120+ Bird Tattoos Design & Ideas with Meanings for Man and Woman 2023

Birds always are connected with freedom and boundless sky, dreams and spiritual power and elusive joy. The image of flying birds is very popular. It can be applied to transmit a variety of different meanings and ideas. Besides birds always emblematize and embody beauty and vitality. Yet, the meaning of such tattoo always depends on what kind of bird is depicted. As it represents a number of qualities and associations. bird-tattoos38-2171577 bird-tattoos32-5874644 bird-tattoos26-2969655 bird-tattoos15-7897730 bird-tattoos11-8793765 bird-tattoos5-1200x800-7004661 bird-tattoos1-9189898 bird-tattoos-3209949 bird-tattoos2-9858734


Tattoos with pictures of birds are preferred by a free and independent person. But a lot  depends on the choice of the type of feathered creatures. bird-tattoos44-444x800-4747118 bird-tattoos43-6226707 bird-tattoos42-7749751 bird-tattoos41-3567001 bird-tattoos40-9956615 bird-tattoos39-4589736

The most common images of birds and their meanings:

  1. Bird of paradise is chosen by those who seek beauty; bird-of-paradise2-7296234 bird-of-paradise1-1799000 bird-of-paradise-2487629
  2. Dove – peace, tenderness, and kindness; bird-tattoos1-1-4850161bird-tattoos3-800x800-7483183 bird-tattoos2-1-640x800-5126533
  3. Eagle is associated with the rule, nobility and victory over enemies; bird-tattoos-eagle1-1-800x800-1529708bird-tattoos-eagle3-800x800-2081238bird-tattoos-eagle1-745x800-4660248bird-tattoos-eagle4-8969750 bird-tattoos-eagle2-1073x800-9243539
  4. Gull – associated with the sea and is a symbol of independence. In ancient times, for sailors seagulls were a symbol of returning home; bird-tattoos-gull3-800x800-3472853 bird-tattoos-gull2-640x800-3000324 bird-tattoos-gull1-800x800-7941721 bird-tattoos-gull-7112945
  5. Peacock – a symbol of wealth and beauty; bird-tattoos20-785x800-3682156 bird-tattoos19-703x800-4698989 bird-tattoos18-725x800-3744668 bird-tattoos17-755x800-1459564 bird-tattoos16-640x800-3779088 bird-tattoos14-640x800-5233714 bird-tattoos13-800x800-2127460 bird-tattoos12-644x800-9883629 bird-tattoos11-1-800x800-9453217 bird-tattoos10-800x800-7012936
  6. Raven. In different cultures, crows mean very different things. For example, among the ancient Celts and many other pagans, this majestic bird is a symbol of wisdom and secret knowledge. Currently, such a picture is selected by fans of dark, alternative culture; bird-tattoos-raven2-800x800-8640623 bird-tattoos-raven1-739x800-3894766 bird-tattoos25-7232075 bird-tattoos23-6458353 bird-tattoos17-1-5414514
  7. Owl – a symbol of wisdom, associated with mysticism, dark and otherworldly force; bird-tattoos-owl-800x800-7685165bird-tattoos30-5078303 bird-tattoos-owl4-800x800-4793025 bird-tattoos-owl3-800x800-8005628 bird-tattoos-owl2-640x800-3777813 bird-tattoos-owl1-586x800-6902065
  8. Parrot was once considered as a symbol of narcissistic personalities, but now symbolizes beauty, originality, and self-confidence; bird-tattoos-parrot4-800x800-4328683 bird-tattoos-parrot3-800x800-7232537 bird-tattoos-parrot2-800x800-6383763 bird-tattoos-parrot-749x800-7545082
  9. Firebird is perfect for those who believe in miracles, it brings its owner a lot of luck. bird-tattoos-fire-551x800-9482826bird-tattoos-fire4-800x800-7880052 bird-tattoos-fire3-642x800-9141563 bird-tattoos-fire2-640x800-8257303 bird-tattoos-fire1-6274484
  10. Swan means loyalty, love and inexhaustible tenderness, bird-tattoos-swan6-698x800-2641878bird-tattoos-swan5-640x800-9212149 bird-tattoos-swan4-801x800-5356652 bird-tattoos-swan3-800x800-6815368 bird-tattoos-swan2-800x800-1042399 bird-tattoos-swan1-3533921 bird-tattoos-swan-640x800-4209953
  11. Swallow symbolizes and embodies: hope, youth, luck, morning, spring, sunrise, home comfort, happiness, and freedom. bird-tattoos37-6517944 bird-tattoos21-6000845 bird-tattoos29-9336734 bird-tattoos16-1-529x800-8215687

