Tattoos for men have been always full of symbolism, telling a story about man’s personality. Ancient warriors and headmen in power of their people, decorated their bodies with a number of different complicated pictures or tattoos, carrying memories of successful battles and social change.

Modern tattoos carry less canonic symbolism. In most cases, men decide to make such a step to show their brutality, determination, courage or romantic side of personality.

Colored half-sleeve tattoo on boy’s hand

Cool black monkey king sleeve tattoo for boys

Outdoor themed sleeve tattoo in color for guys

Black and white animals ape and eagle sleeve tattoo for guys

Japanese warrior colored sleeve tattoo on man’s arm

Colored sleeve tattoo marine-themed for men

Batman sleeve tattoo on boy’s hand

Spider-man colored sleeve tattoo for guy’s

Alice in Wonderland sleeve tattoo

Oriental-style half-sleeve tiger tattoo for guys

Black and gray dragon half-sleeve tattoo on boy’s biceps

Green dragon half-sleeve tattoo for men

Cool Buddha sleeve tattoo

Extremely cool black tiger sleeve tattoo for men

Tropical colorful sleeve tattoo on men’s arm

Cool mythological color sleeve tattoo for boys

Unusual sleeve cover-up tattoo for men

Unusual wolves sleeve tattoo for boys

Cool galaxy sleeve tattoo in color

Phoenix sleeve tattoo made in Japanese style

The animal colorful half-sleeve tattoo for guys

Jaguar sleeve tattoo on boy’s hand

Evil clown leg sleeve tattoo for men

Black and white sleeve tattoo for men

Black sleeve tattoo on guy’s arm

Cool sleeve tattoo pictures

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