150 Best Matching Tattoo Ideas To Express Strong Bond 2023

Tattoo is a note, left on your body.

Both girls and boys like leaving some writings, images or sketches on their skin to make some symbol part of themselves.

Matching Tattoos

1. Matching Tattoos for Friends


There’s 3 hands – each depicting a rock, paper or scissors sign in the classic childhood game. It only makes sense that this is a matching tattoo for a group of 3 friends!

2. Cool Matching Tattoos That Aren’t Identical


Matching tattoos don’t need to mean ‘identical’ all the time. You can have matching tattoos with your friends when it’s juts the same design theme or tattoo location too!

3. Matching Tattoo Ideas for the Legs


Who said that matching tattoos need to be for two individuals? You can have a matching tattoo design on each side of the leg too! These designs mirror each other in the middle. Cool, right?

4. Green Matching Leg Tattoos


Most of the cool matching tattoos out there feature mirroring, geometric designs. You can ink matching tattoos like these on your arms or your legs.

5. Matching Tattoo Ideas for the Arms


Well then just look! Didn’t we just talk about matching tattoo design on the hands? This blue design here looks good as a matching tattoo design which can work well for both the arms and the legs area.

matching-tattoos40-2665376 matching-tattoos44-549x800-6868293 matching-tattoos105-800x800-1364112 matching-tattoos104-7432841 matching-tattoos103-8341469 matching-tattoos102-5705419 matching-tattoos101-5619864 matching-tattoos100-4740118 matching-tattoos99-3357593 matching-tattoos98-4990492 matching-tattoos97-4032712

However, you can also link your soul and your life with the other person with the help of the matching tattoosmatching-tattoos96-5813029 matching-tattoos95-4990355 matching-tattoos94-6361628

Actually, it is very popular trend nowadays, and you can see a lot of unisex variants for such patterns.


It is very important moment, because traditionally tattoos had different meaning and ideal places to be put on for male and female sex. matching-tattoos93-4470962 matching-tattoos92-5829438 matching-tattoos91-1821890 matching-tattoos90-2867222 matching-tattoos89-3980596 matching-tattoos88-8544759 matching-tattoos87-6493898 matching-tattoos86-7752295 matching-tattoos85-3438136 matching-tattoos84-6698317

But, matching tattoos it is unique variant, where we have no distinguishing.

@matching_tattoos_ Авг 18 2016 в 4:49 PDT

Matching tattoos were created especially for you, if:

  1. You are sure you have already met someone you don’t want to let go and you want to connect the destiny with. matching-tattoos83-7514224 matching-tattoos82-8924115 matching-tattoos81-600x800-6072774 matching-tattoos80-8437486 matching-tattoos79-2871580 matching-tattoos78-3463817 matching-tattoos77-5666110 matching-tattoos76-6397202
  2. It is very important step, because while making ordinary tattoo you think only about yourself.matching-tattoo-words-8295134
  3. In the same time, making matching tattoos you create a connection not only with the special meaning, sense you have put in, but also with the person, who has the same symbol on the body. matching-tattoos75-3587438 matching-tattoos74-9176051 matching-tattoos73-7214509 matching-tattoos71-7611790matching-tattoos70-1-9637387
  4. So, before making this decision, make sure, it won’t be a mistake. matching-tattoos69-6539734 matching-tattoos68-1818685 matching-tattoos67-599x800-4172574 matching-tattoos66-7621620 matching-tattoos65-2062540matching-tattoos64-1-4481889
  5. So, paying attention to the basic features of the character of those, who prefer matching signs, we need to pick out fidelity, devotion, monogamous and reliability.


What qualities can such a sketch pick distinguish in you?

We can tell about the most popular symbols, that people ordinary choose for the matching tattoos.


In the great list of them, you will definitely see:

  1. eternity symboltattoo-match-words-love-8660707sisters-infinity-match-tattoo-6654182
  1. hearts, wings, anchorsmatching-tattoo-hearts-8353892tattoo-match-anchor-3424510tattoos-matching-puzzle-5131244

Traditionally, people leave this kind of notes with those, they are in love with. matching-tattoos63-9638324 matching-tattoos62-7016297 matching-tattoos61-2509298 matching-tattoos60-9764538 matching-tattoos59-5627098 matching-tattoos58-5357211 matching-tattoos57-2853813 matching-tattoos56-8634746

Symbols, presented above can let others know, that you are in love, and you really want this person to walk with you all the life way up to the end. matching-tattoos55-9302453 matching-tattoos54-2904083 matching-tattoos53-595x800-7580057 matching-tattoos52-5962019 matching-tattoos51-7798994 matching-tattoos50-3134531

Moreover, sketches like listed above can tell people, that you can open your heart to the world, and it doesn’t matter what image you have in society – you can be loving and kind.


Meaning of the symbols in different cultures?

