What people will choose this symbol?
What this sign means?
Meaning in the different cultures?
Places to choose for the tattoo?
Styles to make the tattoo in?
Variants of the tattoo.
Celebrities with this signs.

One of the last fashion tips in the world of tattoos it is Harry Potter tattoo. It will sound quite interesting, but more and more adult people keep on leaving such a signs on themselves, sometimes adding certain writing below or above the tattoo, for example – Harry Potter or some story or citation from the one named book or movie. 

So, if you want to join such a movement and connect your life with the emotions, you have ever felt during the Potter movies watch, read everything we will present below attentively.





What people will choose this symbol

Of course, here we need no explanation because mostly fans of the fairytales about the small boy, who has got to the mysterious school and appeared to be a great magician will make such a choice. However, there is also a difference between the sense girls, and boys are putting in the presented sketch. 

In the case it is female tattoo, first of all, it needs to be colorful and beautiful. Girls have already used to think, that everything they are doing with themselves has only one aim – to make body more beautiful. That is why, rather those girls, who always wanted to add some mysteries and adventures will keep Harries image on their skin.






Male tattoo in the same situation will keep another sense and mean quite the opposite. Main character in all this story always was self-confident and strong. He was brave and ready to die for those, he loves. 

That is why, man will choose this kind of symbol when they want to remind themselves, that they have nothing to be scared of in their lives, and everyone can change himself with the magic move of the hand, just like in Harry Potter books.





What this sign means

First of all, it means strength and hope. We will never know whether magic really exists in our world or not. That is why, we can say, that such a “photo” on your skin will have a sense of the hope. 

Hope for the miracle, for the luck and for the happy end. It is really needed things nowadays and if you don’t want to lose such a hope and always remember about it – you may try to make a “notification” straight on the skin.

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Meaning in the different cultures

In this passage, we will talk not about cultures in the widely known meaning, but about the generations. For children this small beautiful sign somewhere on the shoulder will mean, that you are just a fan of the fairytale or believe in Hogwarts. 

While for adult people this symbol will always stay a note, that magic is somewhere near us and all we need to do to reveal it – just believe and never lose hope, that exactly we will take the lucky ticket.

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Places to choose for the tattoo?

Mostly, this kind of images we can see on the shoulder, back, and neck. However, man and woman shouldn’t forget that they need to follow different rules. Traditionally, woman are doing small tattoos and man – large. That is why first ones choose such places as hand, neck, and shoulder and last ones – back or legs.



liquid-luck-harry-potter-tattoo hogwarts-crest-splash-tattoo

Styles to make the tattoo in

Talking about the styles while we are discussing a cartoon, it will be quite logic to start with the description of the cartoon theme. First of all, you can draw a sketch with Harry, surrounded by stars or magic wands, add some citation or something like that. Don’t forget to make it bright and positive. 

Moreover, you can make a 3D tattoo and make it look just like Redclief, when he was twelve is looking over your shoulder.






Variants of the tattoo.

There is a great choice from the most unexpected variants. That is why such a symbol is really new in the world of tattoos and have no templates. You can create what you like the most or ask your master to suggest you some variant. However, not forget to check whether this tattoo won’t become boring for you in some period of time. To check it – just put a sketch in the background on your phone and keep it there for the three months. As the background picture, it is the thing that is on our eyes permanently, you will try whether this kind of symbol is yours or not.

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Celebrities with this signs.

Of Course, it won’t be surprising, if I say, that Emma Watson has ones. And on the present time, she stays one and only. So, want to take the next place?

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