101 Best Friend Tattoos Ideas & Design with Meaning 2023

Best friend tattoos are perfect for a friend who is in sync with each other and absolutely love having each other around. Some friends are just so close to us that we want to pay them a tribute! If you have a best friend like this, you are extremely lucky. These bff tattoo inspirations could be just the next crazy thing you can go for with your best friend!

Best friends for life should celebrate their friendship with at least some small best friend tattoos. Hopefully, with the permanence of these tattoos, the friendship will also last just as long! Let’s take a look at some of the lovely best friend tattoos that you can get with your best friend next.

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Best Friend Tattoos

Best friend tattoos can be designed by tattoo artists. It can also be designed by your best friend and yourself! Of course, there is more sincerity when you design the tattoo with your best friend, but the option is still up to you!

1. Matching Kitties Tattoo


Well, to be fair, no one specified that the matching kitten tattoos are of the same species. Nevertheless, this is the type of best friends tattoo that also allows for each person to have their own say and preference!

2. BFF Tattoo with Initials


Showcase your friendship to the world by adding your initials into the tattoo. In this instance, the “R’ and ‘N’ letters are sufficient for these two friends. Perfect!

3. Half and Half


There’s a saying that goes, ‘two halves make a whole’. Having half of a tattoo one each person makes the picture complete when you are with your best friend!

4. Wolf Tattoos for Best Friends


Watch where you tattoo these halves! In the instance, the tattoos do not form a complete picture with these two people sit side by side. It can still be a unique bff tattoo!

5. Tattoo with Names for Best Friends


This tattoo for best friends does not even need much designing skills. You only need to think about the font that you want to display your names with!

6. Same Tattoos, Same Position


Pick a tattoo that has a significant meaning for your best friend and yourself. You can decide where you want the tattoos to be at – have it inked on the same spot if possible!

7. Best Friends’ Quotes Tattoo


Are you super mushy with your best friend? Perhaps you regard your partner as a cherished best friend as well. Whichever the case it might be, you can ink a quote that is meaningful for both of you.

8. BFF Tattoo with Words


Pair your best friend forever quote with a meaningful image for your tattoo if you feel like it. After all, there is no restrictions on the type of tattoo you can get!

9. Complementing Tattoos for Best Friends

b8d5512a6df9406287c30bd5086defbf-8482779 Very sweet and witty best friends tattoo

This sweet and witty best friends tattoo can be inked on any body parts that you think is suitable. Only your best friend and you will know about the significance of the quotes when placed together!

10. Cute Tattoo for Best Friends

best-friend-tattoos-7-6040503 Simple and nice best freind ankle tattoo

This simple and cute ankle tattoo signifies the bond between two friends even when they are far apart.

11. A Pinky Promise

best-friend-tattoos-7062569 Identical best friend reconciliation hand tattoo

Best friends tattoos such as these identical ones are a reference to the sweet reconciliation of friends. They are universal and common for both boys and girls.

12. Stay Weird Together Tattoo Design

best-friend-tattoos-3656121 Best Friend Tattoos

Is your best friend someone wacky and perhaps a little odd? You can celebrate their uniqueness with this alien-themed tattoo! Nothing screams ‘weird’ more than something like aliens after all.

13.  A Promise to a Best Friend

best-friend-tattoos-6-8278327 Best Friend Tattoos for guys and girls

What was the last promise that you made to your best friend? Honor it by having a simple tattoo just like this one!

14.  Small Best Friend Tattoo Design

best-friend-tattoos-5-8358322 BF Tattoos for guys and girls

A subtle, small and dainty best friend tattoo suitable for both guys and girls can be something like this one. If there is a particular logo that relates well to both of you, go for it!

15.  You’re My Person Matching Best Friend Tattoo

best-friend-tattoos-4-9985350 Best Friend Tattoos for guys and girls on leg

Do you know who is your person in this big world? It’s your best friend. If your best friend feels the same way, you can even get a leg tattoo like this one!

16. Small but Noticeable Tattoo

best-friend-tattoos-2-4093931 Best Friend Tattoos for guys and girls

This tattoo is hardly noticeable! Only you will know that you have each other’s initials tattooed on your wrists. It’s a sweet gesture!

