150+ Best Chest Tattoos Ideas For Men And Women 2023

Chest tattoos are common worldwide. It’s a very modern and cool way to express your personality and decorate your body. Let’s learn some more about chest tattoos and their meaning.

The Bird and Rosary Chest Tattoo Idea


This chest tattoo shows a bird holding onto a black rosary bead11191337_672007959569745_1301163225_n-4030506 This is a nature patterned chest tattoo design consisting of flowers widely drawn across the chest

This is the dream catcher slightly below. The dream catcher is believed to help people avoid nightmares, in the Thai tradition. This is a symbolic chest tattoo.


This is a tiger drawn across the chest, with a man and woman drawn below. Tigers naturally symbolizes strength, courage depending on how the wearer wants it.


This is a nice wing chest tattoo idea for men, it has a colorful pattern drawn on each side of the chest to the arm.

Advantages and disadvantages

Your very first step in the process of deciding if you want to get a chest tattoo is to compare all advantages and disadvantages it has. Let’s try to do it and begin with the better part:

  1. A chest tattoo looks impressive and beautiful.  29740531_831422227028010_3433543907512680448_n-8087074.A nice chest tattoo for women, it has a rose between which symbolizes emotions.26226853_577288032608253_3217541386492444672_n-9665625 A rat dace drawn across the chest, this is a beautiful chest tattoo idea.


  2. It’s a unique and modern spot for a tattoo. 20902599_110256179701612_9137208344287641600_n-3140369Here, rose flowers are drawn to the left shoulder. rose flowers is a sign of love, affection and most importantly, it’s a nice chest tattoo idea for women.20634012_1021026184740001_5237312773196611584_n-6072375This is a drawing of a big bird, the width of the chest is used to an advantage here as you can see the large art drawn in this chest tattoo.

    20393903_125613144719203_5019656307515326464_n-2576128A butterfly is drawn down the middle of the chest, butterflies can symbolize a lot of things including beauty. so, this is a nice chest tattoo idea for women.


  3. You may choose whatever style or size you like. 19436342_235259286991251_6207370126711324672_n-8302873This is a flowered dream catcher drawn carefully below the chest.20181067_1913678638887178_1281247340635619328_n-4567370A nice simple tattoo drawn slightly above the chest to the left shoulder.

    20184516_313960219066398_8384917648135159808_n-5659073This is the dream catcher drawn on this wearer’s chest.

    29740830_166886637354830_8596386856944271360_n-9793539This is a nice chest tattoo, it has a tree branch of flowers intercepted close to the top by a tribal design. It is drawn down to the belly of the wearer.


  4. It fits both genders the same. This is a nice idea for women, the dream catcher.17817883_242240556244278_43738722876784640_n-4153830Here is a nice pattern chest tattoo, it has a skull in the middle and a lion face drawn largely across the belly. Lion represents bravery.


But you should pay attention to some minuses of this kind of tattoo as well:

  1. If your tattoo is pretty big it’s supposed to be difficult to hide. 27881321_177447306368019_1088444463421849600_n-6403076This is a religious themed chest tattoo, Jesus is drawn in the middle, an owl is largely drawn below it. This tattoo represents a sign of faith, and an owl is a symbol of truth.28751000_2147868465450675_7175944612702322688_n-9286232This is a full chest tattoo, a lion face between the wings and the number “23” boldly written below it are 2 dice.

    29088686_1460877227355601_8511225850262192128_n-7176256This is a nice chest tattoo idea for men, it has an iron arm drawn from the chest to the arm like the terminator.

    29095801_1598889220229044_1265067472982114304_n-5698954Faith- This has Jesus drawn over the chest largely and an owl drawn below. An owl is a symbol of the truth, so together with Jesus, this can be said to say that Jesus is the truth.


  2. Depending on the shape of your chest it may be hard to choose a good sketch. 27892699_203694326876648_3845013555564773376_n-7545270This chest tattoo has 2 hands grabbing the chest, like it wants to tear it apart.28153224_564308817287054_8814786059909988352_n-3573890DC comics- This is a a DC comic character, batman, inspired chest tattoo, it has the batman symbol drawn across the chest.

