Where can you get a Quote?
What Men Prefer
What Girls Prefer
Sketches of Tattoos

If you are more attracted to tattoos of inscriptions, you should think about the quotation, and the content of the tattoo. Then think about it’s image, shape and size.

Life quote upper back tattoo

Quotes for tattoos, as a rule, should be appropriate to the nature and desire of people, illustrate feelings and principles.

Wise quote upper back tattoo

Life quote wrist tattoo

Life quote collar bone tattoo

Reassuring life qoote collar bone tattoo

Girl Shoulder Scripture Tattoo

Girl quote tattoo on the ribs

The symbol of love and affection tattoo inscriptions about family. Tattoo inscriptions about the family – a new tattoo’s direction, earned the love of many fans of fashion body jewelry. Tattoos-inscriptions about the family or related to them tattoo-inscriptions about the parents – it’s not just pretty pictures, but also a kind of symbol, a reminder of the family relationship and the love of his family, a constant source of inspiration and a kind of pectoral amulet.

Family quote tattoo on the forearm

Family quote tattoo on the ribs

Family quote tattoo on the ribs

Life affirming quote hand tattoo

Where can you get a Quote?

It does not matter, the primary goal is that these words have a special secret meaning for you.

Tattoo with quote for girls

Tattoo with quote for girls

Tattoo with quote for girls

It may be sayings, wise sayings, and excerpts from Bible or just quotes from favorite books, pieces of poetry or sonnets, or passages of good songs.

Tattoo with quote for girls

Wrist quote tattoo

Upper back Latin quote tattoo

Beautiful Bible Verse Tattoo on the collar bone

Bible verse ribs tattoo

The meaning of a tattoo should reflect on the person; it must illustrate his or her life principles, his or her personal position with regard to some things, or life in general.

Simple quote forearm tattoo

Tattoo inscriptions are popular in Latin and English. But this is primarily due to the beauty of the picture, because the letters of these languages are considered more beautiful than, for example, in Russian, and there are many different calligraphy fonts.

Carpe Diem collar bone tattoo

Chinese characters have a remarkable property; a small number of signs can express the great content and deep meaning.

Back neck Chinese hieroglyph tattoo

Chinese hieroglyph wrist tattoo

Back neck Chinese tattoo

Tattoos with Arabic inscriptions translated deserve special attention in the art of drawing patterns on the body. They have quite an interesting history.

Arabic ligature tattoo

Arabic ligature collar bone tattoo

Nice Arabic wrist tattoo

Arabic ligature spine tattoo

Especial popularity of tattoos found inscriptions in Spanish. They have not only an infinite number of fonts, but also excellent statements and touching phrases.

Spanish quote arm tattoo

Upper back Spanish quote tattoo

Simple Spanish Quote Shoulder Tattoo

Beautiful Spanish arm tattoo

Tattoos-texts can be done in various styles, from elegant to minimal printing.

Tattoo quote on girl’s hand – be here now

Pretty tattoo quote on girl’s back

Tattoo quote on girl’s hand – feel the magic

Tattoo with quote on arm girls – hold your own

Tattoo with quote on girls body

Tattoo with quote on men arm

Tattoo with quote on men

Tattoo with quote on men

Tattoo with quote on men

Tattoo with quote on men

Tattoo with quote on men

Back tattoo quotes

Text tattoo on the back

Girl text tattoo on the hip

Star Text Tattoo wirh cracked skin effect

Text ankle tattoo

Pictures with words or quotes are better than others as they reveal the essence of man (some events or happy moments in life).

Lewis Carroll quote tattoo

Hunger Games quote tattoo

Love quote tattoo collar bone

Unique Stephen King dark tower tattoo

Tattoo quote on the ankle

Tattoos with Latin text often express philosophical sense, it usually has sayings from a noble and great men of antiquity.

Carpe Diem upper back quote tattoo

Latin quote belly tattoo

Latin quote arm tattoo

Latin quotes can be chosen both by men and by women.

Tattoo-inscriptions can be done anywhere on the body, but most request for quotes are placed on a hand. The format of the tattoo is also determined by human preference. It can be a single word or phrase. You can put on your body a passage from liked works or expressions.

Motivation quote arm tattoo

Single word quote tattoo

The backv- more pertinently, here is an inscription along the spine or horizontally.

Girl Quote spine tattoo

Women quote spine tattoo

What Men Prefer

Part of a hand from the wrist to the end of the fingers – a very important place for the application of an image.

Man quote arm tattoo

Inpirational quote arm tattoo for men

Forget me not tattoo on the arm

The inside of the biceps – This place is quite difficult to hide, but is less noticeable if you do not raise your hands often.

Quote tattoo on the biceps for men

Inside biceps man quote tattoo

Quote tattoo inner bicep for man

On the neck (back) – Tattoos  made here look quite impressive.

Barcode Neck tattoo for man

Quote Neck Tattoo for Man

What Girls Prefer

Tattoo with inscriptions – on the wrist.

Girl Quote wrist tattoo

Quote wrist tattoo for girls

Wrist quote tattoo for women

Quote wrist tattoo for woman

One of the least painful places for a tattoo is an ankle and the most popular among girls and women. The ankle can be called a mini place for tattoos.

Girl quote ankle tattoo

Fantastic quote foot tattoo for girls

Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows quote ankle tattoo

small tattoo on a shoulder is just right. Especially at this point to do it almost painlessly.

Cute small shoulder quote tattoo for girls

Psalm verse quote tattoo on the shoulder

David Beckham shared his passion of tattoos for a long time. The names of four children and his beloved wife Victoria were sealed on the neck and the hands of David.

Everyone knows that Angelina Jolie is a big fan of tattoos. The most famous inscription of the actress was considered a sign with the name of her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton’s “Billy Bob”.

Angelina Jolie’s quote tattoo

Katy Perry’s Arabic Tattoo

Victoria Beckham’s Lettering-Tatto Spine Tattoo

Megan Fox’s quote shoulder tattoo

Sketches of Tattoos