17.  Ohana Means Family

best-friend-tattoos-1-4252853 Best Friend Tattoos for guys and girls

Some best friends feel like family. There is no tattoo more suitable than this one to portray the importance and value of your best friend in your life!

18. Matching Arrow Tattoo Designs

arrows-best-friend-tattoos-2919010 Nice and funny arrow best friend tattoos

Before you decide to make such a tattoo with your best friend, make sure you choose a symbol that has a special meaning for both of you. This can be a good example!

19.  Date of Friendship Initiation

best-friend-tattoo-quote-on-wrist-7-2175392 Striking best friend wrist tattoos

These striking best friend wrist tattoos are rare! If you can remember the date when you met your best friend, you can create this meaningful tattoo.

20. Everything Only Makes Sense When We’re Together

best-friends-tattoos-70-2478867 Elegant best friend quote tattoos on forearms

This tattoo will only make sense when the two people are standing together! Without the other person, the tattoo will not make as much sense.

Best friends’ tattoos can also be identical. It can be a small, simple tattoo design, or it can be something elaborate that is meaningful for two best friends or more. Usually, you might see the best friends’ initials being tattooed around the same location on each person.

Tattoos with your best friend can be complementary, such as a full quote that is divided into half on two people’s arms. It can also be in the form of half the face of an animal tattooed on each person, only to be completed with the two people are together. The last variant is the most interesting in a single composition, which becomes clear only when you’re together with your friend.

There is no right or wrong types of tattoos, even for best friends. As long as the tattoo has a significant value for your best friends and yourself, then rest assured that it is worth it.

21.  Complementary Cartoon Characters

33-super-cute-best-friend-tattoos-2-3023-1410785025-23_dblbig-1002168 Hilarious Bivis-and-Bathet best friend tattoos

This hilarious Bivis-and-Bathet best friend tattoos can perhaps only be appreciated by individuals who love the cartoon series.

22. Identical Tattoos for BFFs

best-friend-tattoos-74-5222780 Peculiar origami best friend tattoos

You can make the same simple drawings, which are clear reminders of friendship to everyone on the same body part (or wherever you want. This matching peculiar origami best friend tattoos can be a good example for others to follow!

23. Complex Identical Tattoo for Best Friends on Forearms

mother_daughter_tattoos_19-4496847 Unique complicated best friend forearm tattoos

When a tattoo is as complex as this one, you can be sure that the tattoo is unique, and you won’t find it on someone else! This means that the tattoo is exclusive for you and your best friend.

24. Just A Few Letters


At first glance, this tattoo looks like a more unique version of the compass tattoo. Take a closer look and you’ll realize that these are unique letters, perhaps representing the initials for a few friends!

25. Same Floral Design


What a lovely yet simple tattoo design for best friends! This tattoo is highly aesthetic, yet is also meaningful when you have it inked with a best friend or someone else that you also love very much.

26. Three Little Birdies


Best friends can be more than just two individuals! In the case of the tattoo above, there are three people involved, also represented by the fact that there are three birds together on a branch.

27. Matching Watercolor Tattoo Design for Best Friends


Matching tattoos with your best friends can still be beautiful! Remember that your tattoo doesn’t need to be stereotypical and boring.

28. The Sun & The Moon


Nothing speaks friendship like something as complimentary as the sun and the moon! This beautiful friendship tattoo can be customized in many ways and still be just as unique.

29. Yin and Yang Best Friend Tattoo


Yin represents light, and yang represents the dark. This amazing best friend tattoo can be an inspiration for people who think that their best friends complete them!

30. Identical Matryoshka Doll Tattoos


Some of your friends are so similar to you that it’s as if you are identical matryoshka dolls – each containing another similar one inside it!

31. A Fraction of a Friendship


Look at this witty way of portraying a best friend tattoo! This tattoo clearly depicts all 4 members of the best friends forever group. Creative, isn’t it?

32. A Cartoon Avatar Friendship Token


Maybe you have been playing a certain game very often with your best friend. In that case, you would already have a character or two that are meaningful for you. Take these two matching tattoos as inspiration!

33. Matching Tattoos for a Group of Best Friends


There is no limit to creativity! Take a look at this matching tattoo series for 5 friends. The tattoo works well on its own, but it also combines into a pattern when the friends are together.

