✖ K ✖ (@kaiju_rapture)

Beautiful flower tattoo on the ankle for girls

Nando Tattoo (@nandotattooer)

Small flower ankle tattoo for women


Pink heart tattoo on the ankle for women

Danilo Herrera (@danilo.silva.000)

Pattern ankle tattoo on the woman’s leg

魟Tattoo (@ray_tattoo_studio)

Colored rabbit tattoo on the ankle for girls

Sorry Mum Tattoos (@sorrymumtattoos)

Fox and leaves orange ankle tattoo for females

Miss Poppy (@misspoppytattoo)

Calibri bird colorful ankle tattoo for girls

Cute pokemon ankle tattoo for women

Calibri bird and a flower tattoo for girl’s ankle

Megan Calabro (@wondermegz)

Flower hexagon pattern tattoo on the girl’s ankle

Ink_arthur (@ink_arthur)

Cool roses ankle tattoo for females

Small flower tattoo for girls on ankle

kirstie wyle (@kirstiewyle)

Small snowflake tattoo for women’s ankles

Wish I could steal these from my sister again ?

Jaide Poppy (@jaidepoppy)

Colored ankle flowers and a diamond tattoo for girls

Cute heart bracelet tattoo for girls on ankle

타투위드미 (@tattoowithme)

Cool red flower ankle tattoo for girls

June Jung (@tattoojune)

Colorful globe and paper plane tattoo on the woman’s ankle

BANYAN.ART (@banyan.art)

Feather bracelet ankle tattoo for women

tinkdixon (@tinkdixontattoo)

Rose and an exotic pattern ankle tattoo for females

Rebecca (@rebecca_travers22)

Autumn leaves small ankle tattoo for women

We hope you liked this set of ankle tattoos for girls!