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Psychological aspects of tattoos
Dragons in the traditions and myths of the peoples
A place where the picture can be located
As for tattoos for girls
Dragon Tattoos for males
Celebrities with the Dragon Tattoo
30 gorgeous sketches tattoos a dragon

This colorfull and stunning image is probably the most widespread among fans of tattoos of all ages and tastes. 

Psychological aspects of tattoos

In some cases, you can characterize the person by depicted pictures according to a form of drawings on a body. 

If the body and hands are painted with dragons – this is the type of person craving for something special. 

Since dragons – is a desire to stand out, personified, ready to take any idea in return to promises of exciting life or exciting events. 

Such person constantly seeks new sensations, optimistic about the future, weary of loneliness, seek power. 


The dragon is one of the most noted, popular and honorable symbols in the world of mythological creatures. 

The photos of this emblem could be found in catalogues that describe the culture and mythology of Asia and Europe. 

A tattoo with dragon means nobility, mystery, authority and theurgy, the capacity to go beyond the limits of the possible, as well as perseverance, loyalty, and beauty. 

Dragons were depicted in different ways, but in all culture they’re always portrayed as a wise creature, that’s why it embodies great wisdom. 

This tattoo is often used as an emblem of dominion and strength. 

Tattoos depicting dragons were located on the back, along the spine of all the emperors of China and their wives, that is, the value of the dragon tattoo on the back area is closely associated with the main appendage of imperial power. 

As well, it has always embodied the magic and spiritual qualities. 

According to the Chinese horoscope, people born under the sign of the Dragon is a leader in life. 

Dragons in the traditions and myths of the peoples

  1. In Buddhism, the dragon acted the role of a protector of Buddha and his sacred laws. 
  1. In Greek and Roman civilizations, warriors wore armor with a dragon image as the symbol of terror. 
  1. At Celtic, it was the sign of the sovereign power and represented the “circle of life”, the human life cycle. 
  1. In the West, the emblem of the dragon, in most cases acted as an evil force that should be overcome. 

In general, mythological creatures are neither good nor evil; they just represent the forces of nature, which can be as a good, noble or fierce. 

According to this, the significance of this tattoo is ambiguous: it can simultaneously serve as a symbol of the earth, sky, water or the underworld. 

A place where the picture can be located

Tattoo wizards note that the best images of dragons are obtained on the largest possible area of the body:

  1. the back, 
  1. hips, 
  1. shoulders

Then that it is possible to portray a real beautiful painting with lots of finely prescribed details, nuances and speaking strokes. 

Many prefer the black color tattoo: that means respect for parents.

  • Blue or blue creatures – symbolize peace and tranquility, combining unique to aggressive animal qualities. 
  • Gold and Yellow Dragon, contrary to popular belief, is not identified: if the first says about fighting attitude of the owner, the yellow is associated with wisdom and gentleness. 

Mythological creature tattoos look best on large areas of the body, inasmuch as all the greatness of this graceful mythical creature can not pass through the small picture. 

For this reason, the back – one of the most suitable places for the dragon tattoo. 

Masters do not recommend to portray the dragon on the leg (lower part) since this is a very limited area, which is quite difficult to express the whole idea. 

Instead, give preference to the shoulders or lower back. 

As for tattoos for girls

Females often choose fairy style, sketches of fabulous creatures in the original fairy design. 

Female mythological creatures are usually complemented by flowers and inscriptions and looked rather than intimidating and coquettishly. 

Dragon Tattoos for males

However, sometimes guys choose a more “hard” dragon image. 

Very often with spread wings, bared teeth, and a flame from its mouth. 

The preferred colors of the male – black, red.


Celebrities with the Dragon Tattoo

Quite a lot of celebrities preferring dragons.

  • Angelina Jolie: has replaced the mythological creature on her left hand. As the actress said, the creature symbolizes family and faith for her.


    • Mel C: a tattoo on her right ankle.

  • Mel B: Dragon on the back.

30 gorgeous sketches tattoos a dragon

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