remembering dad tattoos
4 months ago

25 Best Memorial Tattoos For Dad To Make Him Unforgettable

Memorial tattoos for dad are sad, but it is a great way to commemorate an important figure in our lives. If you are looking for small memorial tattoos for dad, you can refer to the list of tattoos below for some inspiration.   Touching Memorial Tattoos for Dad Many remembering dad tattoos are touching, sad […]

japanese wave tattoo
4 months ago

20 Best Japanese Wave Tattoo To Give A Shot

If you have seen a Japanese wave tattoo, then you will know that it has a different look about it. While sea waves are already a calming motif itself, Japanese water tattoo often involves slightly more curled waves, which is an interesting design.   You’ll Consider A Japanese Wave Tattoo After Seeing This List! Japanese […]

cheshire cat smile tattoo
4 months ago

25 Cheshire Cat Tattoo That You Will Immediately Adore

A Cheshire Cat Tattoo is one of the more popular fairy-tale like tattoo series for both guys and girls. There are many ways to portray this playful tattoo, whether it’s in a watercolor style, dark and Gothic style or just in its original adorable look. Take a look at our collection of Cheshire cat tattoos […]

mermaid scale tattoo
5 months ago

15 Exclusive Mermaid Scale Tattoo That Undoubtedly Look Mesmerizing

Choose a mermaid scale tattoo or a fish scale tattoo to resonate with your inner mermaid! Often, this tattoo is inked only on the braver ones who aren’t afraid of getting too much attention. Take a look at some of the samples below and you’ll see why!   Awesome Mermaid Scale Tattoo Designs to Channel […]

traditional japanese dragon tattoo
7 months ago

45 Best Japanese Dragon Tattoo To Express Your Inner Strength And Power

A traditional tattoo is cool and unique in its own oriental way. There’s just so much to look forward to when you can ink a Japanese dragon tattoo anywhere on your body! A traditional dragon tattoo can still have many variants, so just imagine how many styles a Japanese tattoo can be!   Get A […]

bald eagle tattoo
7 months ago

30 Exclusive Bald Eagle Tattoo That Will Motivate You Today

Considering to ink a different style tattoo? You have come to the right place. Here, we have a collection of bald eagle tattoos that might just inspire you! Browse through the designs below and find the right one for yourself!   Powerful Bald Eagle Tattoo for Your Next Tattoo Session A bald eagle tattoo is […]

music note tattoo ideas
7 months ago

72 Best Music Note Tattoo For Music Lovers

A tattoo based on music note does not necessarily need to be inked on musicians only. Many people have a music note heart tattoo, music note tattoo behind their ears and many more just because of the love all the joy that music and songs have brought to them! We certainly don’t blame them – […]

clock and rose tattoo
7 months ago

30 Best Rose And Clock Tattoo That Look Simply Amazing

A rose clock tattoo is one of the more common tattoo arts – partly because the rose and clock tattoo represents both the flow of time and the gentleness and beauty of Mother Nature. When you look at the compilation of these designs below, you’ll see why.   Gorgeous Rose and Clock Tattoo to Ink […]

tribal scorpion tattoo
7 months ago

20 Best Tribal Scorpion Tattoo – Worth Giving A Shot

A tribal scorpion tattoo is still among one of the most popular tribal tattoo designs as of late. Like the name suggests, these tattoos take on a tribal scorpion design. The unique shape of a Scorpio means that the creature can be inked on the back of the hands, on the shoulders and around many […]

8 months ago

30 Best Geometric Wolf Tattoo That Are Worth To Try

If you have ever seen a geometric wolf tattoo, you are going to fall for it! These tattoos are amazing in so many ways, but partly because wolves are already awesome choices for tattoos from the get go. When you add in some geometric elements, the tattoo just gets even better.   Amazing Geometric Wolf […]