145 Awesome Harry Potter Tattoos Ideas To Bring Back Magic

One of the last fashion tips in the world of tattoos it is Harry Potter tattoo. It will sound quite interesting, but more and more adult people keep on leaving such a signs on themselves, sometimes adding certain writing below or above the tattoo, for example – Harry Potter or some story or citation from the one named book or movie.

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Harry Potter Tattoos


The Origami Owl is a messenger in the Harry Potter series. Looks like one harry potter tattoo ideas to have.

Hogwarts House, the Snitch and the Book


The Hogwarts house,brings out the scary feeling. Who does not remember the deathly hallows?

After all this time? Always


In life, even in the scariest moments, love exists. We don’t know some people are out there looking out for us.

Deathly Hallows Monster


It is never scary until it gets dark. This could remind you of the frightening moments of Harry Potter.

Owl with compass


Being lost in a forest alone. Only the Origami with a compass can save you.

The Chamber of Secrets


There is always a crawling, this fits for harry potter tattoos along arms.

Expecto Patronum


Not only the brave can save you even the charming and the most silent of creatures.

Signs of Harry Potter


Small harry potter tattoos on your fingers are best.

Young Harry


Did you love small Harry? This harry potter tattoo is your best bet.

Tattoo Freak


You can address your body with multiple Potter symbols.

So, if you want to join such a movement and connect your life with the emotions, you have ever felt during the Potter movies watch, read everything we will present below attentively.

Muggles Get You Down


Some people don’t believe in the power that exists in us. Some do.

Love for Expecto


Expecto is a beauty to behold and one of harry potter tattoo ideas have.

Hogwarts Letter


Man is ignorant. At times he ignores important letters.

Hogwarts Coat of Arms


Being Harry looks fun, why not have to try Hogwarts coat of arms.

What people will choose this symbol?

Of course, here we need no explanation because most fans of the fairy-tales about the small boy, who has got to the mysterious school and appeared to be a great magician will make such a choice. However, there is also a difference between the sense girls, and boys are putting in the presented sketch.

Hermione Wand

pic3-6409913Magic is fun, the Hermione wand is the centerpiece of magic. To be happy we have to light the stick.

Deathly Hallows, Wizard, Harry

potter-tattoo67-719x800-6327281 The deathly hallows are memorable. Harry Potter tattoos would remind you of magicians.

Hedwig and Castle of Hogwarts

potter-tattoo66-475x800-2053552 These are the most loved parts of the Harry Potter series. Still, feel Hedwig should have lived longer?


pic4-9386435Love twists every amazing story. The story of Snape and Lily tells it all.

Sleeve Deathly Hallows and Monster


The deathly hallows are scary. If interesting, why not have it on your sleeve.

Hogwarts Castle


People love not just people but also places. The Castle of Hogwarts makes you part of the harry potter always tattoo team.

Harry’s Life


The castle, the books, Hedwig and the deathly hollows dominate the life of Harry.

Harry Potter Theme


Art is lovely, the background is even better. You could have loved this story because of the play of colors.

Threstal Vs Hippogriff

potter-tattoo59-9974869Threstal was only seen by the dead, Harry was an exception. The hippogriff is seen by the living.

Watercolor Hogwarts Coat of Arms


Color can make a sophisticated simplicity. This Coat of Arms is one of the best harry potter tattoos to try.

Potter Wordings and Symbols


Art could take a while. These small harry potter tattoos are not.

In the case it is female tattoo, first of all, it needs to be colorful and beautiful. Girls have already used to think, that everything they are doing with themselves has only one aim – to make the body more beautiful. That is why, rather those girls, who always wanted to add some mysteries and adventures will keep Harries image on their skin.

Hermione Granger


There is always a star in every story, Hermione Granger was a star.

Marauder’s Map

Life is full of directions, sometimes we need guidance.

The Great Lake

A night at the Hogwarts. The Hogwarts School has a lake known as the Black Lake.



Even the darkest of times could be made live by remembering to turn on the light.

Gryffindor Crest


This sign belonged to Gryffindor House and is a good option for Harry Potter tattoos.

