Angel’s wings
On which parts of the body do people get an angel tattoo?
Sketches of Tattoos

Your angel tattoo will always have special individual meaning

Today, tattoos in the shape of an angel are popular among women and men. For many, this tattoo holds particular importance, they consider tattoos a talisman. Many seek salvation in religion and get an angel tattoo as a sign of their faith.

Remarkable Angel Tattoos

Remarkable Angel Tattoos

Remarkable Angel Tattoos

Remarkable Angel Tattoos

Remarkable Angel Tattoos

Remarkable Angel Tattoos

Remarkable Angel Tattoos

Remarkable Angel Tattoos

Remarkable Angel Tattoos

Remarkable Angel Tattoos

Of course, such a tattoo for each person will have its own special meaning. A man points to his faith in the special conversion and hope for anything, when applying such an image.

A cute arm sleeve tattoo with a female angel may be a talisman for a man

An admirable forearm angel tattoo with a complicated sketch

A fallen angel tattoo is a sign of of a very decisive person that has taken his Destiny in his own hands

An exquisite angel tattoo: men often prever female angels to protect them

As an angel is a keeper of people, you can often find their figure as defenders against the evil eye or mischief and misfortune. Usually, the drawing is performed in the format of a man with wings and a halo, which represents the belief that angels are a kind of people, but have wings and are sent from above.

A severe angel with a baculus is inked as a tattoo owner’s guardian

Very tranquille and graceful forearm and shoulder angel tattoo.

If a crucified angel is painted, it testifies about the memories and the hope of a thriving future and the Lord’s mercy and attention.

Angel’s wings are spread in a form of Crucifixion. Such angel tattoo stand’s for hope

A remarkable angel tattoo on the forearm

Angel Tattoos carry a positive meaning  because if you literally translate the word from Greek, it means “a messenger or an ambassador”. For most people the character means peace and beauty, love and forgiveness, and good memories about events or people.

Swift lines of grafic forearm tattoo represent angel’s speed. An unusual tattoo design

Angel tattoo forearm man

One of the most famous tattoos is Cupid, who connects together hearts and brings love. This is a good solution for people who believe in true love.

An outstandind complex tattoo with a cupid reveals a romantica character of its owner

A miraculous tiny cupid tattoo on a gir’ls collarbone

It takes time to find your true love. A superb forearm cupid tattoo is a reminder of tis tip

On the most drawings there are some attributes of the Divine Providence like a staff or a sword, or perhaps a small harp or a pipe.

A spectacur shoulder tattoo – an angel with a sword – holy protection

Alluring angel tattoo on the forearm

A striking female angel with a sword – a protective tattoo on the forearm

Divine admonishing angel tattoo on the forearm

A lovely angel boy with a flute – perfect tattoo for a girl

A ravishing Angel tattoo on the forearm. The harp irepresents gospel power

A bard angel with a cithare is still a devine messenger. A witty small tattoo for a girl on the shoulder blade.

Angel’s wings

Nowadays, it is very popular a tattoo with the form of an angel’s wings. This tattoo has many meanings. This tattoo has exactly the same value as that of an angel tattoo. The design is often chosen to protect, spirituality, love, and wings tattoos depicting initials or dates in memory of the departed person in another world. This tattoo has the value of striving for freedom, liberation from any burdens of worldly life.

If you sick inner freedom – a pair angel wings tattoo may help you

An Angel wingsback tattoo in a brutal variant for men

On which parts of the body do people get an angel tattoo?

Often men get an angel tattoo on their chest closer to heart. The heart has always been considered a signifier of love, and loyalty. Tattoos near the heart have meaning of eternal devotion to God. This tattoo is usually hidden from view under clothes. Tattoos with an angel at heart has a special significance for men. This may be a mark of the memory of someone.

A touching angel tattoo to remember someone special

A tremendous tatto with a fighting angel inked on the chest

Thrilling angel tattoo on a man’s arm

Tattoow with an angel on a forearm – Usually men prefer tattoos with an angel on a hand. This tattoo looks beautiful and courageous. This tattoo makes a man more gentle, because an angel is a signifier of love and tenderness. Tattoos with the angel should be chosen by men who are confident in their actions.

Thrilling angel tattoo on a man’s arm

An amasing sleeping cupid tattoo on a girl’s wrist

On a shoulder or on a collarbone – Such a tattoo looks very beautiful and attractive. It will look nice with the image of a fragile little angel with wings. It will also look good as a tattoo with the figure of a slim girl with angel wings. This tattoo draws attention, but if you want to conceal it, it will be very easy.

A captivating angel tattoo on the forearm

A witty cupid tattoo on the backblade definitely attracts love

Tattoos with an angel on a leg – Girls often make a tattoo with the image of a little angel on a shin. This tattoo looks stylish and interesting, attracting attention of others and brings admiring glances.

lA catching angel figure tattoo on the leg

Accurate small angel wings tattoo looks stunning on foot

Tattoos with angel’s wings are chosen equally by women and men. Usually wings are depicted on collarbones. This looks interesting and bright. Men usually do tattoos with the image of a guardian angel with wings and girls also get tattoos only with wings. Men’s tattoos with wings usually look more masculine, as feminine tattoos look gentle and soft.

An angel wing as a sleeve tattoo is an astonishing design

A wonderful angel wing tattoo on a man’s collarbone

Sweet frragile angel wings on thumbs – stuperfying girl’s small tattoo

Woman Angel wings tattoo variant on the back

Gallant Angel wings tattoo on a man’s shoulder

Outstanding female angel wing tattoo oh the shoulder

A fine angel wing shoulder tattoo

Praying angel is also one of the most popular tattoo styles in both sexes.

A bowing angel tattoo on ribs symbolize fidelity and nobility

A spectacular splendid angel tattoo on the chest

A tremendous praying angel tattoo

Feeling great significance and sacred meaning of this symbol David Beckham, Pink, Nicole Richie have done such tattoo on their bodies.

Nicole Richie has tiny elegan angel wings on her shoulder blades

David Beckham often turns to angel theme in hes tattoos

Angel tattoo is a suprising choice for such a “bad girl” as Pink

Sketches of Tattoos