Who gets octopus tattoos?
Meaning of octopus tattoos
Style of octopus tattoos
Body parts for octopus tattoos

An octopus isn’t a very popular tattoo. This may be explained by the ambiguous nature of its meaning, one of which is strongly associated with evil forces. Even when depicted not as a monster, but in the most positive connotation, it will heat up the imagination by its odd and mysterious look. But now, there is a growing popularity for their unique tattoo design. 

Who gets octopus tattoos?

People, who are fond of everything mysterious and enigmatic, often choose sketches of octopuses for their tattoos. If you have your inner underground world, your thoughts and consciousness run deep into issues of knowledge such a tattoo is for you. 

Besides, people who accept their hypocrisy may choose this sea inhabitant for their tattoo, considering its meaning. Persons, whose lives are closely connected with the sea, often get octopus pictures on their bodies, as they believe in its protective force. 

As to the sex of people, who get octopus tattoos, this symbol is universal. Both boys and girls tattoo octopuses on their bodies. 

Meaning of octopus tattoos

An octopus has always been considered as a patron of the sea depths, who causes horror and evokes admiration. On the one hand, it terrifies people by the impenetrable darkness arising from the ink cloud emitted by a frightened octopus. This marine animal is a symbol of the underworld and evil forces. 

On the other hand, it represents the concept of immortality, as it has three hearts. Sailors often chose the image of octopus for their tattoo as they believe that it can protect them from troubles, which can happen when they are out at sea. 

In some cultures, an octopus is associated with the underground and the afterlife. Cretans believed that octopus is a symbol of the beginning of creation and mystical center of the universe. 

Now, people pay attention to the shape of the animal, which resembles a spiral and that’s what witnesses say about time and its eternity. Octopus also means the process of development and progress. The famous deity Cthulhu, who looks like an octopus, symbolizes wisdom and power. In addition, the spiral can mean astral travel

However, you can design the sketch of an octopus tattoo in the way you consider as the most appropriate for you and put in it your specific private meaning.

Octopuses are often ascribed the negative qualities, mainly due to the fact that it is able to change color and release a cloud of ink in case of danger. These qualities in a man may take the form of hypocrisy, the desire to avoid unpleasant situations.

But you should remember that it is an octopus that has one of the largest brains. So, this fact allows supposing that the octopus is credited with wisdom and originality of thought. 

Style of octopus tattoos

The image of octopuses in tattoos is a relatively rare, but memorable thing. They are depicted in all colors and contexts, and still look great. It is better to tattoo octopus in a large size, because small pictures won’t embody all the details of an octopus’ shape and appearance. 

The most common styles for octopus tattoo:

  • • Black-and-white;  • Dotwork;  • Realism; 
  • Black work; 
  • Graphics; 
    • Aquarelle.

Women prefer to depict octopuses in realistic, dotwork and graphic styles. They also make octopuses in different colors, such as blue, rose, red, violet, etc. Men also don’t neglect colorful pictures.  

Female representatives often combine octopuses with different flowers, heart (as organ), or depict them as cartoon creatures. 

Men, in comparison, choose for themselves brutal pictures of octopus, where it is a real monster, which can destroy everything on its way. Only sometimes they prefer calm creature. They combine octopuses with images of skulls, divers, ships, and even keys. 

Body parts for octopus tattoos

People place octopuses on different parts of their body. The main condition is having enough space to depict this sea creature with all the details and elements of its appearance. Small octopus tattoo won’t look amazing and surpassing, but it must look so. 

A lot of beautiful octopuses are created by tattoo-masters for their clients. Looking to the photos of ready-made tattoos, it is easy to say which parts of the body have the most popularity for octopus tattoos.
Here are the body parts, which are the most appropriate for the octopus tattoo:

So, octopus tattoos are for courageous, intelligent persons with strong character and indomitable willpower. The owner of such a tattoo won’t be unnoticed.