Tyler Brewer (@tylerbrewertattooing)

Shoulder armor tattoo with colored insignia

joona kauppinen (@joneziiii)

Shoulder armor tattoo with bow etching

Solid Gallery One (@solidgalleryone)

Shoulder armor tattoo colored in gold

Jon Chatelain (@jonnytat)

Shoulder armor and a ship tattoo

Mark Haley Tattoos (@markhaleytattoos)

Iron man shoulder armor tattoo

Jonathan George (@skribble83)

Shoulder armor under the skin tattoo

Castle Ink (@castleinktattoo)

Oriental armor tattoo

Shoulder armor tattoo with a lion etching

b_randon_tattoos (@b_randon_tattoos)

Scratched shoulder armor tattoo

Jeff Johnson (@tattzbyjeff)

Shoulder armor with straps tattoo

Şahin OLGUNSOY (@eagletattoo_)

Shoulder armor with spartan helmet etching tattoo

Marc Blanchette (@marcd_up)

Shoulder armor cover up tattoo

Gio De Bortoli (@giodetattoo)

Shoulder plate armor tattoo

Manuel Cruz (@mannytattooartist)

Cool shoulder armor with a red insignia and some quotes tattoo

Captain America shoulder armor tattoo

Adam Jorgensen (@perfectlyvoid)

Red shoulder armor tattoo

Laminar shoulder armor with a symbol tattoo

Fellipe Boquimpani (@fellipeboquimpani)

Laminar shoulder armor tattoo

Laminar armor with a lion etching tattoo

Shoulder armor tattoo for men

ZERO#TATTOO (@zerotattoo_schwab)

Leather shoulder armor tattoo

Luke Whitmire (@lukewhitmiretattoo)

Laminar armor with a letter etching tattoo

INK STUDIO (@callme_jeezus)

Armor with a kissing silhoettes tattoo

Kenneth Hippen (@tattoosbykenneth)

Plate armor under the skin great looking  tattoo

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