34. A Mirror Image Tattoo with Your Best Friend

best-friend-tattoos-68-650x650-8310587 Elegant best friend feather tattoos with the mirror effect

How cool would it be to have a tattoo that looks just like your best friend’s, but mirrored? This elegant feather tattoo looks absolutely stunning!

35. Catchy Elbow Tattoos for Best Friends

5109c9711166a61d879a13704e8e8831-4619746 Catchy best friend elbow tattoos

You can create your own unique design that won’t mean anything for other people, but at the same time bring the warmest feelings to you. Remember that the importance of tattoos is that it signifies something important for you.

36. Matching Parrot Buddies

lovebirds-5411674 Gorgeous lovebirds best friend wrist tattoos

These gorgeous lovebirds can be among the cutest best friend wrist tattoos. It’s cute, it’s small, and it’s most definitely matching with the matching partner on your best friend’s wrist.

37. Floral Patterned Yin Yang BFF Tattoos

2230074776524edb1281865939760045-4199946 Ornamental yin-and-yang best friend tattoo

If you want a twist of the original yin yang icon, you can go for this ornamental yin-and-yang best friend tattoo. Wherever you put this tattoo, you can rest assured knowing that the two parts complement each other perfectly when you are together with your best friend.

38. A Feathery Arm Tattoo

matching20tattoo20ideas20for20best20friends-4317390 Brilliant ampliative feather best friend arm tattoos

Feather tattoos are common, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a cliché tattoo. Float wherever the wind brings both of you with this sign of friendship!

39. Subtle BFF Tattoo

d091d0b5d0b7-d0bdd0b0d0b7d0b2d0b0d0bdd0b8d18f-3-5675202 Significant triplet best friend tattoos

If you look at this triangular tattoo on just one person, you wouldn’t even have guessed that it is part of a BFF tattoo! Put together meanwhile, you will see that there is a certain order to this tattoo design.

40. An Exceptional Complete Best Friend Tattoo Design

name-tattoo-designs-for-couples-5890446 Exceptional best friend hand tattoos

Are you close enough with your best friend to ink a tattoo like this one? You can never go anywhere without your other friend, or your tattoo will not look complete!

41. To Infinity and Beyond Clever Quote Tattoo

best-friend-tattoos-53-650x810-642x800-6362723 Clever quote best friend tattoos

This clever quote for best friend tattoo needs both parties to be there to complete the tattoo as well, just like the previous one in this list! It is a simple and clever design, however.

42. Two Puzzle Pieces Fitting Together

20160523112549141-9055212 Puzzling best friend shoulder tattoos

These puzzling best friend shoulder tattoos actually do make sense, especially if you feel like your best friend completes you! The key and lock detail in the puzzle piece tattoo is a clever addition as well.

43. An Impressive Best Friend Tattoo Pairing Design

best-friend-tattoos-ideas-8003685 One more impressive sun-and-moon best friend tattoos

If the classic sun and moon design look too straightforward for you, you can opt for something along with this design. It’s lovely, detailed and looks absolutely ornamental!

The Most Popular Best Friend Tattoos

There is a great variety of photos of best friend tattoos on the Internet. At first sight, the larger part of them are on the female bodies, that’s why the sketches of these tattoos correspond. The best friend tattoos are of small sizes and may be in color or black-and-white, Most of the time, the tattoos represent uncomplicated images.

44. Simple Dual Arrow BFF Tattoos

lifebuzz-9985e21a332940aa48f4c0297af2ecf0-limit_2000-1928900 Simple and striking best friend elbow tattoo

This simple and striking best friend elbow tattoo is subtle, simple and elegant. Who said that you need to have complex tattoo designs?

45. Harry Potter Fans Rejoice!

lifebuzz-4ffc0fc16bba9fd7c50c6548f95ac362-limit_2000-5723089 Deathly Hallows best friend tattoos

This can be a Deathly Hallows best friend tattoos for friends who love watching Harry Potter series together.

46. Will You Bee My Bestie?

lifebuzz-84b12dbe51346baa9fb6ec3ebc92b1cf-limit_2000-3590937 Happy bee best friend wrist tattoos

Just look at these happy bee wrist tattoos! It’s adorable, and if you don’t want a permanent tattoo of a cute bee on your wrist, you can always go for a temporary one. It works too!