    28427795_189058358525181_4965477000178302976_n-2281104This chest tattoo has the drawing of a man with wings across the chest, the left wing of bat and the right wing of an angel. It can represent someone in between, trying to get an identity.

    28764839_556785181359424_8347775574118236160_n-3601282This has the drawing of a dragon on the left side of the chest.

    16465229_1255283774563975_1969712177069686784_n-2005722This a wing chest tattoo with colorful pattern on both arms.


  3. Getting older you will see that your chest tattoo changes its shape especially if you gain or lose your weight easily.25037171_137797783565601_2971904694936403968_n-1-6905717

You should also think about your own pluses and minuses. For example, if your skin is really sensitive it would be terrible painful while getting a tattoo and so on.

Pain level is one of the most important questions from amateurs in the tattoo sphere. You have to understand that differents spots have their own pain level while getting a tattoo. Objectively the pain level is defined by many details and peculiarities such as:

  • Your personal pain threshold; brutal-4618128 cvo8jfkviaa7c0f-9636298tattoo-time-1200x800-2861336
  • Thickness of your skin; 26303451_2039993312936605_6172314693835685888_n-1847893 25014725_135752827208383_949883539938082816_n-1-7768882 25025126_116980565771330_6018053019185184768_n-1810720
  • Your tattoo master experience; maxresdefault1123-1200x632-5614648
  • Siize of your chest tattoo. 15099507_1549418581751425_1274819140393107456_n-803155429403678_207096936718152_3743341092574068736_n-3877362 15803204_1356868664387135_5810743155489767424_n-2526988

If you are afraid of pain, but stll want to get a tattoo you may ask your master for special pain reliever to while getting a tattoo. It will help you to have a high tolerance to pain during your tattoo session.

The best ideas for sketches for boys and girls

Chest tattoos for boys and girls have some typical features. For instance, girls prefer some nature details such as animals or flowers. Men like ethnic features or symbols. Let’s get acquainted with the most common male and female chest tattoo ideas. 29088734_1741952192510147_6575084069585944576_n-3305884 29417149_186429765495421_3539005691299627008_n-1785282 30085930_610095772658693_8344102389237678080_n-2989465

Unique ideas for boys

  1. Guns. A gun is a very manlike symbol. It shows self-confidence of the person and his braveness. 29737474_183447815711010_1617465394975473664_n-753621430079854_158562011633980_4383340371283804160_n-800x800-1488097 30087304_226059038129538_1327087036959555584_n-4089061 30087481_1828241504142452_7519527672666390528_n-3456424
  2. Wings. Wings symbolize freedom and a special life to far-away travels. 29740020_1110983939044124_6884146218239262720_n-5810328 29740560_2038543899508695_110561469040427008_n-2350876 30079677_220519912015118_7914465995891146752_n-3708924
  3. Skull. A skull is usually portrayed in combinations with other different elements such as flowers or plants. It’s preferred to combine multiple skulls. It’s a symbol of strength and braveness. 28753100_195146121249008_4826005539332816896_n-5561328 29089617_183406882384532_1473166549803073536_n1-2207189 30085381_1808051289500652_3604670737618567168_n-1636389chest-tattoos-for-men-skull-and-angels-3641029 skull-and-butterfly-tattoo-by-duncanx-800x800-4216898
  4. Animals. Different animals have different meanings. For example, a fox has a meaning of slyness, a bear has a meaning of a powerful personality. 30593663_1574725065983972_5047719756971376640_n-800x800-559745330591363_433958657051845_7340742404770627584_n-999x800-741822213269575_1106652952730030_1737300622_n-1625983
  5. Tribal style tattoos. Very manlike style showing that this or that person is fond of traditions and respects the values from the past. 30603199_572601669785209_8035216256934084608_n-7345911 29739839_193417277936050_5616120930129412096_n-7926872 29740042_992173510946948_1053162818913697792_n-3837326

