170 Unique Heart Tattoo Design for Men and Women

This question is frequently asked. Though Heart tattoos are quite popular among people, who like to decorate their bodies with pictures.

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Heart Tattoos


Great idea for a new tattoo heart with flowers

How do you make an anatomical heart really pretty and girly? Add some realistic looking flowers.

Outline Of A Heart


This heart tattoo is really unique because it’s just the outline. It really stands out among the other designs as it is just one blank space in the shape of a heart.

Macabre Heart Tattoo


Nothing says “macabre” like ravens, guns, scissors, skulls, and a dark heart in the center.

Heart Of Many Loves


This heart has many pieces to it, clearly stating that this woman loves many things.

Sketched Heart Tattoo


This heart tattoo looks like it was sketched on, with an anatomical heart underneath a misshapen heart.

Dark Heart


This woman took the phrase “her heart was in her throat” and made it literal. The design is simple but the meaning is deep.

Heart As The Centerpiece


It almost looks like this heart was painted on, and you can see the brushstrokes. It is the boldest part of all these connected designs and acts as the centerpiece that draws your eyes.

Eat Your Heart Out Tattoo


These ravens are fiercely eating this heart, causing it to bleed. The design is wonderfully done, if dark.

Colorful Heart And Ravens


Ravens and hearts seem to go together really well. This version is very colorful and lets you see every different aorta and vein.

Winged Heart


This watercolor style tattoo makes the wings and heart look ethereal. It also makes it look as if the heart has splattered blood everywhere.

Misshapen Heart


This heart is barely recognizable as one. Perhaps it’s owner is saying his heart is also misshapen

Hidden Heart


In general, heart resembles human feelings, emotions and worries. More often it means love of course.

Heart And Photo-Realistic Faces


Placing a simple geometric design between very sophisticated designs like these faces makes the heart stand out.

The Heart And The Mind


This extremely well-done design wants you to think philosophically. “The heart is the first feature of working minds”.

Simple To Complex Heart

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-4-9196960 From simple to complex: three options for tattoo with heart

Heart is a never getting old symbol of love and romance, an embodiment of all alive and living humans strength.

Simple But Colorful Heart Tattoo Designs


Sometimes simple is better and this simple heart looks great with the pink splashed on. It also mirrors the eye on the other knee, creating a harmonious look.

Heart On Sleeve Tattoo


This guy is literally wearing his heart on his sleeve, for all of us to see. It is on the inner part of his arm though, so sometimes he can hide his emotions.

Leonardo Da Vinci Heart

The heart, along with the skull and the Vitruvian Man, are all sketches done by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Simple Heart, Complicated Design


Unless you’re looking for it, this heart may be hard to find. Just like hearts in real life.

Vintage Style Heart Tattoos On Wrist And Hand

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-2-9345096 Tattoo style old school on the wrist

Therefore, heart tattoos have always been popular with both men and women.

Realistic Heart


The design of this heart is so well done that it almost looks like it’s a photograph. The colors, shape, and veins look so real. It even looks like it’s still attached!

Heart Locket Tattoo


Bravery, friendship, love, the source of life, pain and suffering – all of these feelings are embodied in an old, ancient symbol of a heart.

Mandala Heart

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-5-1433214 Nice tattoo with heart on the girl’s forearm

This simple heart is made extravagant by the surrounding mandala designs.

What Exactly Heart Tattoos mean?

The meaning of this tattoo is different depending on who is wearing the tattoo, on color, shape and size as well. Heart tattoos belong to the Old School and of course the main meaning was and will be – love.

Family Love

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-3-6596866 Tattoo heart with flowers, reminding about the family

When you love your family more than anything, you make sure everyone knows. Those flowers inside the heart look lovely, too. Heart tattoos with names are pretty common, and this is just a little spin on that style.

Hold On To My Heart

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-7-4808222 Tattoo heart in the style of old school

This vintage style heart has some good advice, to just keep holding on.

Nature In The Shape Of A Heart

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-8-5246130 Charming tattoo heart with cute animals and flowers

This is just too cute! This person clearly loves plants and animals (specifically rabbits and bees).

A Heart With Good Advice

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-9-2948030 Cool black tattoo with a personal quote

The old school followers have a saying – a beloved person may go away, but the tattoo will remain with you for centuries. If to step aside from a common perception of the heart, one can put all the possible meanings into such a tattoo.

Parental Love

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-6-7872289 The tattoo is a reminder of parental love

A big influence on heart tattoo has a specific picture or composition in general.

Puppy Love

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-10-7865101 Realistic heart tattoo with picture

Additional elements or words can totally transform the meaning or make it more specific.

Decadent Heart Tattoo Designs

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-11-6565450 Perfect female tattoo with heart in retro style

Everything about this tattoo screams extravagance and decadence, from the rich colors to the pearls and gold decorations.