47. Paper Airplanes, Sent with Love

lifebuzz-62ff77f1d3d4de8cc84c7f406e9b4643-limit_2000-7423588 Lovely paper plane best freind tattoo

This lovely paper plane tattoo can represent many things. It can be related to sending your best regards to your best friend across the world, or it can just be a cute tattoo with a love shape in it.

Girls Prefer Tattoos with Certain Patterns

So, girls prefer to tattoo different cartoon animals, birds, stars, keys, dolls, numbers, a symbol of infinity with other elements, arrows, marine items, feathers, origami birds, butterflies, puzzles, crowns, hearts, quotes and so on.

They place them on various parts of their bodies, mostly on the hands, forearms, fingers, wrists, feet, neck, etc. Such tattoos look very beautiful, tender and fragile. This can be a little different when compared to guys’ preferences!

48. Anchored with Love

lifebuzz-aaeb206a3dbc139ee35702364e9a92d2-limit_2000-7230716 Noteworthy palm best friend wrist tattoo

This palm tree on a beach tattoo would be perfect for you to show it off at the beach. Absolutely matching for best friends who enjoy strolls at the seaside!

49. Hidden Kitty – A Matching Tattoo for Best Friends

lifebuzz-c88cb695b66fbb0d66c5c77401c79bad-limit_2000-1814849 Amusing cat best friend ribs tattoos

Girls look even cuter when you find out that they have a cute little tattoo on the ribs like this one pictured above!

50. Rawrr – Some Dinosaur Outlines


Anyone who takes a single look at these adorable tattoos will fall in love instantly with them! Rather than a complex tattoo, this simple BFF tattoo can be made up of just dinosaur outlines.

51. Sephora Besties Tattoo


We all have that one friend who is way too obsessed with Sephora or other cosmetic shops. What tattoo could be more suitable for these friends than a tattoo with a lipstick?

52. An Ornamental Heart Tattoo Design


A tattoo of a heart shape with an infinity sign on it can be a great design tattoo design for best friends too! It can hold just as much meaning for other people around you as well.

52. A Friendship Anniversary


Personalize your tattoos for your friendship by including a friendship anniversary date or each other’s birth date on your tattoo!

53. Matching Feather Tattoos on Feet


If you prefer your tattoos to be a little more hidden, you can always choose to ink your tattoos on our feet. It’s less likely to be seen as compared to tattoos on your arms or even face!

54. More Ornamental Hearts Tattoos for Best Friends


There’s actually two hearts in this tattoo design, did you notice that? The end of the bigger heart happens to be the end of the smaller heart reflected underneath it.

55. Matching Love Birds Tattoo


This tattoo is not exclusive for couples only! If you love someone enough, even if they are just a best friend, you can still show your love to them with a tattoo like this one.

56. Shaded Swans Tattoo Design


The red beak of these swans contrasts well against the rest of the sign. It looks simple enough to wear, and still unique enough to show off.

57. Your Favourite Nursery Rhyme


The lyrics sported in the song above can be sad or touching, depending on who’s listening and what they think about it. Share your best lyrics in the form of a tattoo!

58. A Dreamcatcher Tattoo


There are many ways that you can design a dreamcatcher tattoo, and this is one of them! Your matching dreamcatcher tattoo can be as simple or as complex as you wish, so go wild!

59. You’re My Lucky Clover


If you have ever felt that your best friend brings you lots of good luck,  this is the best friendship tattoo that you can have to celebrate this cause.

60. Big Arrow, Small Arrow


Who’s the taller best friend among the two of you? You can actually make a tattoo just like this one to represent yourself in your friendship tattoo!

61. Friendship Tattoo for a Cause


If your best friend and you support a certain cause – such as cancer awareness or other conditions associated with this ribbon, you can commit to the cause with a tattoo like this one.

62. Best Friend Tattoo for Moms & Daughters


One tattoo says, “I created her.” The other tattoo says, “Created by Her.” Raise your hand up if your mother is also your best friend in this whole, wide world!

63. A Growing Love for your BFF


A BFF tattoo can be in the form of a tree growing with love just like this one. Its curving branches symbolize that two people believe that their souls are tied together forever and this connection is sacred.

