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Flower tattoos are not limited only to women only. These simple flower tattoos can be inked on both men and women in any style they like – monochrome, colorful, abstract or complicated. It’s a freedom of choice! All you need to do to get started is to choose a tattoo style that you like before you ink your own flower tattoo.

Each flower image applied to the skin carries its own unusual meaning.

Flower Tattoos

1. Flower Shoulder Tattoo with a Bird

flower-tattoos-1-1-6166889 Tattoo with flowers on the female body

It probably goes without saying that flower tattoos go well with nature’s creatures – especially the birds who always sit atop the trees!

2. Roses -Simple  Flower Tattoos for Anyone

flower-tattoos-2-9337688 Tattoo with flowers on the female body

One of the most popular flowers to ink would definitely be roses. These lovely flowers can be gorgeous on both genders!

3. Bright and Striking Colors

flower-tattoos-3-3583803 Tattoo with flowers on the female body

Looking for simple flower tattoos? How about something like this simple colored flower tattoo design?

Some flowers are a reflection of the internal state, the other endows its possessor with new qualities.

4. A Colorful Tulip on the Back


Most of the gorgeous flower tattoos utilize bright colors mixed in a watercolor style. This can be a beautiful flower shoulder tattoo option too!

5. Simple Flower Tattoo Down the Back


One of the best locations for flower tattoos to be inked would definitely be on the back, starting between the shoulder blades.












Sketches of flowers tattoos look beautiful in color and can be applied perfectly to any area of the body,

  • arm, flower-tattoos-6-1507870 Tattoo with flowers on the female body flower-tattoos-7-1915173 Tattoo with flowers on the female body flower-tattoos-9-7547550 Tattoo with flowers on the female body flower-tattoos-5-5872485 Tattoo with flowers on the female body
  • leg, flower-tattoos-8-5184474 Tattoo with flowers on the female body flower-tattoos-4-6989341 Tattoo with sunflowers on the female body
  • back, flower-tattoos-11-6437851 Tattoo with flowers on the female body
  • chest, flower-tattoos-19-6547669 Tattoo with flowers on the female body flower-tattoos-10-5309108 Tattoo with flowers on the female body
  • belly, and so on.

flower-tattoos-23-4374457 Tattoo with flowers on the female body flower-tattoos-27-9286370 Tattoo with flowers on the female body rifle-paper-tatoo-800x800-3858072 Nice wrist tattoo design – a bunch of flowers on your hand

Flowers produce the finest associations.

f667ed40-32df-0133-09d9-0e76e5725d9d-8003212 Flower tattoo on the shoulder blade – a popular choice floral-tattoo2-533x800-5085558 Modest and splendid neck flower tattoo tumblr_nx2rf3jx9n1uto4s4o1_1280-2696291 Simple bell-flower – a gorgeous back tattoo

In the general sense, they are a symbol of beauty, femininity, tenderness and fragility.

flower-tattoos-12-4684015 Tattoo with flowers on the female body flower-tattoos-13-4482040 Tattoo with flowers on the female body flower-tattoos-14-5243715 Tattoo with flowers on the female body flower-tattoos-15-5229352 Tattoo with flowers on the female body flower-tattoos-16-2154496 Tattoo with flowers on the female body flower-tattoos-17-9476857 Tattoo with flowers on the female body flower-tattoos-18-9557202 Tattoo with flowers on the female body flower-tattoos-20-8975404 Tattoo with flowers on the female body flower-tattoos-21-1120649 Tattoo with flowers on the female body flower-tattoos-22-6065771 Tattoo with flowers on the female body flower-tattoos-24-4883488 Tattoo with flowers on the female body flower-tattoos-25-4809082 Tattoo with flowers on the female body flower-tattoos-26-1-5314243 Tattoo with flowers on the female body flower-tattoos-28-8939515 Tattoo with flowers on the female body flower-tattoos-29-9792629 Tattoo with flowers on the female body flower-tattoos-30-1124184 Tattoo with flowers on the female body flower-tattoos-31-1334506 Tattoo with flowers on the female body

Therefore, flowers images are the most popular tattoos for girls.