Male tattoo in the same situation will keep another sense and mean quite the opposite. The main character in all this story always was self-confident and strong. He was brave and ready to die for those, he loves.

Quotes of Dumbledore


Magic is life and has its challenges. Dumbledore teaches us not to just concede defeat but to fight.

I solemnly swear… watercolor


Are you the chaotic type, do you love fun? This is your best quote; a password to a provider of direction.

Hogwarts Owl


When Harry applies to join the Hogwarts a letter of acceptance is brought by Hogwarts owl.

Hogwarts Snitch


There is always a shot that will win you a game. For Harry Potter, the golden snitch was that shot.

Magic Tattoo


I just need a magic wand. This small harry potter tattoos are easy and fast.

Lighting Wand


The magic wand stick executes all commands. It also symbols for happiness.

Always Deathly Hallows


Characters in the deathly hallows express emotions. This amazing Harry Potter always tattoo is a reminder.

Winged Key


Magic is amazing and you will come across mysteries. The flying key is one of them.

Light Ink Deathly Hallows


In Hogwarts, the deathly hallows are the scariest of adventures. This light ink hallows sign looks less scary.

Skeleton of Expecto Patronum


No one expects to walk in the dark and find a moving skeleton.

Snitch and Deathly Hallows


The deathly hallows and snitch are simple art. They are good for lovers of small Harry Potter tattoos.

The Watercolor Golden Snitch


The snitch ball is most significant in Quidditch.

That is why, man will choose this kind of symbol when they want to remind themselves, that they have nothing to be scared of in their lives, and everyone can change himself with the magic move of the hand, just like in Harry Potter books.


harry-potter-ravenclaw-tattoo-4949281In the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The eagle symbol is a sign of the Ravenclaw House.

Hogwarts Tattoo


The Hogwarts School of Magicians logo is the masterpiece. This version is a simpler Harry Potter tattoo.



harry-potter-tattoo-hagreed-6252636Are you the small Harry Potter tattoos guy, there are amazing characters you could choose for your arms.

What Does This Sign Mean?

First of all, it means strength and hope. We will never know whether magic really exists in our world or not. That is why, we can say, that such a “photo” on your skin will have a sense of hope.

Horned Deathly Hallows

potter-tattoo40-5997313Does magic really exist?? In art there is magic in the pen, the horned deathly hallows combo will definitely cause some stir.

Wavy Hogwarts


Until you get close to it, that’s when you can actually notice it is the Castle of Hogwarts.

Nox and Lumos


Nos and Lumos are spells that refer tonight and light.

Expecto Patronum


Man loves and hopes for security. These words would keep your mindset positive.

Patronus Deer/Owl


The Patronus magic spell is powerful and has the ability to ward off scary creatures.

Monster Hand Light Candle


Magical monsters can do things beyond man’s imagination.

Invisibility Cloak


Some magicians protect themselves by being invisible. The cloak is a good small Harry Potter tattoo idea for you.

Liquid Luck


” Liquid luck” helps you achieve anything. This tattoo nourishes your hope for things in life.

Monster Tree


This monster walking tree is strange among many.

Harry the Elephant


What if Harry was a male elephant. Some small Harry Potter tattoos go beyond creativity.

Hope for the miracle, for the luck and for the happy end. It is really needed things nowadays and if you don’t want to lose such hope and always remember about it – you may try to make a “notification” straight on the skin.

Cammiyu (@cammiyu) Янв 30 2016 в 5:46 PST

Goblet of Fire


The Goblet of Fire artifact is within us in life and the source of luck.

Hogwarts Badge


Schools usually have badges. The Hogwarts School of Magicians had its own.

Flamy Hippogriff and the Deathly Hallows


When luck knocks, we know we are alive because we see the Hippogriff.

Scarfed Hedwig, Snitch and Wand


Good moments include friends who bring luck. Such were Hedwig, Snitch and the Magic Wand.

Meaning In The Different Cultures

In this passage, we will talk not about cultures in the widely known meaning, but about the generations. For children, this small beautiful sign somewhere on the shoulder will mean, that you are just a fan of the fairytale or believe in Hogwarts.

