Things to know before making sister’s tattoo
The main types of sister’s tattoos
Which are the most common designs symbolizing the sisterhood or friendship?
Which part of the body should you put a sister tattoo on?
Men sister tattoos or better say brother tattoos?
30 best tattoo designs sister’s tattoo

The strong desire of close people to unite in one with invisible bonds led to emerging of such notion as sister tattoos. No matter how two people are connected, either by blood or by strong friendship, sharing one image for two is one of the ways to show the appreciation and devotion to each other.

Thus such tattoos can be done by people who are not sisters or brothers by blood, but are those in their minds and souls, that’s why sister tattoos became one of the favorites among best friends.

In spite of the name sisters tattoos, they can be shared both among men and women as well, though the sketch may vary in design.

Things to know before making sister’s tattoo

In order for the sister’s tattoos to look beautiful on your body and perform its function in the best way, consider taking these small tips into account:

  1. Tattoos look more balancing if both of the people get inked in the same part of the body.


  1. For those willing their image to consist of two parts and unite in one, it is better to make them mirror like, while one person gets the tattoo on the right leg, the other one should put on the left one.
  1. Before choosing the place where to put your sister;s ink, ask yourself whether you would like it to be hidden or visible for anybody else?

The main types of sister’s tattoos

If you finally decided to celebrate your sisterhood or friendship, you will face a rather difficult choice, what kind of sister tattoo to apply ?

There are basically three main types to choose from for the women:

  1. Regular design representing the same image and shared by both.
  1. Same design inked exactly at the same part of the body which is rather unique and special for two of you only, which doesn’t mean nothing for the others, but carries warmth and deep meaning for you, as best friends.
  1. The last one and the most complicated one is to invent your own picture of the tattoo which will be understandable only when you stay next to each other.


The tattoo can be shared with more than one person, like fore example Miley Cyrus, Elsa Pataky and two other pals did: a matching tattoo in order to preserve their sisterhood and friendship in the ink. All of them have a small symbol inked between the fingers, wrist and forearm.

Which are the most common designs symbolizing the sisterhood or friendship?

For those in search of inspiration and some ideas on which symbol to choose for your sister tattoo, there are few options:

  1. Hearts.

Usually, the symbol of heart is rather small in size and can be just matching, meaning both of the wearer have it on the same part of body or shared – each half of the heart belongs to each of the holder.

  1. Moon.

The picture of a moon and sun is rather symbolic when it comes to sister tattoos, as according to the Greek culture the moon represents sisterhood, while sun symbolizes light and truth.


When joined together, the moon and the sun show that two people are totally different but still remain the same.

  1. Infinity.


The ancient symbol of eternity and limitless have found itself in the sister tattoos as well,meaning that your blood or mind connection sees no boundaries, neither limits and will be preserved forever.

  1. Initials or sentences.

They can vary from either sharing the same sentences or inking the names of each other or complement each other.

So whenever you stand by each other, you can read the whole message.

These are some of the most common ones among the sister tattoos, which are more female, but if you would like to make your design truly special and yours, the chosen image should be known and shared only by two of you.

Which part of the body should you put a sister tattoo on?

From the ancient times, wrists have been the most popular spot for tattoos, as this part you can always hide behind the long sleeves or show off.


Besides the wrists,

such body parts as ankles,



and neck are the most favorite ones for these types of tattoos.



Men sister tattoos or better say brother tattoos?

Men are not an exception when it comes to sister tattoos, and they do get inked in order to show their true devotion either to brother or best friend.

For men, it means much more than having tattoo with a name of beloved woman, as love can seize, while men’s friendship is rather hard to break.

Men mostly prefer minimalistic tattoos when it comes to siblings bonding or showing the true friendship.


You may commonly find the sentences inked either on the inner side of the hands,




or back.

One of the most favorite ones is the moon and sun as well and the more adventurous go for more male sketches.

The wish of people blood – related or no to create a special connection is often shown through sister tattoos: an another way to celebrate such event as having somebody so close in your life, as love, unfortunately, can sometimes vanish, but friendship will remain with you forever.

30 best tattoo designs sister’s tattoo

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