They choose the most appropriate flower that can highlight their unique characteristics and make them small or large, depending on their preferences.

orchid-tattoo-design-26-4473357 Tattoo with flowers on the female body d184-5834028 Soft watercolor wrist tattoo looks very natural subtle-floral-tattoo-on-back-1336669 Sophisticated flower tattoo on the back with elements of ferm

Flowers Tattoos for Men and Women

Flowers tattoos are popular both among boys and girls. They differ in size and manner of representation, depending on gender. Female flowers tattoos are tender, distinguished and of brighter colors, while male depictions have more distinct outlines, deep colors and are performed in specific styles. There are a lot of photos confirming this.

beutiful-floral-tattoo-sleeve-by-lianne-moule-2154796 Delicate full sleeve flower tattoo – very feminine and stylish flower-design-neck-tattoo-ideas-men-6661768 Black rose neck tattoo looks symbolic and very unlaboured as a variant for a man full-bloom-xray-flower-back-tattoo-7925393 Enormous back flower tattoo – an impressive choice for a girl rose-tattoos-for-men-e1304073534340-5239608 Creative half sleeve flower tattoo for a man tatuajes-que-solo-en-estos-chicos-lucen-9-8981262 Ribs tattoo with floral elements – one more macho design tumblr_modaadlxvn1rm8ac5o1_500-1408293 Floral ornament shoulder tattoo

Meaning of Flowers Tattoos

There are different special meanings in each flower applied on the skin. The influence on the meaning of flowers tattoos has not only the kind of flower, but also its color, form and place of application.

amazing-flower-tattoo-design-on-women-shoulder-and-full-sleeve-and-neck-3498894 Gothic full sleeve hand and neck tattoo with lilies c2b1f3c4f627f66366f52bf59c5b26b9-7856781 Outstanding sunny flower full sleeve hand tattoo il_570xn-532282086_ez1u-2189443 Half sleeve flower tattoo idea for girls purple-flower-back-tattoo-2365575 Memorable shoulder blade flower tattoo

Tattoos depicting blossomed rose symbolize beauty and love. White roses depict innocence, purity, and chastity. Black rose indicates sadness, grief and frustration. If the tattoo depicts a flower with thorns, such an image may be of the opposite meaning which is loss and recklessness.

amazing-3d-white-ink-rose-tattoo-on-girl-right-back-shoulder-9231187 Shoulder white rose tattoo symbolizes purity 2a663b2da3670017c332b3dc0f8a02a9-7074911 Passionate red rose half sleeve tattoo cute-daisy-flowers-and-roses-tattoo-on-girl-left-half-sleeve-601x800-7987987 Fascinating flower full sleeve hand tattoo- daisies and roses flower-with-vine-tattoos-male-3674718 Arresting eloquent shoulder flower tattoo. Rose thorns – a warning? hot-babe-with-red-rose-tattoos-4632167 Remarkable symmetrical shoulder tattoo nice-rose-tattoo-5934912 Elegant rose tattoo tattoos-on-both-shoulders-1-7330723 Complex tattoo with red roses

One of the meanings of a dandelion tattoo is perseverance because the dandelion seeds are able to germinate in any soil. This tattoo will be appropriate for cheerful and positive people.

dandelion-tattoo-24-600x800-9160534 Dandelion shoulder tattoo dandelion-tattoo-28-650x488-6655967 Dandelion wrist tattoo dandelion-tattoo30-1045185 Dandelion shoulder tattoo dandelion-tattoo-design-4687067 Dandelion wrist tattoo with a flock of birds dandelion-tattoo-design2015-980x800-8751386 Splendid dandelion shoulder tattoo with a pink nuance ear-dandelion-tattoo-8456224 Ear dandelion tattoo idea

Orchid is a symbol of harmony, elegance, love, beauty, feminine charm and fertility.

af53eca4e5e0392be71fd92cedb85e53-4256359 Black-and-white orchid tattoo ceoxy4wwiaa2fco-6143583 Orchid back tattoo e808fb4294bc394481cfde358b48c115-533x800-6705132 Simple orchid tattoo design watercolor-orchid-backpiece-tattoo-by-leah-williams-800x800-9664097 Curious quote with orchid ornament along the backbone – a bright flower tattoo idea

Lotus means spirit and material things. It is a Buddhist symbol, which has a sacred spiritual sense. This Lotus tattoo characterizes a philosophical view on life.