Deathly Hallows Clivage

potter-tattoo36-641x800-1778943 Our bodies demonstrate different emotions. I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest this sign.

Quidditch and the Deathly Hallows


Quidditch is a game of luck. You cannot talk of the game without mentioning the golden snitch.

Dark Snitch


This image demonstrates a small snitch ball. It makes sense to make it a sign of luck on your skin.

Lightning Strike Deathly Hallows


Lightning strikes are scary. This lighting strike hallows symbol is a big hit among Harry Potter tattoos.

Broom Flight


No part of the Harry Potter series goes without broom lying.

Snitchy Arm


This image is a complete representation of what luck looks like in Quidditch.

Snape Taking Breeze


Snape had a love for Lily. Snape would be your best choice of a Harry Potter always tattoo.

Hogwarts Express


Harry Potter is done at an age when trains were the in thing. 9 and 3/4 is a famous train often used by Harry.

 Harry Potter Symbols String


The Harry Potter series is full of signs and symbols. This combination a good sleeve tattoo idea.

Mischief Managed


The Marauder’s Map is meant to reveal a lot about Hogwarts. By using these words, the map is wiped.



“Always” is most remembered of words in Harry Potter. To keep memories why not a Harry Potter always tattoo.

Harry Glasses Watercolor


Harry goes nowhere without his glasses.

Slytherin and Gryffindor


These signs represent Slytherin and Gryffindor Houses respectively.

While for adult people this symbol will always stay a note, that magic is somewhere near us and all we need to do to reveal it – just believe and never lose hope, what exactly we will take the lucky ticket.

Professor Severus Snape


This is Professor Severus Snape. He is a problem to Harry on the early days at Hogwarts.

Teenage Harry


If you did not love Harry as a kid then you love him as a teenager.

Patronus Doe


After the Patronus Snape leaves behind the Patronus Doe.

Expecto Patronum Body Spread

pic8-1734672Expecto Patronum is widely used in Harry  Potter. This small Harry Potter tattoos can be done anywhere.

Places To Choose For The Tattoo?

Mostly, this kind of images we can see on the shoulder, back, and neck. However, the man and woman shouldn’t forget that they need to follow different rules. Traditionally, women are doing small tattoos and man – large. That is why the first ones choose such places as hand, neck, and shoulder and last ones – back or legs.

Letter  to Harry, Slytherin and Fawkes


Looking for small but shouting emblems. The Fawkes saving Harry from Slytherin can count.

Castle of Hogwarts 


The Castle of Hogwarts is a beauty in the night. This tattoo will look good on your sleeve.

Felix Felicis


Everybody loves luck. The Felix Felicis drink can bring you luck



Sometimes the hero in our small story faces a challenging. Fawkes is the bird that heals them.



Slytherin House is symbolized by a snake. It is also a good choice of small Harry Potter tattoos.

Two-Headed Slytherin


Are you a snakes Slytherin fan? This creature is freaky and would be the tattoo for you.

Dark Threstal 


Termed as dangerous, the Threstal can be tamed. This Harry Potter tattoo looks good for your thigh.

Fawkes Full Sleeve


Fawkes tears turn out to be a healing agent when Harry fights Slytherin’s Basilic.

Deathly Hallows Thick Strokes and Water Color


A few strokes and you already know what you are looking. This less sophisticated art suits you.

Open and Close the Marauder’s Map


The Marauder’s Map can be opened and closed by these words.

The Madness Within 


Some people hate you, at death, they will dance with your devils. Even if they hide emotions, it will still be seen.

Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry


The are many versions of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft … this Harry Potter tattoo will go well with that dress.

 Deathly Hallows Shapes


Sometimes, why not separate them.

Don’t Let the Muggles…


Muggles are normal human beings do not believe in magic and so they demean Harry.

Patronus Deer 

potter-tattoo5-1370236 hogwarts-crest-splash-tattoo-9782362

Watercolors are amazing. Try any emblem and splash watercolor.

Styles To Make The Tattoo In

Talking about the styles while we are discussing a cartoon, it will be quite logical to start with the description of the cartoon theme. First of all, you can draw a sketch with Harry, surrounded by stars or magic wands, add some citation or something like that. Don’t forget to make it bright and positive.