Well, paying attention to the symbols, we took as the most popular for the matching tattoos, we need to say, that in all cultures they were symbols of the love and fidelity.


Moreover, letters can be reminding about the closest person on the Earth – parent or friend. It can also be your enemy. matching-tattoos49-7016510 matching-tattoos48-5714997 matching-tattoos47-1034285 matching-tattoos46-5617355 matching-tattoos45-8571205

They teach us better than friends, that is the reason, while in ancient tribes, people were leaving beautiful tattoos with the first letters of their worst enemies.


For guys, such symbol as wings can mean love to the freedom and wish not to stop on the way up to the dream, while girls will connect this sign with the winging power of love.


Perfect places to make matching tattoos?

Usually, same patterns people are leaving on the parts of the body, they can knock into one to see how harmonically images look on them. matching-tattoos39-6570081 matching-tattoos38-640x800-3532773 matching-tattoos37-5664261 matching-tattoos36-6146623 matching-tattoos35-9108460 matching-tattoos34-1411151 matching-tattoos33-4951077 matching-tattoos32-8028196 matching-tattoos31-3756810

That is why ideal offer for you will be wrists, ankles, and fingers.



Letters we can more often see on the fingers from the inlying side. matching-tattoos28-3987503 matching-tattoos27-4922289 matching-tattoos26-7881543 matching-tattoos25-7994745 matching-tattoos24-3363786 matching-tattoos23-2385172

All other symbols we often can note on the parts of the body mentioned above. As usual, matching signs are small and minimalistic.

Style to choose?

Firstly, look through all the photos and variants of the sketches and select one you want to have.
After that, you will need to make a decision – what style will you follow?


If it is wings, heart or eternity – the best variant is contour and minimalism.


However, you also can see 3D and cartoon themes in the first lines of the rating.

Sandra (@lava_loopy) Авг 14 2016 в 7:57 PDT


If you have chosen letter, than try medieval ligature and you will have a great royal note first on your hand.

Georgia Rae ? (@georgia.raexo) Сен 5 2016 в 4:00 PDT

But still, you should remember, that as we are washing our hands few times per day, tattoo on the finger can wash out quickly, and you will need a correction more often, than in the other case.


Variants to choose from

Apart from the variants, we have presented in the previous passages, you can also look for the others and will find among them:

  • beginning and ending of the phrases, matching-tattoos19-4290707
  • keys and locks, matching-tattoos11-2107269
  • etcetera. matching-tattoos18-7516644 matching-tattoos17-2239873 matching-tattoos16-600x800-8702839 matching-tattoos15-2348815 matching-tattoos14-9859617 matching-tattoos13-8411758 matching-tattoos12-5322910 matching-tattoos10-7192991 matching-tattoos9-3143021 matching-tattoos8-5088293 matching-tattoos7-9737049 matching-tattoos6-9713233 matching-tattoos5-1034885 matching-tattoos4-4478798 matching-tattoos3-3056098 matching-tattoos2-9301113 matching-tattoos-1-4108949 matching-tattoos-5606418

Everything – that connect people. matching-tattoos21-557x800-5431123


The thing is matching tattoos are always more unique, than single.

Celebrities with such a “notes”

Rihanna and her best friend have tattoos of the birthday dates of each other on their backs.

Also, you can see double-sketches on Jay-Z and Beyonce,

Lady Gaga

and Brian Newman,

Ed Sheeran,

and his friend Harry Styles, etc.

30 great designs for your matching tattoo

matching-tattoos-1-150x50-8185860 matching-tattoos-1-150x50-5925508 matching-tattoos-2-150x50-6204957 matching-tattoos-3-150x50-4661693 matching-tattoos-4-150x50-1617439 matching-tattoos-5-150x50-4210738 matching-tattoos-6-150x50-6913895 matching-tattoos-7-150x50-8403182 matching-tattoos-8-150x50-7833113 matching-tattoos-9-150x50-5960893 matching-tattoos-10-150x50-9733947 matching-tattoos-11-150x50-9678479 matching-tattoos-12-150x50-7452100 matching-tattoos-13-150x50-3226807 matching-tattoos-14-150x50-4805289 matching-tattoos-15-150x50-5909380 matching-tattoos-16-150x50-5714257 matching-tattoos-17-150x50-8954439 matching-tattoos-18-150x50-3632775 matching-tattoo-2-150x50-1272749 matching-tattoo-3-150x50-9019152 matching-tattoo-4-150x50-2590864 matching-tattoo-5-150x50-8478697 matching-tattoo-6-150x50-4070361 matching-tattoo-7-150x50-5259340 matching-tattoo-8-150x50-7545272 matching-tattoo-9-150x50-8384781 matching-tattoo-1-150x50-8432320 matching-tattos-3-150x50-8017352 matching-tattos-1-150x50-2865223