13895307155_2acbc4ca90_b-5541738 Striking lotus back tattoo lovely_simple_lotus_flower_tattoo_on_foot-jpg-pagespeed-ce_-bb7zvxazcm-4130924 Simple spiritual lotus heel tattoo pink-flower-tattoos-by-new-tattoo-6655273 Lovely lotus leg tattoo unique-lotus-flower-tattoos-design-on-foot-3751269 Original lotus tattoo on both feet watercolor-lotus-tattoo-on-thigh-1-7153869 Nontrivial watercolor lotus hip tattoo

Another flower, the image of which symbolizes the strong philosophical convictions is Sakura. The transience of time and the fragility of life are two main meanings of this plant.

cherry-blossom-sakura-back-tattoo-776x800-6874198 Astonishing orient sakura branch tattoo on the back cherry-blossom-tattoo-5-9884378 Cute cherry single flower tattoo cherry-blossom-tattoo-best-7131326 Sophisticated sakura hand tattoo e4587a8d91225a81c5c268362c1f088f-2820548 Graceful sakura feet tattoo tumblr_ma9r1ghysk1rg2yoco1_500-6620269 Dazzling sakura back tattoo watercolor-flower-tattoo-2-4559081 Stupendous watercolor sakura ear tattoo

Tattoos depicting lilies on the body are signs of dignity, purity and superiority.

32-lily-tattoo-designs-8371775 Exquisite lily foot tattoo 1404382460_6-1963907 Lily back tattoo design flowers_tattoo_by_dopeindulgence-jpg-pagespeed-ce_-rp04gxvjmw-613x800-4711219 Charming watercolor lily belly tattoo lily-tattoo-designs-for-women-600x800-9860839 Fine 3D shoulder blade lily tattoo design

Red tulips on the body of a girl say that she experienced passionate love. This flower of yellow color tells about disappointment, separation from the beloved, or of his or her betrayal.

99-tattoo-on-the-shoulder-of-the-girl-yellow-tulip-8134718 Artistic forearm tattoo with yellow tulips tulip-tattoo-59-7789305 Vivid abstract red tulip back tattoo tuliptattoos50-7223523 Yellow tulip shoulder blade tattoo tulip-wrist-tattoo-6703799 3D red tulip wrist tattoo watercolor-tulip-tattoo-behind-ear-by-varo-tattooer-4278345 Creative red tulip ear tattoo

Usually, sketches of irises are more suitable for men. They symbolize their belief in themselves, wisdom and courage.

iris_watercolor_by_dopeindulgence-d72sibm-586x800-3767995 Stylish iris back tattoo iris_watercolor_tattoo_by_dopeindulgence-d72u7wd-2700713 Vivid watercolor iris hip tattoo heart-stacie-4068681 Memorable iris shoulder blade tattoo

Poppy is a symbol of sleep, death and infinite oblivion. There is another meaning of the tattoos with poppy, the truth.

24107659585_3f53909404_b-7706934 Memorable iris shoulder blade tattoo flower-spine-tattoo-ideas-18-6295525 Fascinating watercolor poppy spine tattoo poppy-8253235 Half sleeve poppy tattoo

Daffodil is a spring flower that symbolizes death in adolescence, sleep and regeneration. Tattoos depicting daffodils mean youthful hope, selfishness and heart-throb.

o-5786049 Nice daffodil ankle tattoo simple-daffodil-tattoo-1431496 Impressive daffodil shoulder blade tattoo

Flowers as an Ornamental Part of a Tattoo

Many people like to include flowers in more complex patterns, which represent a part of a larger tattoo. For example, some religious people of Latin America, make body portraits of their deceased parents, fringed them with white lilies as a symbol of remembrance and mourning. But a more positive scenario is also possible in the frame of different flowers in an existing tattoo may be enclosed.

