150 Best Wolf Tattoos Designs, Ideas & Meanings 2023

The best wolf tattoo designs are different for everyone. Some prefer simplistic or geometric designs, while some others might prefer their wolf tattoos to be as real as possible. Whatever the case, it is undeniable that wolves are one of the most common popular figures in demand when it comes to tattoos.

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Wolf Tattoos


150 Amazing Wolf Tattoo Designs to Inspire Your Next Tat

Perhaps one of the reasons why wolf tattoos are so popular is the fact that it can signify so many traits or personalities. As an example, someone with a wolf tattoo may be trying to portray a lone wolf personality – able to survive just fine being alone. Others may be thinking of an alpha wolf – its strength, fierce personality and leadership. Let’s take a look at some of the best wolf tattoo inspirations below!

1.   A Wolf to Guide Your Way


Keep your beliefs close to you with a wolf tattoo with a navigation compass icon. It can signify that you will never lose your way in life even when you are a lone wolf.

2. Duality – Two Colors


Why settle for one color when you can have two in your wolf tattoo? If you associate your wolf tattoo with a certain nature – water, as an example – then you can include that color into your tattoo.

3. Fierce Gaze


A wolf may look inviting when its howling at the moon in the forests, but don’t forget that it is still a feral animal. This wolf tattoo perfectly captures a wolf’s snarls as it prepares to prey on its next victim!

4. A Little Curvy


You might also prefer wolf tattoos which are gentler in nature. This wonderful wolf tattoo design sets a good example! The curly lines reflect the softer nature of these beautiful creatures.

5. Set Ablaze


This could be a blue flame. It could also be based on the beautiful aurora lights. However, with the smoke blazing from the wolf’s head, it’s safe to say that this wolf is all blazed up!

6. All Inked Up


The stark difference in nature between a dark wolf and that of the two red roses underneath the tattoo will make you look twice!

7. Ferocious Yet Cartoon-Like Wolf Tattoo Design


Is it just us, or does this look like a werewolf instead? This wolf tattoo even sports the typical cartoon-like whiskers on its snout. It’s actually adorable!

8. Watercolour Wolf Tattoo Painting


Due to how this tattoo is inked, it looks more like a dotted artwork than a tattoo! If you prefer artistic tattoos, this will be the perfect choice for you.

9. Like The Tribesmen


Isn’t this tattoo just wonderful? You can make your wolf tattoo unique by implementing a mix of geometric designs and some red, tribal marks such as those on this tattoo.

10. Haunted by the Past


This haunting wolf tattoo screams pain from its past – or is it the ghosts of its past enemies? With the skull and the red streaks, who knows?

11. Life-Like Wolf Tattoo Design


It is as if a wolf is directly staring into your eyes! This tattoo does not have anything fancy, yet it is still gorgeous simply because of how real it looks. Pick your tattoo artists well!

12. Traditional Tribal Wolf Design


Nothing says tribal more than a wolf with Red Indian headdress and the pagan-like sun and moon in the background. Do you agree?

13. A Girl with A Wolf


A girl, gentle in nature, paired with a wolf that has the exact opposite traits. A beautiful pairing for a wolf tattoo inspiration!

14. Full Coverage Wolf Tattoo


There’s a lot to digest in this tattoo. A wolf howling in the forest; a wolf’s eye in an Illuminati triangle; an electric-design wolf right down the middle with its sharp fangs. Wow!

15. Wolf Tattoo Sleeve – In Its Natural Habitat


A wolf is a strong, smart and swift beast, and it rules over other animals in the forests at night. What better way to portray a wolf tattoo?

16. Mandala Wolf Tattoo


Wolves are always treated with great respect – perhaps due to how ferocious it is. Even so, a mandala wolf design can make it appear more spiritual than feral.

17. Lines & Geometric Designs


This wolf tattoo on a person’s foot is mixed with some basic geometric patterns – lines, circles and dots. A simple addition that adds value to this tattoo!

18. Like a Dreamcatcher


Wolf tattoos may have a lot of meanings it should be understood that the wolf tattoo isn’t suitable for weak, slow and indecisive people. These traits don’t belong to wolves!

19. A Wolf Tattoo Fresh Out of Battle


This tattoo also presents a woman with a wolf tattoo – but it is definitely not as gentle as some other similar tattoos. This one is fierce!

20. A Beautiful Wolf for the Ladies

best-wolf-tattoos-designs-6-1-7011141A wolf is known for its faithfulness. Ladies who want to show that they are loyal can have a delicate tattoo like this one.

