.


There are a lot of tattoos performed in various manners.


They are cool and unique and help to understand some details of the character of its owner.

The pictures of skulls combined with the other symbols can embody indeed absolutely various themes and traits of character.

For example, the composition “skull and rose” represents the unity of the opposites such as love and death.

“Skull and snake” represents immortality and wisdom, experience and depth of thoughts.
Many teenagers import in the skull tattoo their courage, determination, willingness to meet the life changes and do not be afraid of them.

For some people, skulls may be reminders of their beloved,

but for some others, this is a symbol of hatred and blind rage.

Therefore, the skull can be called rather a universal symbol for the tattoo.

Skull tattoos are equally popular both in men


and women.

There are a lotof styles in which such picture can be performed.

Boys prefer more traditional design of skulls, such as old school,


trash polka,

new school,

biomechanics and so on.

In the same time, girls are used to decorating their bodies with skull tattoos,

which include floristic elements,




and hearts

or are simply pictured in aquarelle motives.

People tattoo all the parts of their bodies with the pictures of skulls.
Generally, men place the skull tattoo on their shoulders,





or ankles.

Women tattoo their thighs,





and back.

Celebrities’ skull tattoos

  • Jessica White has a skull and cross-shaped dagger tattoo on her left wrist.
  • Jesy Nelson got a tattoo of a skull and rose.

    The tattoo is on the outside of her left forearm, next to her previous rose tattoo.

  • Ash Costello has a skull tattoo on her right thumb which is the logo for the band Misfits.
  • Alexis Krauss has a grayscale tattoo on her left forearm of a skull and crossbones pierced by an ornate dagger.

30 best designs for tattoos skull