0f1f1b8cc3b0dbc8006b909d784e9def-9537928 Exquisite floral ornament back tattoo cute-floral-tattoo-designs-for-women-3661491 Peculiar sleeve tattoo with flower elements flower-tattoos-27-9286370 Cute bird tattoo with a tree in blossom red-rose-with-skull-tattoo-on-back-shoulder-3-5108091 Dramatic skull tattoo with red roses on the back

Celebrities’ Flowers Tattoos

Lady Gaga – three white roses with grape branch;

109539-lady_gaga_tattoos_kat_von_d_617_409-4812408 Triplet of roses in a black-and-white tattoo – surprising prudence for Lady Gaga

Kat von D – black roses on the left shoulder and neck;

kat-von-d-tattoos-14-601x800-6487478 Kat von D’s Tattoos flowers have an ornamental function

Charlize Theron – blue flower on the foot.

charlize-theron-tattoos-designs-charlize-theron-tattoos-idea-8-1802101 Charlize Theron’s modest and simple forgetmenot tattoo

Sketches of tattoos

2c259858eb7649d3cc2fb9304e218e4c-150x50-9922099 3a734d9e557120692fe84bcae3f78847-150x50-7061997 4f3e735665d0ca76772e3ec422babd23-150x50-9604682 6f61971d4019f6df01d7bb2a7ccbbedf-150x50-8348953 20-peony-tattoo-600x682-150x50-1624314 55a108346b672423795d2ae784fccfea-150x50-7439699 57bea81a92e8043b95dbc785fd05460b-150x50-7213291 67c344edcc34299174456b1ae363069a-150x50-6882411 284c12513b08f7da0743259024f21540-150x50-9758888 674a3c4139826bd5679721ac463462c8-150x50-6886352 11123712_576780529091189_1320195768_n-150x50-1542067 12277367_959767807419818_694608292_n-150x50-3677762 8688341020_c20a01726a_n-150x50-6783676 a80ba7530fe96a6edfd0832e6c1fe829-150x50-8325644 beautiful-outline-lily-flowers-tattoo-design-150x50-5316947 c3c6dbaa22daa00c6d34376f10d64062-150x50-4371930 cactus-flower-tattoo-150x50-9834509 calftattoowithfloral-150x50-4689070 flower-designs-for-tattoos-rose-709x900-150x50-4811181 images-1-4-150x50-4466186 images-2-2-150x50-6995909 images-3-1-150x50-4700103 images-4-1-150x50-6289000 images-5-1-150x50-9120730 images-6-1-150x50-1947103 images-7-150x50-9811540 images-8-150x50-5390223 img_0019_1-150x50-3952030 lion-and-lily-flowers-tattoo-sketch-1-150x50-3722218 peony-flower-tattoo-designs-150x50-1078632 peony-tattoo-12-650x488-150x50-1956309 sakura_blossoms_by_shadowfax31-d3etm1s-150x50-1930140 sakura-tattoo-150x50-7432226 sunflower-tattoo-design-on-back-150x50-7615075 tattoo-shouldertattoo66-jpg-pagespeed-ce_-4xzfrgdwjc-150x50-5941556 d181d0bad0b0d187d0b0d0bdd0bdd18bd0b5-d184d0b0d0b9d0bbd18b-1-1-150x50-7099748 d181d0bad0b0d187d0b0d0bdd0bdd18bd0b5-d184d0b0d0b9d0bbd18b-2-1-150x50-6284834 d181d0bad0b0d187d0b0d0bdd0bdd18bd0b5-d184d0b0d0b9d0bbd18b-3-150x50-2624293 d181d0bad0b0d187d0b0d0bdd0bdd18bd0b5-d184d0b0d0b9d0bbd18b-4-150x50-3918735 9834e2c0948e6e1a66cdec7bded4a817-150x50-6510798 Tags: flower shoulder tattoo, flower tattoos, simple flower tattoos