21. It Feels Like Christmas


Who said that wolves can’t be cute? This wolf tattoo is nothing short of adorable. We love it!

22. Wild, Rabid Wolf Tattoo Design


Wolves are devoted to their beliefs. They will chase their enemies down and protect their friends and of course, their own she-wolf.

23. Decorated? Chained? Which One?


This wolf looks like one of the older, wiser one. Is it bound by its own wealth or other people’s expectations towards it?

24. Wolf Tattoo, Hipster Style


You would rarely see wolf tattoos more decorated and flashier than this one. A bro-fist with this hand tattoo would certainly go off with a bang!

25. Just the Eyes


Even a tattoo with just a wolf’s eyes can be beautiful. If you want a tattoo that you can use to take cool selfies with, this is the one!

26. Wolves in the Moon


What easier way to portray wolves in tattoos than how we always remember them – howling at the moon from the depths of the forest?

27. Clean Dotted Design


We absolutely love how the wolf is portrayed in this tattoo with the delicate background in the back.

28. Wolf & She-Wolf Tattoo Design


Wolf tattoos are common both for women and men. A tattoo like this one shows the bond between wolves – perfect!

29. Across the Chest & Arms


This is it. The tattoo that can instantly create a manly charm for yourself. Just beautiful and perfect!

30. A Chest Wolf Tattoo Design


This beautiful tattoo is just breath-taking. Look at how wonderfully it fits – it could be an added accessory to a low-cut blouse!

It would be wise to ensure that you understand the traits of wolves before choosing such a beautiful and special animal to tattoo

Meaning of Wolf Tattoos

Wolves are natural predators. They were direct competition to ancient cavemen when it comes to praying for food. You can have your own meanings for wolf tattoos – loyalty, loneliness, your own individuality and many more.

31. The Leader of the Pack


In ancient times, wolves symbolize brutality, a cunning trait and even a sense of evil. The perception is a lot more different now!

32. A Wolf Tattoo from the Cults


What a fierce tattoo this is to sport on your arms! This design mixes the fierceness of a wolf with simple geometric designs.

33. Wolves’ Brutality


Wolves also symbolized faithfulness, devotion, courage, and victory, because of their ability to integrate into a close-knit pack. This tattoo portrays the wolves’ fighting spirit!

34. Half-Faced Wolf


This wolf tattoo design is half realistic, and half a detailed geometric pattern that you can expect to see on shirt designs.

35. A Floral Wolf Tattoo Design


This may be the best wolf tattoo design that portrays the gentler nature of wolves when they are with their own pack.

36. A Fierce Tattoo Sleeve


Wearing something sleeveless would make this tattoo look even more amazing.

37. A Mysterious Night Predator


Like all nocturnal animals, wolves have always been surrounded by an aura of mystery. This tattoo managed to make the wolf look both mysterious and cute!

38. A Wolf’s Paradox – The Sun & The Moon


Tattoos of wolves are often directly related to the cult of the sun or light. That’s a little hard to believe, considering that we always related wolves with moons!

39. A Full-Colored Wolf Tattoo Design


You can almost hear the wolf howling in this beautiful tattoo. Perhaps wolves are related to light due to its burning eyes, capable of glowing in the dark.

40. Glow In The Dark


Speaking of glow in the dark, the eyes of this wolf tattoo looks like it really glows!

The basic meaning of the tattoo is courage and endurance, that is, the qualities which belong to the depicted beast. Along with these, the other common interpretations of the picture are:

41. Duality of Wolves & Foxes


The wolf and the fox shows courage and endurance together. These qualities pair well with each other!

42. A Wolf’s Traits Revealed


A wolf is known for its loyalty, strength, determination, independence, and most of all, its loyalty to its own pack. Prepare to be hunted down if you hurt any member of its pack!

43. Best Wolf Tattoo Design in Modern Days


Millennials now prefer wolf tattoos that are a little more abstract, such as this one. It definitely looks awesome!

44. A Wolf in the Dark


Wolves are very well known for their loyalty to the pack. When a wolf howls in the forests, you might also hear the members of the pack howling back in response.

45. The Gaze of a Wolf


You can sense the determination in this wolf’s gaze – strong and purposeful.

46. A Wolf & A Lion


Which animal do you think will win in a battle between wolves and lions? We are definitely interested to find out!

