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Elephant tattoos for men and women
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Elephant tattoos are of great popularity in the Asian and African countries, where people interact with the elephants for centuries. In today’s world, especially in Europe, it has been formed a misconception about the elephants as unwieldy, heavy and infirm animals. 

To some extent, the image of an elephant can be equated to the meaning of a turtle tattoo.   But if we look at the picture of the elephant from the view of people living side by side with them, it becomes clear quite the opposite. 

As the famous Hindu legend says, once the elephants flown like birds, but then were cursed by an old hermit and lost their miraculous gift. 

The elephant is a symbol of

  • loyalty, 
  • strength,
  • wisdom,
  • longevity, 
  • and peace.

The elephant is a very serious character, which is suitable not for every person.

Such tattoos are usual both for men and women

 The pictures of elephants are depicted in different styles.

They are designed to decorate different parts of person’s body, that’s why they can be of large and small size,
 as well as of different colors.

Meaning of elephant tattoos in different cultures

The elephant is a symbol of peace and friendship, longevity and wisdom, devotion and inner strength.

In general, the elephant is good and positive, but at the same time very serious symbol.
 Very often the mythology and legends associate it with gods and call the sacred animal.
 Moreover, elephants are perceived in different ways by different nations. 
 Here are some examples:

  1. In many African countries, the elephant is considered to be the strongest animal and correspondingly the most revered one.

  1. In India and China, elephants symbolize the supreme power. The Buddhist religion ascribes to the animal such properties as stability and spiritual knowledge.

  1. In the Middle Ages, Europeans believed the elephant was also a symbol of chastity and love as she-elephants abstain from sexual intercourse during the pregnancy.

  1. In the Roman Empire, the elephant was considered a sign of victory and wisdom, and later, after the collapse of the Empire, the elephant has become a symbol of victory over evil in Christianity.

  1. In many Buddhist countries, the white elephant symbolizes happiness and spirituality; it is believed that it brings longevity and fertility.

  1. But the most revered the elephant still remains in India.

 Here, the god Ganesha has an elephant’s head.
 He is a patron of literature, wisdom and earthly happiness.

He is also a symbol of taming the passions because he holds the trunk in his hand.

Elephant tattoos for men and women

The elephant is a symbol of strength and insight.
 It is well-suited for strong-willed and self-confident people. 

This animal can also help in the acquisition of some necessary qualities for a ruler or chiefs, such as wisdom, intelligence, dignity, and humility. 

In any case, the meaning of the tattoo is unique and interesting. 

This tattoo combines the wisdom of thousands of years, so it is very strong and worthy. Moreover, they look beautiful in every design and on each part of the body. 

The sketch of elephant tattoo is usually performed in color.
 Most often the pattern is applied on:

  1. shoulder,

  1. hip,

  1. back,

  1. forearm,

  1. neck, 
  1. ribs. 

These tattoos are big, as it is senseless to depict such a great animal in small size.

 Elephant tattoos may suit both for men and women. 

They often tattoo their back with the sketch of an elephant. These tattoos are of different variations.

There are a lot of photos on the sites about tattoos, which represent how diverse are tattooed with elephants.

Girls choose for the sketches of elephant tattoos such styles as:

  1. minimalism, 
  1. linework,

Diego Monteiro (@diegomonteirotattoo)

  1. realism, 
  1. neo-traditional, 
  1. aquarelle, 
  1. graphics. 

Feminine tattoos are noticeable because of their bright colors, interesting design, use of floristic motives and ornaments.

 Boys choose for the sketches of this tattoo such styles as:

  1. realism,

  1. linework, 
  1. graphics, 
  1. trash-polka, 
  1. black-and-white. 

Celebrities’ elephant tattoos

Eleanor Calder has an elephant tattoo on her right wrist.

Samantha Maria has a large tattoo of an elephant with a feather in its trunk on her arm.

Renee Phoenix from Fit For Rivals has a tattoo of a circus elephant on the back of her left hand.

30 wonderful tattoo designs elephant