Preparation Tips for Cisco 200-150 Exam That Lead You to CCNA Data Center Certification

There are many professionals who have passed the Cisco 200-150 exam. This article shows you how to excel in the thiscertification test.

The Cisco 200-150 exam is meant to test the candidate’s understanding of data center storage networking, data center networking concepts and data center physical infrastructure. In order to excel in the test, the students are expected to set aside a good amount of time. Passing this exam is not all about how hard you study but how smart you do so. Smart studying entails setting aside sufficient amount of time and making the best out of it. Do not just sit down for a continuous 12-hour session and expect that you are getting anywhere from the studies.

The following is a breakdown of how to study for the Cisco 200-150 exam.


1.Know what to expect

When you have a clear picture of what you are expecting, you are bound to prepare well for the said exam. By ‘knowing what to expect,’ we basically mean that you should be aware of the exam structure. The Cisco 200-150 test is split into 5 sections, namely: Basic data Center Networking; Basic Data Center Storage; Advanced Data Center Networking; Advanced Data Center Storage; and Data Center Physical Infrastructure. Each of these sections is categorized in terms of percentage weights. The area that has the highest percentage weight basically implies that it will contribute the most to the exam questions. As you go about studying, be sure to pay more attention to such a section. As at the moment, most of the Cisco’s questions are sourced from Data Center Networking whereby, both basic and advanced options jointly contribute to 46% of the total questions asked.

The candidates are allowed a maximum of 90 minutes, a period during which they ought to answer 55 to 65 questions. As one of the main exams linked to the CCNA Data Center certification, you should expect to meet detailed questions. In other words, your preparation should focus on the minutest aspects even those that you think are not necessary for the test.


2. Get the right study materials

You cannot study for the Cisco CCNA Data Center 200-150 Exam Dumps when you do not have the right materials with you. If you use the wrong study tools, you will be fed with the wrong information. This basically implies that you will be unable to accurately respond to the asked questions. There are a variety of study materials you can choose to use.

Books: These are the most powerful study materials you can ever use. They are mostly designed by the Cisco’s own examiners, which mean they already contain a reflection of what you will meet in the actual test. Any serious candidate understands that going the exam without having had a look at any of Cisco’s books for the 200-150 exam places them at a great disadvantage.

Online videos: The instructor-led training videos are a preferred option for the students who have little experience in data centers. These tutorials entail a series of videos where the instructors provide step-by-step guidance on all that is there to be known. The candidates are provided with a ghost of challenges at the end of each training video depending on the kind of concepts discussed in a video. Online videos are an effective option since they tend to cover a single concept to much greater length. However, that’s not to say that all videos are accurate. That is why you are advised to use courses approved by Cisco. PrepAway is one of the greatest platforms for such training. The CCNA course is designed to help you excel with your certificate. Even though you part with some few dollars, the knowledge gained is immeasurable.

Practice tests: No matter what resources you have chosen, you can never afford to underestimate the power of practice tests. They give you an insight into what to expect in the main exam. Do not be surprised when you meet the same practice questions in the final examination. As you go about the use of practice tests, do not confuse them with braindumps. Practice tests are focused purely on asking questions whereas exam dumps have both questions and answers.


3. Practice, practice, practice

The Cisco 200-150 certification exam is all about your practical knowledge. You may have a good grasp of theoretical concepts, but if you cannot practically implement what you know theoretically, you are in deep trouble. Cisco wants to make you ready and useful to your organization. Whereas theory may be used in solving most organizational issues, it is the practical bit that turns out to be the most useful. As such, you want to make sure that most of your focus is on practical rather than theory.


4.Join an online community

Finding a CCNA study group is the most effective way to put your brain into constant work. Some of the online community members have done a series of Cisco exams and have immense ideas that could be beneficial to your efforts. If you encounter a tricky section that you would like to be helped through, do not shy away from asking. Many of these members are always happy to help. They have once been where you are currently and understand how far help can take someone. Take note of their secrets to success and try implementing some tips in your study plan.


5. Revamp your study plan

Anyone who prepares for a certification exam without a plan is similar to traveling from town A to town B without some guidance. You have zero clues of where you are headed or how you will get there. In other words, even if you walk or drive the fastest, you will never get to town B because you do not know where it is. A study plan is essential as it guides you through the preparation process. Make sure that you allocate a sufficient amount of time to the toughest subjects.



When you have followed this study guide to the latter, confidently take the 200-150 exam and wait to excel. However, do not be over-confident.

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