Sweet Heart

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-12-4056985 Provocative tattoo heart

This is definitely a different design and you won’t see it often. Well, at least she’s got a cute booty!

Molotov Cocktail Heart

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-13-3700400 Tattoo heart showing the love of perfume

This perfume bottle has been turned into a Molotov cocktail, as evidenced by the words “Molotov Inc” and the fire that is in the shape of a heart.

Eternal Love

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-14-3929711 Tattoo heart proving eternal love

This heart wants us to know that love is eternal, possible even after death.

Love For Tools

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-15-3857048 Tattoo heart on hip girl

If you really love tools, this heart design might just be the one for you.

The most popular compositions are:

Tattoo on the ankle of the girl – heart with wings, cross and fire Tattoo on the forearm of the girl – a broken heart


Tattoo on the blade at the man – the heart, a dagger and an inscription


The Color Variety Carries Its Own Symbolism As Well

  1. Golden heart is a symbol of God, accepting him as the only source of life.

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-16-7131329 Tattoo heart – gold castle Tattoo on the chest of a man – a heart of gold

  1. Blackheart is on the contrary a symbol of grief and pain.

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-17-3890111 Heart tattoo on side girls heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-18-3487128 Tattoo heart black heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-19-6806668 Tattoo black heart heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-20-2112222 Tattoo black anatomical heart on the side girls Tattoo on the chest of a man – black heart

  1. White heart has officially become an international symbol of care for sick people.

Tattoo on the wrist of the girl – white heart

Meaning Tattoo Heart In The Culture

The shape of the heart is well known in religion as well: every year Catholics celebrate the holiday of Jesus Christ holy heart.

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-24-3619382 Tattoo a flaming sacred heart with wings on chest men

Heart with crown horns became a symbol of sacrifice, lost love and disappointment.

Tattoos on the neck of a man – a heart with horns

Talking about  Buddhism for example, heart is associated with Dharmacakra, which literally means “wheel of law” and resembles the perfectionism of our universe, as well as it can mean compassion and spiritual devotion.

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-21-2-3545147 Tattoo heart mandala on elbow for girls  Tattoo on the back of a man – heart is associated with Dharmachakra

As it was stated above, heart tats are welcomed by men and women as well, though they chose different spots on their body to place the ink.

Women prefer mostly small, accurate tattoos and place them usually close to the breasts.

In case the tattoo is quite big in size, then it is better to draw it at the lower back.

Tattoo on the lower back of the girl – heart and flower

Men prefer big tattoos, containing the name of beloved woman or mother.

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-26-e1470311953234-6150427 Tattoo burning heart with the name on the man’s chest heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-25-4717619 The original tattoo heart lock with wings for men heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-23-7501058 Another version of the men’s tattoo heart

Such a tradition comes from sailors who left and still leave homes for long months.

Men choose hands or shoulders for such tattoos.

The tattoo on his forearm guy – a heart with wings and a name

Heart Tattoos Designs

The design of heart tattoos varies in shape, size and colors.

If we talk about the style, we shouldn’t forget that heart is an integral attribute of American culture, which is usually accompanied by phrases or words. In most of the cases the names of beloved people prevail.

Tattoo on the feet of man – hearts with the fire and the names

The most common designs are as follow:

They symbolize freedom of life, thoughts or ideas. They can also show the freedom from narrow- mindedness of its beholder.

Tattoo on the chest of the girl – heart with wings

It is obvious, that such design symbolizes the beloved or close person’s loss, and serves as a reminder, that this person is always with us, in our heart.

Tattoo on the back of the girl – a broken heart and swallow

  1. Lock and heart tattoos holds a strong meaning for those who are in love.

heart-tattoo-5593386 Tattoo on a woman’s wrist – a heart with a lock heart-tattoss-2-2054022 Beautiful tattoo on wrist girl: a heart – lock and key to it with the monogram

It shows that their heart belongs to one person only, and the key to unlocking it is with that person.

Tattoo on his forearm guy – the heart of a castle with wings

  1. A stitched heart tattoo can carry both positive and negative meaning as well.

It can mean that the heart was finally healed, or on the contrary – reflect again loss and grief of its beholder.

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-28-1963539 Another tattoo for girls heart with a needle and thread heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-29-7168416 Unusual tattoo with heart heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-30-e1470312240275-4106495 Nice tattoo with embroidered heart Tattoo on the chest of a man – stitched heart

This kind of tattoo shows passionate and never-ending love, its flames show the strength of love and burning affection.

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-27-9547482 New tattoo heart on fire with headphones The tattoo on the chest of the girl – heart in flames

  1. Celtic tattoos are very beautiful in its design and usually consist of fours patterns:

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-31-2378589 Tattoo heart in the style of the Celts heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-32-3829053 Tattoo with Celtic pattern-forming heart Tattoo girl in the leg – celtic heart

This design is considered to be one of the most beautiful ones, thanks to it curves, shades and flexibility of the design. They don’t bear any particular meaning, so its holder can put the meaning of his own.