Birds in ancient cultures

Many people believe that their nearest ancestors were none other than birds. Therefore, birds were often symbols of entire tribes. Already at that time, figures of totem birds were depicted on the bodies of people. As they thought, such an image gave to its owner energy and assurance that luck did not turn away from him. bird-tattoos37-765x800-4531097 bird-tattoos36-727x800-4690084 bird-tattoos35-800x800-2745678 bird-tattoos34-800x800-8783283 bird-tattoos32-1-4126143 bird-tattoos31-5189245 bird-tattoos30-1-3356915

Eagle – the Greeks believed that the eagle was Zeus’ messenger. In China, this bird embodies perseverance, courage and strength. An eagle sitting on a rock is identified with the image of a brave warrior. The Christian religion has given the eagle deep and pure power of the human spirit who believes in God. In American Legends, it was described as a creature that could emit lightning from its eyes, and its enormous wings could cause rain. bird-tattoos54-800x800-1972882 bird-tattoos53-800x800-7167040 bird-tattoos52-3462535 bird-tattoos51-800x800-1458564 bird-tattoos-50-680x800-3046097

Falcon – in Christianity symbolizes evil because of its cruelty. In Japan it is directly related to one of the imperial dynasties. In the myths, the falcon plays the role of heavenly messenger, and counselor.
bird-tattoos-falcon4-648x800-8852357 bird-tattoos-falcon2-640x800-8195694Swallow, as a symbol of love, purity, kindness is often found in mythology. Swallows accompanied the goddess of love Aphrodite, who was famous for her fresh and natural beauty.
bird-tattoos-falcon65-8746953bird-tattoos-falcon64-1067x800-4110241 bird-tattoos-falcon63-800x800-2224311 bird-tattoos-falcon62-3231606 bird-tattoos-falcon61-800x800-1008496 bird-tattoos-falcon6-800x800-9563181bird-tattoos-falcon-1-800x800-6023621

Ladies and men

Tattoos with a dove are selected as boys and girls. This sketch gives lightness and tenderness to its owner. bird-tattoos8-7458474 bird-tattoos35-1-9592559 bird-tattoos34-1-9333735 bird-tattoos33-1-2004618 bird-tattoos31-1-2514214 bird-tattoos20-1-9826804

Eagle sketches are very popular among men with a powerful character. The eagle represents power and authority. After all, this bird by its majesty and pride has fascinated people since ancient times. bird-tattoos-hawk4-681x800-1151835 bird-tattoos-hawk3-722x800-5535654 bird-tattoos-hawk1-723x800-3509295 bird-tattoos-hawk-504x800-8484079

Hummingbird – one of the smallest birds in the world. With its colorful plumage, it is the ideal choice for tattoos. Most often such sketches are preferred by ladies. Hummingbird tattoo represents freedom, intuition and rebirth. Such tattoos are ideal for women who prefer a small image. Small tattoos for girls are particularly good in that they can be hidden under clothing.

On the female body, such sketches are often set at the base of the neck, in the area of the collarbone, shoulder blade, or loin. bird-tattoos-hawk-3-901x800-8099294 bird-tattoos-hawk-1-677x800-2648930

Tattoos of a flock of birds is more popular among young people, especially girls, as its main value is – the desire for freedom and its objectives, in spite of all obstacles. bird-tattoos-woman-640x800-1813714

A tattoo on the hand is a very convenient location as it could be easily hidden. Many men prefer to put it on his shoulder, and ladies – in the area of the shoulder blade. It looks stylish and graceful as a sketch of a pen on the inside of a woman’s hand. bird-tattoos-woman2-640x800-1501945

Commonly, men cover their hips, so there the tattoo could be larger and have more volume. Women usually wear the sketch of birds in flight on the bottom of the footbird-tattoos-woman3-800x800-3163963

Adam Levine, Rihanna, Adele, and Cassadee Pope are fans of bird tattoos.