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Over the past few years, the feathers tattoo has become very common, especially among girls and women.

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Nowadays, tattoo is a very interesting attribute that can tell a lot of interesting things about its owner.

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Feather tattoos are very common and have many different meanings and symbolic colors.

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It all depends on the style and design of the applied pattern.

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Usually, they are beautiful decorations for female bodies, which can emphasize on the most attractive their parts.

Feathers tattoo is the best choice to attract the attention in the most subtle way.

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However, traditional feathers fit also for men as they carry strength and courage.

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They are performed with dark monochromatic paint.

Feather tattoos are suitable for creative, free-minded and open people.

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The meaning of feather tattoos also depends on the bird, which was the owner of the feather, and the design, in which it is drawn.


Meaning of feathers tattoos

In general, the feathers tattoo expresses such characters as the ease of flying or climbing, spirituality and trust, creativity and freedom, strong will and courage.

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Red feather is a symbol of victory.

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If the pen is cut in half, it’s a sign of pain or the memory of the wounded soul; it can also mean defeat, broken hopes, and shattered dreams.

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One of the most beautiful and popular tattoos among girls and women are peacock feathers. Here are some meanings of it in different cultures:

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From the time of ancient Greece such image has become a symbol of the sky.

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It also means wealth, luxury and nobility.



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In China, it is the highest dignity and rare beauty.

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In Buddhism peacock, feather embodies compassion and vigilance.

Peacock feather is often considered as a symbol of renewal and cyclical because the peacock changes his appearance with time.

Meaning of feather symbol in different cultures

Originally feathers tattoos were distributed in North America, among indigenous people.

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  1. Back in those days, feathers tattoos had a lot of meanings: feathers on the skin and as the element of clothing were a symbol of exclusivity in the tribe.

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  1. The native inhabitants of the American continent perceived feather tattoos as the symbols of the revival of life.

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The right to wear this tattoo had only the persons who had gained the respect of the tribe:

  • the chiefs,
  • shamans,
  • elders,
  • medicine men and
  • brave warriors.

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  1. Ancient Greece and the eastern countries have often used this symbol, personifying the beauty and power of its owner in it.

In Greece, the peacock feather tattoo significance was very important.

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  1. Ancient Egyptians considered the feathers as a symbol and communication with the heavenly gods.
  1. In Buddhism, feathers mean compassion and vigilance.

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  1. In the ancient Christianity, a feather served as a mystical symbol.

On the fingers of clerics, it was often depicted three feathers, symbolizing hope, faith and charity.

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Best places for feathers on your body

Feather tattoo is great for any body part.

This can be a great eagle feather on the shoulder blade or shoulder,

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or maybe an elegant tiny small feather on the wrist

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or ankle.
Most people prefer black and gray design.

Though, green, blue and yellow feathers are also common.

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Typically it is chosen pictures of only one feather for the tattoo.

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This can be a feather of an eagle,

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owl, phoenix, rooster, peacock, swallow, ostrich and turkey.

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Feathers tattoos for men and women

Feathers in traditional style,

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which are not far from the original Indian feathers, are popular among men.

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They are of big size,

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performed in black or another dark color,


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look strict and have clear contours.


They can pass their restraint and austerity through such images.


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Different variations with design and colors are preferred by girls and women.


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They can make experiments with styles, especially using aquarelle tones, as well as creating different combinations with the other sketches to depict the most interesting ideas.

  1. Red feather is a symbol of victory, passion, and perhaps a certain lust.

  1. Green and blue gamma bring serenity, tranquility, the desire for stability and peace.

Steven Jackson (@stevenjackson)

  1. Purple color is a symbol of extravagance, integrity, and rogue.
  1. Yellow or orange colors are comfort, warmth and a slice of ambition.

Celebrities’ feathers tattoos

Leona Lewis has a feather tattoo on her left shoulder.

Eleanor Calder got a feather tattoo on her forearm to cover up an old tiny cross tattoo.
Samantha Maria has a feather tattoo on her foot.

She said she loves the native-American style tattoos, and the feather is a symbol which reminds her of that.
Cleopatra Coleman wore a large eagle feather tattoo on her left ribs.

30 gorgeous sketch tattoo with feather