Two-tone tattoo of heart in tribal style for girls

The tattoo on the neck of the girl – tribal tattoo heart

Male and Female Tattoos Heart

When the moment comes to choose the tattoo design, the usual question arises: which of the following designs are considered to be male or female? Nowadays, the difference is not so essential, only the meaning is.

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-35-9481357 Tattoo heart with the typewriter for men heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-36-1925486 Tattoo realistic heart and beautiful flowers

But there are some patterns followed by women.

They usually prefer winged heart tattoos

The tattoo on the lower back of the girl – heart with wings and the words

or small,

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-37-4970377 Cute tattoo heart in the shape of a diamond on a woman’s foot heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-38-8139322 Heart tattoo for couples on the wrist – thin line heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-39-8112111 Tattoo heart – for lovers of music heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-40-6034945 Hidden small tattoo heart on the heel heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-41-6620446 Tattoo heart from a thin black line on the girl’s wrist

delicate designs

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-42-3152930 Decoration on the women’s wrist – a tattoo of a heart-dimonds heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-43-4518024 Pretty tattoo heart – Ruby heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-44-4822068 Tattoo in the form of candy with the word “Love” for the girls heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-45-1232453 The tattoo of the stars forming a heart on a female hand

placed on the back of the neck,

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-50-8713834 Tattoo of the three hearts on the girl’s neck heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-47-1241773 Tattoo Heart of the fine line – a great decoration female neck

behind the ear or

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-51-5598835 Tattoo heart with devil horns behind the ear heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-52-6618870 Tattoo heart of initials behind the ear of the girl

on the ankle.

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-55-6088395 Elegant tattoo heart- diamond on foot girl heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-53-1-9002696 Unless you love yourself. Tattoo heart pierced by an arrow heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-54-1-6797752 Tattoo with a garland of roses and hearts

Men can be more proactive and open-minded in this matter choosing tattoos with daggers,

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-56-1667371 Tattoo realistic heart pierced by a dagger

or flaming heart tattoos.

heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-57-7936482 Tattoo burning heart pierced with a rod of Mercury, wrapped up in barbed wire – for men heart-tattoo-for-men-and-woman-58-7294581 Tattoo burning winged heart and the name on the man’s shoulder

The variety of colors and themes gives an opportunity to experiment and create ideas.

Tattoo on forearm guy – flaming heart and an inscription

Even celebrities are carried away by the temptation to decorate their bodies with special tattoos, among which the heart tattoos occupy not the last places by level of popularity.

Tiny heart tattoos shine on the palms of such famous ladies as Keit Moss,

Tattoo on the left hand at Keit Moss – heart Tattoos on the left hand at Keit Moss – heart and on the right wrist – anchor

Kelly Osbourne

Tattoo on a finger at Kelly Osbourne – heart Tattoo on a finger at Kelly Osbourne – heart

and Hilary Duff.

Tattoo on the wrist at Hilary Duff – heart Tattoo on the wrist at Hilary Duff – heart

Not only female celebrities are carrying heart tattoos, but you can also find few on the body of famous Johnny Depp.

Tattoo on the left shoulder of Johnny Depp – heart

Having around 29 different designs of tattoos with different meaning, two of them are heart tattoos: heart with a name of his mother,

Tattoo on the left shoulder of Johnny Depp – heart Tattoo on the left shoulder of Johnny Depp – heart

three hearts symbolizing his kids and a wife.

Tattoo on left biceps at Johnny Depp – 3 hearts

Tattoo is a personal mark and its choice should be done carefully and thoughtfully as a person will carry it till the rest of the life.

Certain events in life can influence our decisions, but don’t let them leave the mark on your body.

Let the tattoo carry your strength and emotions known only to you.

Love For Oil

The tattoo on his chest man – heart

Maybe this man works in an oil field. Or maybe he just really loves oil. Either way, the design of the heart looks really cool with the oil filling it up.

Colorful Heart Tattoos On Wrist

Tattoo on the wrist of the girl – heart and crown

This crowned heart is an explosion of color. Wrist tattoos can often be small and hidden but this one demands attention.

Angel Or Devil Heart Tattoo

Tattoo on the stomach of the girl – heart with wings and horns

This girl wants you to know that she has a good side and a bad side. If you treat her right, she’ll be good. If you don’t… well that was your choice.

Floating Musical Hearts

Tattoo on the side of the girl – hearts flying out of the gramophone

These hearts look like musical notes, coming out of the gramophone. If you really love music, this is a great idea!