47. Tattoos with Wolves or Foxes?


Some people like both wolves and foxes. When they can’t decide, they can simply go for both. No one said they can’t!

There are many options for the image of the wolf tattoo in the world of tattoos.
Their meanings are also different:

48. The Loneliness in a Wolf’s Howls


The wolf howling at the moon (often full) means loneliness, inner strength and their sense of independence in the world and society.

49. A Subtle Wolf Tattoo


Don’t want your tattoo to be too showy? Something like this can do the trick as well!


A jumping wolf is a symbol of purposefulness and readiness to overcome any obstacles.

51. A Wolf Silently Prowling


Wolves can be exceptionally silent when they are hunting their prey. You never know when they will pounce!

52. The Meaning of a Running Wolf Tattoo


An image of a running wolf symbolizes the exhilaration of speed, taking risks towards the unknown, and adapting to changes.

53. A Lone Wolf Prowling


Wolves may be depicted as lonely creatures. Some others see it as being independent. Which stance do you take?

54. Wolves in a Pack Tattoo Designs


When wolves are portrayed in a pack, the lone wolf on the side portrays leadership.

55. The Emergence of Wolf Tattoos


This pack of wolves looks like they have just emerged from deep mists – a sign of being successful in overcoming their obstacles.

56. The Dark Forces & The Wolf


Does this wolf tattoo remind you of shamans and magical forces? We definitely see it!

57. Tattoo Design for Mystic Wolves


Once you paint wolves in a different color – this purple hue, as an example, the wolves start to take on a mystical look.

58. A Wolf from the Underworld


Some people may prefer werewolf designs that that’s fine too! It’s perfect for people who want to feel fiercer.

59. A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing


You have heard of the tales about a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. Have you heard of the reverse?

Meaning of Wolf Image In Different Cultures

Different nations may have their own cultural interpretations of wolves and their associated images. Some treat wolves with respect, others with fear, but there are never any cultures that are indifferent towards wolves.

In many mythological ideas of the peoples of Eurasia and North America, the image of the wolf is associated with the cult of the leader, god of war or ancestor of a tribe.

In particular, the wolf appeared in the Indo-European culture as the god of war. The concept of a wolf pack as an organized military unit has left its imprint on the culture of many Asian nations.

In the mythology of the ancient Celts, there is a story about the wolf, which devours the sun, causing nightfall to come. Norse mythology depicted the god Odin as a wolf.  According to the legend, he was the father of all the other gods. In the Greco-Roman system of mythological characters, the god Apollo was always accompanied by the wolf.

There is no limit to the meanings and origins of wolves in different cultures.

60. Fluffy Wolf Tattoo


While this depiction of a wolf tattoo is a little different from the rest, it is still symbolic for the person wearing this tattoo.

61. Among the Ancient Tribesmen


The Indians considered the wolf as a symbol of the lower world, the world of the dead.

Wolf Tattoos For Men And Women

As you might expect, wolf tattoo designs between men and women can differ in their traits.  Wolf tattoos for women are often gentler and more peaceful, but most men will portray the strength and leadership of wolves on their tattoos.

62. Matching Wolf Tattoo Designs for Couples


These two tattoo designs complement each other well! You can have this either for your best friend or your significant other.

63. An Image in the Mirror


Wolves may be symbolized among women and girls as compared to their male counterparts.

64. A Subtle, Hidden Tattoo


Don’t want your tattoo to be too flashy? This wolf outline tattoo will do just the trick!

65. Rabbit & Wolf Tattoo Design


Balance your wolf tattoo designs with an animal that has its opposite traits – a gentle, harmless rabbit and a feral wolf. Perfectly balanced.

66. Woman & Wolf – An Animal Personality


Want to show how in tune you are with your wolf animal spirit? This unique wolf tattoo design will portray it just fine. Having a tattoo like this on your hips will always be eye-catching!

67. Tumblr Aesthetic Wolf Tattoo Design


This beautiful tattoo is minimalistic yet beautiful! It gives off a fairytale feeling, which we think is lovely.

68. Right Off the Fairytale


Have you heard of the wolf that huffed and puffed over the houses of three little pigs? Commemorate your childhood fairy tale with this tattoo!

69. Complementing Wolf Tattoo on Hands


A wolf tattoo design can be easily matched with other characters, as long as they are within the same color scheme. It can be suitable for both men and women!

70. A Lone Wolf & The Moon Tattoo Design


Lone wolves would love this tattoo design. It portrays their personality perfectly and you can expect to see it among the hippies!

