The cross symbol is used in many cultures and religions around the world. As the symbol of the cross was used all over the world, it is not surprising that it is assigned a number of different values and meanings. For Christians, it always reminds of God, of his exploits for the sins of men. It is a symbol of suffering, which unites Heaven and Earth, as well as a sign of fate, the personal spiritual cross, which everyone carries throughout life.

Creative and unusual cross back tattoo

Clean-made cross and leaves small back tattoo on girl’s back

Beautiful cross made in flower pattern back tattoo

cross and inscription tattoo on men’s back

Large cross and wings back tattoo

Small unusual cross tattoo on woman’s back

Small cross tattoo on guy’s back

Plain cross tattoo on woman’s back

Small cross tattoo on the back of the girl’s neck

Beautiful cross small back tattoo

Inscription back tattoo stylized to look like a cross

Orthodox cross back tattoo design

orthodox cross back tattoo

Small cross back tattoo on guy’s back

Creative cross back tattoo idea

Cross and a rose beautiful back tattoo

Cross back tattoo creative design

Unusual cross large back tattoo idea

Large cross and inscription back tattoo

Tattoo composition with a cross full back

Cross,wings and inscription back tattoo

Back tattoo composition dedicated to Armenian genocide with a cross

Cross and wings large back tattoo

Cross and wings back tattoo

Simple back cross tattoo

Creative cross tattoo ideas