Religious Heart Tattoo

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – the heart, rose, barbed wire, cross and fire

This heart on sleeve tattoo just screams Christianity, with the cross and crown of thorns.

Kitty Play Toy

Tattoo on the shoulder of the girl – heart and a kitten

This poor heart is a play and chew toy for this cute kitten. Well, hearts are often played with, though usually by humans.

Heart Of Service

Tattoo on the shoulder blade at the guy – the heart

“Consumed by service to others” is what the inscriptions mean and, indeed, it looks like the phrase is consuming the heart and gripping it tight.

Bleeding Heart

Tattoo on the neck of the girl – heart

One thing that hasn’t been shown much with these heart tattoos is a lot of blood. But this poor heart is sitting in a pool of its own blood.

Set My Heart Free

Tattoo on the man’s chest – heart, breaks through the skin

This heart is aching to be set free. It looks as if it is breaking through this guy’s skin, to get away.

Heart, Diamond, And A Bleeding Hand

Tattoo on the lower leg men – heart, hand and diamond

Some heart tattoo designs are hard to decipher, but at least they manage to look really cool.

Simple Heart Tattoos With Names

Tattoo on the lower leg of the girl – the heart and the inscription

The design of a heart doesn’t have to be especially intricate, because the use of a name is what really tells the story of the tattoo.

Painted On Heart Tattoo

Tattoo on the lower leg of the girl – heart

The colors of this heart tattoo look like physical paint. They give this heart an almost ghostly feel, like it’s only half there. But the pool of blood it’s sitting in is solid.

Closeup Of A Heart

Tattoo on the hips of a man – the heart

The details of this heart are stunning, almost like a closeup of a photograph of a heart. It’s very in-your-face.

A Heart And A Rose

Tattoo on the hips girl – heart, rose and inscription

Heart tattoos with names are all the rage, but is this a name or is it someone saying they love “chesty” girls. We may never know. Nevertheless, this heart and rose combination is lovely.

Daggers, Leaves, And A Mandala

Tattoo on the forearm of the girl – heart with leaves

Another example of a heart on sleeve tattoo. This girl wears her heart on her sleeve and has decorated it with beautiful leaves, delicate-looking daggers, and a simple mandala.

Webbed Gun And Heart

Tattoo on the edges of the girl – the heart, the gun and the web

This is an interesting idea for people who love guns and/or spider webs. It’s almost like she is shooting you with love, since the heart is part of the gun.

Detailed Skulls And Heart Tattoo

Tattoo on the chest of the girl – the heart, two skulls and flowers

It looks like these very detailed skulls are chaining up the heart with barbed wire, not letting it love freely. Though the contents are macabre, the design is so intricate and well-designed that it can’t be called anything but “beautiful”.

A Harpy Has My Heart

Tattoo on the chest of a man – the heart in the hands of women birdlike

This poor man’s heart is in the hands of a harpy and who knows what she’ll do with it. The stark black ink against the white skin makes this tattoo very striking, on top of the beautifully designed harpy and heart box.

A Heart And Butterflies

Tattoo on the blade of the girl – the heart and butterflies

This is the epitome of a girly tattoo, great for so-called “girly girls”. Beautiful, delicate butterflies with a heart are perfect for delicate women.

My Heart Is Only As Big As My Bicep

Tattoo on the biceps of a man – the heart

Another heart on sleeve tattoo and this is a big one. It takes up the entirety of this man’s bicep. We can only hope his real heart is just as big.

Realistic Heart Tattoo

Tattoo on the biceps men – heart

This tattoo shows us every vein and every aorta opening. Many heart tattoo designs don’t show all of that, to make the heart look cleaner, but this is more realistic.

Music Loving Heart

Tattoo on the back of the girl – heart and two birds

These birds look like they are friends with the heart, and are listening to the music the heart creates. This is a really cute idea for someone who loves both birds and music.

Devilish Hearts

Tattoo on the ankle of the girl – two hearts with horns

These hearts may look cute, but they have a devilish side to them. They look perfectly positioned on the ankle.

Black Heart Tattootattoo-on-his-forearm-guy-the-heart-765x1024-9008746

Another black heart tattoo. It may represent sadness, but it’s not completely black. Instead it seems like it represents sadness with hope.

Steampunk Heart

Tattoo on his forearm guy – mechanical heart

An almost entirely mechanical heart can’t get hurt or feel pain. The way the gears and gadgets fit this heart looks really interesting.

Galactic Heart

Tattoo on his chest man – heart

Maybe this guy loves space, or maybe he just loves the colors of space. Either way, this galactic heart is breathtaking.

Black Heart Tattoo On Foot

Tattoo on foot girls – heart

You don’t often see heart tattoos on a foot, but a sad black heart might want to be hidden away. This heart, stuck with nails, just exudes darkness and sadness.

Sketches of heart tattoo

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