150+ Best Henna Tattoo Ideas & Mehendi Designs 2023

Henna tattoo ideas are a fun way to test out your tattoo designs. Think of it as a temporary tattoo. Often, a temporary tattoo is made as a “rehearsal” before applying the permanent one by applying the same design and in the same place. Henna tattoos are a great example of temporary tattoo styles that you can implement before you settle on a final design.

While henna tattoos are more normal among women, that does not mean that men do not have henna tattoo! For some henna tattoo men are even better suited for it. In some cases, men even look a lot more elegant or distinguished with their own henna tattoo ideas and designs.

Henna Tattoos

1. Henna Tattoo Ideas on Back of Hand


The back of hands are the most common areas to be inked, whether it’s for men or women. For women, the henna tattoo ideas can have surprisingly intricate designs.

2. Spiraling Henna Tattoo Ideas


This is not the first, nor will it be the last spiraling henna tattoo ideas that you will see in this list. More often than not, henna tattoos have a mandala-like pattern to it.

3. Full Hands Henna Tattoo Ideas


Want something that stands out? That’s easy with a henna tattoo. Just cover your hands with intricate and delicate designs!

4. Foot Henna Tattoo Design


Henna designs can be gorgeous on the feet too! You can decorate different areas of your feet depending on your own preferences.

5. A Feminine Henna Back Tattoo


Henna back tattoos are another exclusive henna tattoo ideas that a woman can ink on herself. Isn’t this a gorgeous tattoo piece?

6. A Spread Out Henna Back Tattoo


When it comes to henna tattoo men can also appreciate beautiful designs like this one. There are even beautiful features to adorn the bottom area of the henna tattoo!

7. Henna Tattoo on the Front of Body


Ladies daring enough to do this are not just gorgeous – they are also brave and adventurous!

8. Henna Tattoo on Hands


A simpler design like this can be a henna tattoo men’s option. It features almost repetitive designs with some spiraling shapes.

9. Different Shades


If you thought that henna tattoos are all going to be just brown and bland, you’re wrong. You can have two or more color tones like this too!

10. Arm Henna Tattoo Ideas


Not a big fan of the back of hand tattoos? How about a henna tattoo on your forearms?

11. A Henna Tattoo Design on the Shoulders


Most henna tattoo ideas are filled with floral patterns and swirl motifs. This one is no exception!

12. Matching Henna Tattoo Designs on Both Hands


The beauty of a henna tattoo is that you can have matching designs on both hands or arms, making the designs appear like they mirror each other.

13. Like a Half Sleeve

bio-tattoo-henna-1461049 Henna tattoo on female hands

Notice how the henna tattoos can cover each area of this lady’s hands perfectly. It just fits right in!

14. Back of Calves Henna Tattoo


This is definitely one o the more unique henna tattoo ideas. It looks like henna tattoo men will like!

15. Extending Across Your Hand


This is one of the more elegant henna tattoo ideas that you can ink on yourself. A henna back tattoo can use the same concept! Just have a centerpiece and extend the design downwards the center.

16. Like a Frame


Look at how the beautiful henna tattoo designs wrap around this lady’s hands and fingers! The delicate designs sit perfectly on the narrow space on the fingers as well.

17. Identical Designs


A simple henna tattoo design like this one will be suitable for men and women. It can also be inked right across the center of the chest or back as well.

18. Just Above the Feet


Want something unique? How about a simple henna tattoo right above the cusp of your foot?

19. Feminine Henna Tattoo Ideas

tkwuv2rqevm-2576964 Indian girl with henna tattoo on the hands

The beauty of henna tattoos shines through the most when paired with similarly intricate clothing and accessories like the ones that this lady has on.

20. Hand and Arm Henna Tattoo

gneccltnbrk-9783549 Gentle girls with henna tattoo on the hand

A henna tattoo like this one doesn’t take up too much space on the back of your hands. It just goes in a horizontal direction to form a nice shape and design.

21. Henna Tattoo Design on the Thighs


A henna tattoo on the thigh areas are less common, but there are still people who likes their henna tattoos in this area.

22. Henna Tattoo Men Styles


If you’re a man looking for henna tattoo ideas, how about something gender-neutral like this piece?

23. Just Underneath the Chest


A design like this can be inked as a henna back tattoo or an arm piece too! The designs and shapes are surprisingly simple yet artsy.

24. Shaded Henna Tattoo Ideas


This henna tattoo even has some dotwork in it! It is not too surprising that henna tattoos often feature these gentle animals as well.

25. A Classic Henna Tattoo


This is how some of the simplest henna tattoo designs would look like – nothing too complicated, yet still beautiful and classy.

26. Modern Henna Tattoo Ideas

Prefer to go along with the trends? How about something with a modern motif, such as this owl henna tattoo design?

27. Dream Catcher Henna Tattoo


The top of the dream catcher looks stunning, but maybe patterns with feathers are not very suitable for henna ink.

28. Simple Black Henna Tattoo Ideas


Simplicity is best when it comes to keeping a henna tattoo minimalistic. The little patterns around the fingers make the henna tattoos look like little rings.

29. Black and White Too!


Henna tattoos can also include other colors. The one above shows black, white and even gold color in the design!

The cost of temporary tattoos is on average ten times less than the constant. But more often, “bio-tattoo” is used as a means of expression, emphasizing the individuality and sometimes even extravagance. Applying henna patterns on the body – This art was known in ancient Egypt, in India and Central Asia. In our time, it has reached perfection.

