Shoulder quote tattoo

Sasha (@sash_tattoo)

Quote and a compass watercolor shoulder tattoo

Isla McDonald (@isla_mcd_tattoos)

Shoulder quote and a rose tattoo

“Lucky one” quote tattoo

“let it be” quote shoulder tattoo

Dr. Ink Tattoo Studio (@dr.ink_tattoos)

“You have to believe” quote tattoo

Carrion (@parkers_tattedgirl)

Quote and a watercolor amusement park tattoo

Kevin Wilkins (@inkmeup_kevo)

Shoulder quote exotic tattoo

Magen (@magenlee93)

“You’re so pretty” quote tattoo

Bonnie M. (@bonniepie83)

Quote and a skull shoulder tattoo

“Music is what pulls people together despite  their differences” quote shoulder tattoo

“To you, my heart, i surrender” quote shoulder tattoo

Infinite Ink (@infinite_ink_tattoo)

Quote and notes shoulder tattoo

Kelsie ❤️ (@kelsxoxo1517)

“There is beauty in the struggle” quote shoulder tattoo

Quote and an eagle shoulder tattoo

Gonzo (@gonzo_tattoo_artist)

Word “King” and a crown tattoo

Alex Rangel (@al3kzzz)

Shoulder quote tattoo

Kate Sexton (@tattoosbyk8)

Quote and a sunflower tattoo

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