64. 3 Best Friends Together Tattoo Design

lifebuzz-19ff8801a41e69fe188e1cf3fed4826f-limit_2000-4557261 Dazzling cartoon best friend tattoos on the ankles

A glance at this dazzling cartoon best friend tattoos on the ankles can tell you enough about how these girls might look with their hairstyles. Perhaps the person in the middle is the one who ties the three of them together!

65. The Sun & Moon Tattoo Once More

lifebuzz-571b1a9a3f3b5c50ab443261ecc11481-limit_2000-6128841 Dazzling cartoon best friend tattoos on the ankles

It looks like the sun and moon tattoo are really popular choices among best friends! You can choose either best friend tattoo design depending on your personality and which one you prefer.

Meaning of Best Friend Tattoos

Best friend tattoos are originally full of deep meaning because people having these tattoos done to strive to make their true friendship everlasting. The sketches of tattoos are connected to some special events throughout their friendship together, or simply highlight their personal beliefs.

66. Dark Humor Tattoo Designs for Best Friends

lifebuzz-9c21ffbf2ff82aed95ee85f59825c43e-limit_2000-2620750 Grotesque hilarious best friend tattoos

The best friends are the ones who can share your sense of dark humor, whether it’s grotesque like this one or just plain hilarious. Which one do you prefer?

67. Tag Your Pizza Loving Best Friend!

lifebuzz-e95cd06ef3316284523d2c028ddecc0d-limit_2000-2051637 Amusing pizza best friend wrist tattoos

This amusing pizza best friend wrist tattoo is actually super real for a lot of us. After all, who doesn’t love pizza, along with its gooey cheese and all the explosive flavors?

Symbols of Friendship & Its Meanings

Let’s look closely at some of the symbols of best friend tattoos. As an example, butterflies are a symbol of resurrection, rebirth, and the desire for transformation. Butterfly tattoos are often considered a symbol of good luck.

Some of these tattoos will not have many meanings, but we won’t know! After all, there is a personal backstory to each of these BFF tattoos.

68. The Significance of Feathers

best-friend-tattoos-67-5073306 Matching feather best friend wrist tattoos

Feathers are most often associated with freedom, bravery, the truth and other symbols of courage in a person.

69. Starry Tattoo Designs for BFFs

friendship-tattoo-designs-stars-1705220 Inspiring star best friend tattoos

A star is a symbol of the sky, a sign of prosperity and good luck. It is believed that the stars give a person inspiration for anything they need – creativity, smooth thoughts and more.

70. Simple Single Star Tattoo

star-tattoo-5222601 Simple and clear star tattoos for best friends

Best friends who prefer simple tattoo designs may want to go for this simple, straightforward and clear star tattoos for best friends.

71. Crowning Your Best Friend

lovely-matching-crown-tattoo-designs-for-best-friends-6488165 Impressive crown tattoos for a couple

Crown tattoos symbolize power, leadership and self-control. It is an attribute of a strong and purposeful personality.

72. Complimentary Crown Tattoo Designs

best-friends-show-awesome-traditional-crown-tattoo-on-lower-sleeves-5542534 Matching but individual wrist couple tattoos

This matching but individualistic wrist couple tattoos is suitable for best friends who still want to have their own individuality while maintaining a tattoo design that is good for both of them.

73. A Crown with an Initial

image224-3314213 Lovely couple tattoos on the wrists

Step your crown tattoo game up with a friendship tattoo like this one. It sports a unique crown for both individuals, and have an extra initial to boot!

74. Cute & Matching Bird Tattoo Designs for Best Friends

30-1-7973116 Funny and eye-catching lovebirds as couple tattoos

The tattoo culture image of flying birds is very popular. It can be used to portray a variety of different meanings and ideas. However, most bird tattoos symbolize and embody the beauty, vitality and desire for something higher.

75. Identical Flying Swallows Tattoo

lovebird-2322971 Noble swallows as wrist tattoos for best friends

This Nobel swallow tattoo design can be printed in small size or regular size like portrayed above. It looks lovely on the wrists!

76. Tattoos of Birds Soaring in the Sky

birds-best-friend-tattoo-designs-7903232 Graceful bird flocks as best friend shoulder tattoos

A faint outline of birds flying in the sky is enough to portray a sense of freedom, achieving greater heights and many more. Its simplicity makes it graceful and elegant!