Nice sketches for girls

  1. Flowers. Flowers are a very light and gentle symbol of spring and revival. Usually women prefer to get different kinds of flowers in their chest tattoo sketches. 20766419_340865563039366_4083014314959568896_n-5102149 30076989_410952956036225_6428971236386144256_n-28190881-44-4508608 2-19-800x800-2311462 3-15-840x800-6738681 4-13-1200x730-4231371
  2. Animals. Almost always animals are portrayed in combination with plants or flowers. If to speak about meaning we may say that it definetely depends on the exact kind of animal, colours and the style of tattoo you choose. 4-14-800x800-6954557 5-8-1072x800-5938126 6-11-4308895
  3. Ethnic elements. Different ethnic elements can be shown either as a whole tattoo or as an element of your sketch. Often it doesn’t have any special meaning and is used just like decoration of the whole part. 7-10-800x800-2178770 8-11-600x800-4520677 9-9-1200x800-2529316
  4. Natural features. This one has a direct meaning, a person getting natural elements as a tattoo is fond of nature, trees or animals and loves our planet. 10-8-800x800-4235748 11-1043x800-637614912-10-4422827
  5. Tattoos with a mirror. Mirrors as an element of your chest tattoo shows that your personality is really difficult to describe, you may be different in different situations.  24175161_137893180204110_5692346188632686592_n-924x800-704023829401755_172382170149583_2008862448945201152_n-449197228751272_175390133096270_1644141982311776256_n-5976400

Take care of your chest tattoo in a proper way

Tattoo masters are sure that the process of recovering is even more important for your tattoo than the exact session of getting it. You are responsible for your tattoo’s quality and your own health.

That’s why you must follow some special recommendations saying how to take care of your chest tattoo in the correct way:

  1. Ask your tattoo master for the name of the cream you should use to help your skin in the process of recovering. There are some special treatments for tattoos helping you to recover faster and better.  13743664_308130806200989_636420463_n-8221954 29715468_1832527843503049_6997712412040232960_n-8480496 29716361_556920128011136_8455221765939920896_n-6760354 29740013_802541819940394_2231025958817628160_n-5281613
  2. Avoid going to the gym, swimming pools or bathhouse while recovering. 30084494_360358144372097_6216355284193902592_n-1873814 30085082_569167526783624_7086416972899942400_n-4000752
  3. Don’t touch your tattoo often and don’t scratch it! Also, it’s undesirable to wear a lot of clothes covering your tattoo, it’s better if your skin can breathe.  25014906_1911327612517772_3391849984205783040_n-800x800-377821630076791_171630716987599_6972150287112863744_n-9579737 30590105_241092969770859_5889772602435567616_n-5732099
  4. In summer you should prefer strong sunscreen for your tattoo. It will help you to keep the colours lasting longer. 26157730_468602720203125_4193840680402944000_n-800x800-135372730087378_1947446678601883_8350438904813322240_n-800x800-5147447 29740316_998056170345340_1147415919174090752_n-4775938 30085296_197369307709692_3969161586710413312_n-3663568 30086598_2048080195477449_4814086176157728768_n-5688226

If you have any problems with your tattoo for instance that it hurts for a long time or you feel uncomfortable don’t hesitate and be sure to tell your tattoo master about it. Remember that proper care provides you not only with a good quality tattoo but also with good health!  28754402_2081646575453471_4615222601873096704_n-9677097 28764014_170703960244560_8218169481352970240_n-1929655 29090471_199304250833833_3946566171788050432_n-5062819 29090638_324557048071242_1558957095611531264_n-5301750 29093968_159266738081502_2099202421682077696_n-1088483 29095140_152449962249514_3138337512334819328_n-2716445 29739415_186621985452197_2075045292226379776_n-7652585 29740819_2017969765124518_3824121009275928576_n-2262726 30077198_159328651415574_7252110540527370240_n-3091017

Famous people with a chest tattoo

As we said earlier chest tattoos are popular all over the world. Some of the famous people are brave enough to get it and to show it while being on the red carpet. Let’s look at them and rate their chest tattoos:

1. Johny Depp with the quote on his chest.


2. Jermaine Jones with star and wings.


3. Justin Timberlake and a combination of different symbols.