71. Blue Watercolor Wolf Tattoo


A tattoo of wolves cannot be gentler than this one. The gentle blue hues of this wolf tattoo appeal more to girls and women.

72. Wolf Tattoo on Fingers


This small wolf tattoo can symbolize a woman’s loyalty to her significant other and her desire to follow him.

73. Connected to the Universe


Wolves are in tune with the flow of time and the rotation of the planets. The best tattoo variations for this particular one includes other watercolor tattoo styles.

74. Timeless Design for All Animal Tattoos


Tattoos of wolves and other animals can often be seen in this style – Half geometric, half realistic with a feature you can’t miss. In this case, it’s the glowing blue eyes.


75. Wounded yet Wise


As strong as wolves are, they can still be hurt by things happening around them. Individuals with wolves as their spirit animals can often be hurt the same way, but never portray it.

76. Splattered Wolf Tattoo Design


Show your artistic side with a splatter of colors in your wolf tattoo design. Perfect for artistic individuals!

77. Full Back Wolf Tattoo


Back tattoos of wolves often have more impact than smaller ones.

78. Dramatic Shoulder & Chest Wolf Tattoo


Tattoos that cover a part of the chest right down to the end of an arm is popular among men. The focus on this  type of tattoo needs to be more detailed on the shoulders,

79. Black & Blue


Tattoos that cover the forearms are also often requested by people who are new to the world of tattoo arts. This is just one of the many examples, but the color mixture is perfect for wolves.

80. The Guardian of the Night Forest


Animal spiritualists believing in the power of wolves overlooking their safety deep in the night can relate well with this beautiful tattoo.

81. Wolf Tattoo – Predator of the Forest


Just by looking at this tattoo, you can already tell that this wolf has just had a feast. Show your primal nature through a wolf tattoo like this one!

82. Wolf & Bear Tattoo Design


This is the perfect tattoo for someone who can’t decide between bears and wolves. The textured design in this tattoo is simply incredible!

83. Another Spiritual Wolf


You can usually spot tattoos like this on hippies. The tattoos are often paired with the third eye to show that the wolf is exceptionally aware of everything around it.

84. A Weakened Wolf


A wolf that has been stabbed in the neck? What could it possibly signify? We aren’t sure, but it sure is an interesting design that we are interested in!

85. This Lady is Rocking It!


Who said ladies can’t have full-arm wolf tattoos? Women can also wear their tattoos just like men do – there isn’t a very big difference.

86. Dark Forearm Tattoo with a Wolf


The tones in this tattoo have incredible details. Perfect for those who love details in their tattoos, you can even see the fur texture!

87. Tearing Through the Seams


This majestic beast can also be depicted as a strong animal with enough strength to tear through skin and muscles. Wild!


88. A Wolf in the Battlefield


If you have a history or a past in the war, a wolf tattoo like this could be what you’re looking for.

89. A Spiritual Journey


We don’t know about you, but we sure do see the spiritual side of this tattoo amidst the mountains and the moon! What do you think?


90. A Simple Tribal Design


You can consider this as the conservative or traditional style for wolf tattoos. The dark outlines and shade-ins are very typical – good for individuals who don’t want to take tattoos too far!


91. Forest Wolf Tattoo


This clever depiction of a wolf in the forest is very real at this time. Wolves are guarding our forests for us, but are we doing enough to protect the species ourselves?


92. Wolves & Human Ancestry


A full chest tattoo like this one shows the connection between humans, angels and the primal wolf ancestors from the past.

93. Tattoo of Nightfall in Wolf Outline


While this tattoo has a simple design, it shows everything that a person needs to know about how wolves are like. It’s beautiful in its simplicity!

94. Flowy Wolf Hair


You can definitely have an elegant and detailed wolf tattoo design such as this one. The outlines of pine trees, birds and campsites are just as beautiful when integrated into the tattoo!

95. No Intruders


You can almost feel the heat in this wolf’s anger – the tattoo is so realistic! Wolves do not like to have their homes intruded upon. If you can relate, this could do just the trick.

Celebrities’ Wolf Tattoos

Skylar Grey has a tattoo of a wolf on the inside of her right forearm with the words “The Journey is the Reward.”

30 unique sketches of wolf tattoo

Which tattoo from this list do you think is the best wolf tattoo design? You’ll have to decide. There are many ways that you can portray your personality or style in a wolf tattoo. As such, different methods of inking a tattoo can also be considered to create the type of tattoo that you want!

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