77. Matching Puzzle Pieces in 3D

tattoo-puzzle-4-friendship-2195136 Stunning realistic 3D puzzle tattoos for best friends

Puzzles are perceived as a toy, children’s entertainment, so its first association is that life is essentially a game. Missing puzzle pieces can simply refer to some kind of search for life and a place in it.

78. Friendship Puzzle Pieces

f8a5c536d78fd52330506390005598c2-9959660 Superb idea of best friend puzzle tattoos

Just in case you can’t tell that this is a friendship tattoo, the puzzle pieces in this tattoo pieces literally spell out ‘Friendship’. You can use other words in your tattoo to make it more personalized!

79. Puzzle Outline Tattoo with Heart

d091d0b5d0b7-d0bdd0b0d0b7d0b2d0b0d0bdd0b8d18f-4-1855400 Affectionate puzzle tattoos for a couple

Show some affection for your best friend by having a simple heart shape tattooed into your puzzle piece! Choose two contrasting colors like black and red to make the tattoo more appealing.

80. Rock Your Love!


This hand sign is typically associated with the gesture for ‘rock n roll’, but you can take it a step further by putting the outline of a love shape in it!

81. Simple Bird Outline Best Friends Tattoo


We are absolutely delighted by the way this tattoo portrays the birds! It’s very abstract and simple, but it is just so adorable!

82. A Pot & A Teacup – Matching Tattoos for BFFs


A pot and a teacup complete each other, just like your best friend and yourself! Which tea would you be if you have this tattoo?

83. PB&J Sandwich Tattoo Design


Perhaps this cute tattoo can inspire cuter friendship tattoos for your best friend and you! Peanut butter and jam goes well together on toast, which makes this a meaningful and sweet tattoo.

84. Identical & Matching Small Flower Tattoo


Why have a friendship ring when you can have a friendship tattoo in its place? You will never have to worry about losing a ring anymore!

85. Winnie the Pooh Tattoo Design


Tigger and Winnie the Pooh are really good friends. Piglet is a part of it too! As such, even this childhood cartoon series can be an inspiration for your friendship tattoo!

86. Matching Giraffe Tattoos


If there is one thing we can say for sure, it’s that animal tattoos are timeless! It will always be cute, and it will always be in demand. Just like this pairing of big giraffe and small giraffe!

87. Colored Winnie the Pooh Themed Tattoo


Since Winnie the Pooh is a cartoon series about friendship, it’s not surprising to find that they have the sweetest quotes and sayings on friendship. We love this one!

88. Watercolor Heart Tattoo Design


Notice how the heart can fit snugly in the empty outline on the other person’s wrist. They complete each other, and yet both tattoos are just as beautiful as they are!

89. Go Hipster!


If you have designed your own artwork inside a heart-shaped outline, it could look something like this. It could also look even better!

90. Small Matching Tattoo with Your Best Friend


This simple geometric design is easy to design and easy to ink. This clever couple had their tattoos inked on their ring finger to replace their actual rings!

91. Simple Yet Elegant Initials Tattoo


There’s a capital letter ‘H’, and a cleverly hidden small letter ‘h’ in this single tattoo. The mix of a serif font and a cursive handwriting font makes this simple tattoo super amazing!

92. The Classic Lock & Key Matching Tattoos


You share plenty of secrets with your best friend. This is why a lock and key tattoo can come into play! Design your own key handle for more dramatic effects!

93. A Three Leaf Clover


Three leaf clovers might not be extra special when we know that there are lucky four-leaf clovers somewhere out there. But our best friends are the three leaf clovers that are always with us!

94. Matching Tattoos for Artsy Best Friends


Here’s an easy yet artsy way for you to show your friendship through a tattoo! The three basic colors can never go wrong for this.

95. Identical Hearts with Wings


A timeless, classic tattoo piece! Hearts with wings can show love that soars above all heights – whether it’s for your best friend, your lover or anyone else.

96. Boy & Girl Skeleton Tattoos


A skeleton tattoo does not need to have a full body for it to be beautiful! A simple half-bodied one like this version can be just as adorable!

