Who makes Best Friend Tattoos?
Types of Best Friend Tattoos
The most Popular Best Friend Tattoos
Meaning of Best Friend Tattoos
Sketches of tattoos

Who makes Best Friend Tattoos?

Very sweet and witty best friends tattoo

Making tattoos with your best friend is very symbolic and fun. They help to keep on your body some great moments and memories of your friendship to recall them at any time.

Simple and nice best freind ankle tattoo

Identical best friend reconciliation hand tattoo

Such tattoos are universal and common for both boys and girls.

Best Friend Tattoos

Best Friend Tattoos for guys and girls

BF Tattoos for guys and girls

Best Friend Tattoos for guys and girls on leg

Best Friend Tattoos for guys and girls

Best Friend Tattoos for guys and girls

Everything depends on the image depicted and manner in which it is performed. These tattoos are for the people who are devoted to each other and sure of their relationships.

Nice and funny arrow best freind tattoos

Before you decide to make such a tattoo with your best friend, make sure you choose a symbol that has a special meaning for both of you.

Striking best friend wrist tattoos

Elegant best friend quote tattoos on forearms

Sweet sun-and-moon best-friend tattoos on shoulders

Types of Best Friend Tattoos

There are three main types of tattoos in the name of friendship.

Hilarious Bivis-and-Bathet best friend tattoos

You can make the same simple drawings, which are clear reminders of friendship to everyone on the same body part (or wherever you want).

Peculiar origami best friend tattoos

Unique complicated best friend forearm tattoos

Elegant best friend feather tattoos with the mirrow effect


Catchy best friend elbow tattoos

You can create your own unique design that won’t mean anything for other people, but at the same time bring the warmest feelings to you.

Gorgeous lovebirds best friend wrist tattoos

Ornamental yin-and-yang best friend tattoo

Brilliant ampliative feather best friend arm tattoos

Significant triplet best freind tattoos

The last variant is the most interesting in a single composition, which becomes clear only when you’re together with your friend.

Exceptional best friend hand tattoos

Clever quote best friend tattoos

Puzzling best friend shoulder tattoos

One more impressive sun-and-moon best freind tattoos

The most Popular Best Friend Tattoos

There is a great variety of photos of best friend tattoos on the Internet. At first sight, the larger part of them are on the female bodies, that’s why the sketches of these tattoos correspond. The best friend tattoos are of small size and may be in color or black-and-white, and mostly represent uncomplicated images.

Simple and striking best friend elbow tattoo

Deathly hallows best friend tattoos

Happy bee best friend wrist tattoos

Lovely paper plane best freind tattoo

So, girls prefer to tattoo different cartoon animals, birds, stars, keys, dolls, numbers, a symbol of infinity with other elements, arrows, marine items, feathers, origami birds, butterflies, puzzles, crowns, hearts, quotes and so on.

Noteworthy palm best friend wrist tattoo

Amusing cat best freinf ribs tattoos

They place them on various parts of their bodies, mostly on the hands, forearms, fingers, wrists, feet, neck, etc. Such tattoos look very beautiful, tender and fragile. They symbolize that two people believe that their souls are tied together forever and this connection is sacred.

Dazzling cartoon best friend tattoos on the ankles

Dazzling cartoon best friend tattoos on the ankles

Meaning of Best Friend Tattoos

Best friend tattoos originally are full of deep meaning, because people doing them strive to make their true friendship everlasting. The sketches of tattoos are connected to some special events in the life of friends or simply highlight their persuasions and beliefs.

Grotesque hilarious best friend tattoos

Amusing pizza best friend wrist tattoos

Let’s look closely at some of the symbols of best friend tattoos.

Matching feather best friend wrist tattoos

A star is a symbol of the sky, a sign of prosperity and good luck. It is believed that the stars give a person inspiration.

Inspiring star best reind tattoos

Simple and clear star tattoos for best friends

Crown tattoos symbolize power, leadership and self-control. It is an attribute of a strong and purposeful personality.

Impressive crown tattoos for a couple

Matching but individual wrist couple tattoos

Lovely couple tattoos on the wrists

The tattoo culture image of flying birds is very popular. It can be used to transmit a variety of different meanings and ideas, but mostly birds symbolize and embody the beauty, vitality and desire for something higher.

Funny and eye-catching lovebirds as couple tattoos

Noble swallows as wrist tattoos for best friends

Graceful bird floks as best friend shoulder tattoos

Puzzles are perceived as a toy, children’s entertainment, so its first association is the attitude life is a game. Puzzles, in which one element is lacking, means some kind of search for life sense and a place in it.

Stunning realistic 3D puzzle tattoos for best friends

Superb idea of best friend puzzle tattoos

Affectionate puzzle tattoos for a couple

Butterflies are a symbol of resurrection, rebirth, and the desire for transformation. Butterfly tattoos are often considered a symbol of good luck. In Japan, for example, the butterfly is a symbol of family happiness, home and comfort.

More friends tattoo you can see here.

Butterfly couple tattoo

Ornamental buttefly best friend wrist tattoo

Beautiful butterfly tattoo idea for three friends

Sketches of tattoos