There are many local traditions, like using henna for coloring hair, nails, skin and drawing on the body parts or abstract patterns, are formed in the Indian and Arabic cultures. Secrets of the painting are handed down from older to younger women, without departing from the clanshenna-tattoos72-9345950

This explains the fact that this technique is widespread throughout North Africa and Asia, from Morocco to Indonesia, and remains uncharted and almost esoteric.

87xaflmhfii-3713238 Henna tattoo on back of the girl

Patterns are attributed to protective, magical and sexual functions. henna-tattoos71-1170500









Often you’ll see decorated hands and feet. Incidentally, in these places where the skin is thinner and drier, henna lasts longest. henna-tattoos60-1491865










The people who are familiar with henna, know it is often used as a disinfectant and in the treatment of dermatological and bone diseases. Specifically, purified henna powder even is recommended for headaches.henna-tattoos50-2326666





Bio Tattoo – This is the traditional method of body art, practiced in many countries for a long time.

00v2tnjiwy4-1024x683-8930338 Henna tattoo on the girls legs

The Main Advantages of Bio Tattoos

Bio tattoos have no age restrictions. henna-tattoos45-7990410





They can be used practically for any type of skin.

zi3mkim_3oq-9917826 Very unusual henna tattoo on the girls back

Bio tattoos are completely safe. henna-tattoos40-2348955





Temporary tattoos are executed by applying the persistent pattern of natural dark color dye – Iranian henna. Henna does not cause irritation and is not an allergen.

swfyt70lbq-4133567 The same pattern on the legs – Henna tattoo

  • Henna tattoos do not stain clothing. henna-tattoos31-9659062
  • Bio tattoos are not applied under the skin, like a real tattoo.

ccapghe-ui0-4589078 Tattoo round navel girl

  • Temporary henna tattoos have a rich, warm color that looks very

gbpwkwy-xss-5723023 Symmetrical henna tattoo on hands of the girl

The Meanings of Mehendi  Signs

  1. Bracelet – success in love

rjy0k1pbbzw-7746923 Bracelet henna tattoo on girls hand

  1. Grapevine – devotion henna-tattoos30-3517092
  1. Octagon – protection from all points of the compass (north, south, west, east, and mixed areas) henna-tattoos28-6706248
  1. Disc – chaste character henna-tattoos24-7149423

hd-best-henna-tattoos-for-women-2640003 Star henna tattoo

  1. The six-pointed star – symbolizes perfect harmony between a man and woman henna-tattoos20-9205277

wholesale-100pcs-lot-birds-love-of-swan-lake-temporary-tattoo-waterproof-body-painting-art-stickers-ts016-jpg_640x640-8500978 Swan henna tattoo on the girls back

  1. Luna (half moon) – symbolizes the unearthly beauty

21379d48ed7468f2cfeaf140047f0f2a-6517313 Luna (half moon) tattoo on the back of girl

  1. Grain – happiness and abundance in the home henna-tattoos22-3794857
  1. Curve line – career success, luck

2ojdmdjnnbi-9509089 Henna tattoo like curve line round chest of the girl

  1. Lotus – brings good luck and success

c1234562e3540d42e538a40dd157e380-6305456 Lotus henna tattoo on the girls back

For men

  • Disc – a sign of courage (the ability to command) henna-tattoos69-9296500
  • Trident – heroism, will, tenacity henna-tattoos12-6771851
  • Triangle which is sent to the top – a symbol of man’s activity, the personification of fire, and ascension into Heaven henna-tattoos14-5424954
  • Flower – gives a psychological charm, motivation to act in an unusual way henna-tattoos10-7164465 henna-tattoos9-8534071

Henna Tattoos for Girls and Men

xntkwfxygj8-2939949 Mehndi tattoo on the stomach of girl

Henna tattoos on a girls’ wrist, shoulder, arms, abdomen and neck look graceful and distinctive.
Girls choose Indian motifs, characters, floral arrangements along the feet, the palms and fingers impart the image muliebrity and affectivity. henna-tattoos15-8526350

It is objectionable to tattoo an image onto an area with wrinkles. It is uneasy to draw and the paint falls on the skin which is very bad, and after drying, the fold will no longer stand.

wq_lxasac50-1627503 Henna tattoo on the girls leg

Beautiful drawings in Polynesian or Indian style look attractive, so many men choose painted bracelets on their armor shoulders, and they also can have painted designs such as a dragon, triangles, cross, or abstract designs.

bthhykerde4-3082012 Tattoo on the hand of newlyweds

Many celebrities like to decorate their bodies with tattoos, and henna tattoos are not an exception, Madonna, Rihanna and of course, the most known Indian actress , Aishwarya Rai.

1-8051176 Mimi Elashiry – bio henna tattoo on the hands

Sketches of tattoo

sketches-of-henna-tattoo-11-150x50-2902757 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-15-150x50-9298561 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-13-150x50-8340525 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-19-150x50-3419689 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-24-150x50-8903342 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-17-150x50-3620019 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-25-150x50-3814306 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-10-150x50-5368505 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-14-150x50-8144432 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-2-150x50-1741887 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-9-150x50-4273288 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-22-150x50-4556321 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-12-150x50-7937553 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-27-150x50-6206343 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-29-150x50-4619792 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-5-150x50-3023160 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-28-150x50-8321696 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-26-150x50-3043395 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-16-150x50-9325343 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-6-150x50-5454213 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-3-150x50-8551212 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-4-150x50-4175433 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-21-150x50-8180181 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-1-150x50-8100426 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-7-150x50-7535054 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-20-150x50-5334516 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-23-150x50-6991662 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-18-150x50-7868270 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-1-150x50-5066832 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-30-150x50-1532871 sketches-of-henna-tattoo-8-150x50-3991783