97. Seal Bride & Groom


We love the flow of color in these tattoos of seals! The colors are simple, but there is a clear tone where the color fades between dark and light.

98. Small Friendship Tattoo Design – Nature Theme


A tree and an owl go well together. An owl brings more life to the tree, while the tree provides shelter and a home for the flying bird. A perfect balance!

99. Dots & Lines – Abstract Tattoo Design


What does this tattoo mean? No one other than the best friends wearing this tattoo will know! That’s part of the beauty of a best friend tattoo.

100. Identical Butterflies


In Japan, the butterfly is a symbol of family happiness, home and comfort. Are these butterflies, dragonflies or ribbons? It can be all three! This tattoo is small enough to fit on the ring finger. That makes it petite and lovely!

101. A Red Ribbon Tattoo


A friendship tattoo cannot get simpler than this. A red ribbon tattoo can signify various bonds and promises – an excellent choice for best friends!

102. Tetris Pieces Tattoo for Best Friends Forever


A best friend may complete us just like a Tetris block does. Take a look here for more inspirations on best friend tattoo designs!.

103. Halves of a Fluttering Butterfly

qhsdogws55b25ac7745b1458043956-600x800-8056675 Butterfly couple tattoo

This butterfly tattoo is completed by the quote than compasses it. When these friends are together, it not only makes a complete butterfly – the quote becomes complete too!

104. Abstract Butterfly Tattoo Design

butterfly-friendship-tattoos-6021572 Ornamental butterfly best friend wrist tattoo

An ornamental butterfly best friend tattoo can fit snugly on your wrists. You can design something like this on your own!

Sketches of Best Friends tattoos

Tattoos for best friends are not very complicated. You can create your own design simply by choosing an item, a cartoon series, or an animal that has meanings for you both. Just be sure to choose a good tattoo artist to portray your meaningful tattoos for you! If you are really out of ideas, you can always refer to this long list of tattoo design inspirations for BFFs. Let us know if you found something you like!

blossoms-and-pisces-koi-fish-tattoo-sketch-150x50-5517507 62efd0c20225ea36fa042627a79d8c9f-150x50-2297922 64afb79093811aba273b17745329d400-150x50-6037412 c4776743ee790b4af75a7568d23a3961-150x50-3731252 cd10d561725900b69db93a912d866fff-150x50-1118548 c096928f613f4257029bf6c1216ee910-150x50-5134885 c26c5a1e0a1a7b6382239842a8d9cbe6-150x50-1937279 1f324a569adaf26d1c14c3a13e3f02b7-150x50-6785188 c3f869885fce4757ddcda29ea68a354f-150x50-7552086 47876186423220a9992bb0832d973a69-150x50-8076854 d8d60340bf3b5a31636ad4788e6fe213-150x50-3211902 friendship-tattoo-sheet-150x50-4465534 72cb223aa8372d42c8b05909b5ee0e33-150x50-9070861 e12577dc56d8effc8414bfbc5aa3ec3a-150x50-3000517 9709986068b9707a73cf9508598656f2-150x50-6050264 4d76acfee2a6d44b50d336bde4865de6-150x50-4990923 bd495da64a88ffeca9963ee05fd97ce2-150x50-9099715 8a00c9554cb719930f599d1a3a83afcf-150x50-8642756 f3dbc1f34cd02f3cb285eefbbadf62c9-150x50-8868756 anubis_and_bastet_pair_by_sexykitty2385-150x50-9221445 unicorn-tattoos-119-150x50-9490546 fada64e1adddae7eaa8a87583baa5c66-150x50-2982915 key-n-lock-pair-tattoo-design-1-150x50-9335522 13116701_774671805966391_1114676394_n-150x50-2611511 5d7b33b754650c14256d7a024f8c16ec-150x50-5487356 waterproof-temporary-tattoo-stickers-cute-3d-blue-grey-puzzle-design-body-art-man-woman-sex-products-150x50-7975218 badass-tiger-and-dragon-tattoo-sketch-750x704-150x50-5426006 cute-flowers-tattoo-for-best-friends-1-150x50-4269271 8e63d44b20123684fd72d2462ebc5b27-150x50-9076852 a9fb4d1910e0f267547f753ef784367b-150x50-8183873 8019593ab3b5b571d257d77cd1ed0c69-150x50-4689808