Mischief Managed 


The magic stick is significant to a magician. A  simple stroke with these words and Marauder’s Map closes.



This Harry Potter always tattoo reminds us of the Deathly Hallows and Snape.

The Werewolf


Werewolves are quite dangerous. Looks vicious but good tattoo idea for your sleeve.



Stags are beautiful in nature. This stag will look natural on your arms.

Stag Patronus


Evoking Patronus could awake various creatures.T his one could be one of them.

 Dumbledore and Fawkes


Professor Albus Dumbledore. With him he carries Fawkes.


harry_potter_tattoo9-1-640x800-2928773Hogwarts is a beautiful house with creepy creatures. The owl and the pot are amazing Harry Potter tattoo ideas.

Lighting Magic Wand


This lighting magic wand is a symbol of happiness but only when lit.

Moreover, you can make a 3D tattoo and make it look just like Redcliff, when he was twelve is looking over your shoulder.

Sirius Black 


If you’re a fan of the pureblood then you are a fan or hater of Sirius Black from the Prisoner of Azbakan.



Friends are not easy to come about. With Dobby, you do not have to worry about loyalty.

After All This Time

decorated-stag-potter-tattoo-2611148We love people but lack the courage to say it. These words tell it all.

Wit Beyond Measure


Life is not made of just straight paths.  Wit beyond measure beats all.

Until The Very End


Harry Potter always tattoos are the most sought after, the words bring out a sense of love.

Variants Of The Tattoo.

There is a great choice from the most unexpected variants. That is why such a symbol is really new in the world of tattoos and have no templates. You can create what you like the most or ask your master to suggest some variant. However, not forget to check whether this tattoo won’t become boring for you in some period of time. To check it – just put a sketch in the background on your phone and keep it there for the three months. As the background picture, it is the thing that is on our eyes permanently, you will try whether this kind of symbol is yours or not.

Veronika G ⚖ (@vila.vi) Ноя 11 2015 в 9:51 PST

Last Scene

mischeif-managed-potter-tattoo-4630610There is always an end to every story. For Harry Potter, this is the last of words of the last scene of this story used to close the map.

Celebrities With These Signs.

Of Course, it won’t be surprising, if I say, that Emma Watson has ones. And on the present time, she stays one and only. So, want to take the next place?

30 best Harry Potter tattoos sketches

snitch-potter-scetch-tattoo-150x50-6250914 dumbledor_quote_tattoo-sketch-150x50-6744254 harry_potter_snitch_tattoo-1-150x50-7186090 luck-elixir_tattoo-potter-150x50-9694265 harry-potter-spells-tattoos-150x50-4716338 snitch-sketch-tattoo-150x50-6023005 owl-potter-sketch-tattoo-150x50-9629329 potter-sketches-tattoo-150x50-3720885 harry-potter-sketch-tattoo-150x50-9051161 potter-owl-tattoo-150x50-7814752 hogwarts-crest-sketch-tattoo-150x50-1956287 potter-deer-sketch-150x50-1830285 dark_mark_tattoo_potter-150x50-1498735 harry_potter_deathly_hallows_tattoo-150x50-2994296 harry-potter-logo-tattoo-150x50-6015322 harry-potter-deathly-hallows-tattoos-150x50-2103044 harry-potter-owl-tattoo-150x50-6186731 potter-harry-quidditch-sketch-150x50-9991921 potter-sketches-magic-tattoos-150x50-8110468 snitch-sketch-quote-potter-150x50-7607082 mischief_managed_tattoo-150x50-3709758 potter-sketch-quote-tattoo-150x50-1545740 potter-tattoo-sketach-always-150x50-8190932 harry-potter-sketches-tattoo-150x50-2459229 time-turner-sketch-tattoo-150x50-6311125 snitch-splash-potter-tattoo-150x50-8731992 catching-the-snitch-potter-150x50-8708667 potter-owl-sketch-tattoo-150x50-4807623 potter-dagger-sketch-tattoo-150x50-5859982 patronum-potter-tattoo-150x50-6875288