Who Can Pull It Off?
Symbol History
Placement for Men and Women
Hummingbird Styles
Male/Female Variations
Celebrity Hummingbird Tattoos

A hummingbird is another timeless classic tattoo that you will definitely want to get.

Who Can Pull It Off?

Although you might be under the wrong impression that a hummingbird is traditionally a design for girls, let me assure you this is not true. Anyone can make a hummingbird tattoo work. If you have a creative, hardworking, joyous and vital personality this design is just for you. 

Another thing is that a hummingbird is very small, thus the design itself is very little and understated so if you have a strict dress code at work you can totally cover up the tat, so if you like smaller designs with a lot of symbolic meaning and beauty to them, then the hummingbird is just for you. 


Customers that want to have a hummingbird tattoo usually go for it not only because of the beauty and bold colors, but also due to the symbolism. A hummingbird can symbolize:

  1. Agility, 
  2. Energy and vitality, 
  3. Loyalty,
  4. Love, 
  5. Passion, 
  6. Joyousness, 
  7. Renewal 

Symbol History

A hummingbird is a Native American symbol and pattern but due to the variety and complexity of culture it is not possible to pick out a single meaning for it. It was a physical form of the helping spirit. It symbolized devotion, eternity and life cycles. The hummingbird also stood for peace, love and happiness. 

Men prefer a two sided hummingbird design as a chest piece. Boys can also have a humming bird as a part of a larger sleeve tattoo design. Being a very petite picture, you can also use it as a side neck piece or I have even seen a humming bird as a side head tattoo. 

Placement for Men and Women

Basically a hummingbird can work beautifully on any part of the female body. However, the sketches for different skin areas might be different, the flowing and dynamic design will work with curves to emphasize your natural beauty.


Pot it on your inner lower arm, upper chest. Place a small hummingbird on your arm or behind your ear. You can also incorporate a hummingbird into a larger side or shoulder piece. 

A hummingbird on an intimate body part like the lower belly or a thigh will look extremely sexy and intimate, something that only you and your partner know about. 

Hummingbird Styles

You can use pretty much any tattoo style to pull off a humming bird. I suggest you try to make an initial sketch by yourself and later pick out one of the styles with the artist:

  1. Photo realism, 
  2. Black and gray, 
  3. Abstract, 
  4. Fine line,
  5. Gray wash, 
  6. Color, 
  7. Old School, 
  8. New School, 
  9. Stonework,
  10. Fine line, 
  11. Neo Traditional,
  12. Dot work, 
  13. Sketch, 
  14. Polygon, 
  15. Trash polka,
  16. Geometric.

Of course those are not all the styles you can pull off, but now you have some basic ideas for your design.

Male/Female Variations

Male hummingbird tattoos are usually black and gray, with bold lines and shading, American traditional or dot work. You can also do a geometric hummingbird or a Native American hummingbird symbol.

I have seen some dot-work as well as trash polka hummingbirds. Any tattoo style will work, all you need is to know exactly what you want and talk to your artist about it.

Women love to emphasize the bold colors, as well as the feathers. If you want something truly feminine and soft try the watercolor tattoo, American traditional, neo-traditional, fine lines or dot work. And how could I forget the 3D or photo realism. 

Adding Mandalas or lettering is another popular trend that works with the smaller tats. 

Celebrity Hummingbird Tattoos

The most famous celebrity hummingbird tattoo would probably be a right hand piece made by Zelda Williams in memory of her father Robin Williams.


An aspiring actress Sarah Hyland got a hummingbird tattoo behind her ear “The hummingbird, though it be but little, can travel great distances” – she explained her choice for the new tat on Instagram.


Another young actress Raychel Diane Weiner has a huge sidepiece that goes from the hip to her chest incorporating a peacock, flowers and a hummingbird at the bottom. As you can see the creative ideas and possibilities are endless you just need to find what suits you the most.